Audio & Video Calls

Audio Call

Lets user, not just text but also make Audio Calls. Audios make communication better Howzu lets users make audio calls efficiently.

Video Call

Video Calls are made through the available in-app camera which allows users to make video calls and communicate with each other within the app.


Instant Chat

Image Share

Share images of your own or downloaded instantly within the chat and make your matches see the world through your eyes, as you share images with them.

Block User

Block User feature is used to block annoying people. Block undesirable people directly from the chat section or through the profile easily.

Keyboard Emojis

Actions are more revealing of one's true character than texts. Hence, sharing emoji makes the user share feelings deliberately using attractive images.

Auto Spell

One small Blunder may make a huge difference. Not anymore in Howzu now users don't have to worry about their vocabulary with auto spell feature.

Clear Chat

Users may start to chat with their matches and may opt to clear their chat history in case they want to discontinue communication.


Unlimited Likes & Nope


Swipe as you wish Left or right, right to like, left to unlike and reject profiles by increasing the chances of finding a suitable match.


Howzu allows to See who liked you. It can also be modified for each account type by yes or no, a mutual like will allow profiles to match and enable chat.


Nope or Unlike is to decline the profile user doesn’t want. Once left swipe the specified user will not be visible to the swiped user.


Did right swipe someone you actually don't like? Do not worry. Howzu has an option of unfriend to help users to stay away from the annoying matches.




GPS tracking and various mobile based tracking mechanisms allow users to track suitable matches based on search location criteria.


Make friends of your Age. Dating app script allows users to filter matches based on various criteria like age and gender.


Howzu allows the user to search for matches from their current location or they can also increase the search distance to enhance the potential matches.

People From

People from has various options in which users may filter according to their intention of using the app and may have a smooth conversation.


Premium Settings


Generate revenue and build a business model by offering extra features and benefits through premium membership to your online dating app users.

Change Location

Howzu keeps you not tired of finding your match in a single locality. It allows the user to enter a virtual location and start to search for new matches.


Oops, Left swiped the person you liked? Howzu makes sure users can rewind the profile of a particular profile and they can reject/like a particular profile.

Notification Settings

Notification settings can be configured from this page and these settings will be updated dynamically on the mobile apps to notify of incoming messages.


Easy to Control your Profile

Hide Age

Howzu is very much crafted to make user experience ease and here the premium user may hide his/her own age for privacy reasons.

Make me Invisible

Howzu is very well designed to make sure the premium user has a smooth experience and may hide his/her own profile for privacy reasons.

Location Invisible

Howzu premium users may now not let others know where you are, where the user may hide his/her own visible location for privacy reasons.

Hide Ads

Don't like ads in your chat app? No worries, as Howzu has an option for all the premium users to hide the ads in which the Ads will not be displayed.


Other Features

Signup With Facebook

Save time from setting up a new account. Users will have the option of logging into the app straight with their social network i.e., Facebook account.


A great analytics to track and get to know who has viewed a user profile and identify the stalkers on the mobile dating app.


Howzu as an addition makes user involved in interests by showing one to the other users which may help to find perfect matches.

Find New People

To find new people one got to be Rising up in the search. Your users need more profile visitors in order to find more people to chat with and to increase their popularity.


Web Application

Attractive Design

Our Howzu script comes with a attractive landing page, yet it can be customized according to the business proprietor’s requirements.


Our Dating App Script was developed like an Art by well-experienced coders through the speed and performance of the mobile app will be extremely powerful.


Our script is safe, well secured and error-free to use. Our Security options will protect your app from unwanted attacks. You will get 99% secured mobile app.

Bootstrap Responsive

Our dating app script web landing page has the ability to work in a responsive design and easily adjusts to any mobile phones, tablets.




Get a top-level view of app usage, key metrics, active users, etc. and know the number of registered users, view profiles, activity, etc.

App of the day

Admin of the business may now present the app of the day through this section.

Google Adsense

Tap into Google Adsense of online advertisers who are bidding for your ad space so you get the most for your ads viewed on smartphones and tablets.

App Update

App updates can be done within the admin panel by entering normal update where the user may update by his wish or Force update which needs to be updated immediately.