The online dating industry is clearly outpacing all other businesses. Understanding the rising online dating trend and increase in the need for a comprehensive platform for the online dating business, our team of enthusiasts at Appkodes crafted an extraordinary web platform for our Tinder clone solution. So, in addition to the powerful and appealing mobile app, Appkodes Howzu is now readily available in a surprising web version. All those astonishing and beneficial features of the mobile app are incorporated into the web version. Achieve immense success in your online dating business with this phenomenal web solution from Appkodes Howzu.

tinder clone script - video call feature

Audio & Video Calls

Audio Call

Our Tinder clone paves the way for better communication between the users with Audio calls. Strengthen your relationship by making instant audio calls.

Video call

Video calling feature in our Tinder clone helps users to have a high-quality face-to-face conversation with their beloved ones anytime. Use the in-app camera to start video chatting quickly.

tinder clone script - video call feature

Instant Chat

Image Share

Users can have a seamless conversation with their matches by sharing images. Make your chat much more interesting by sharing engaging images.

Block User

Our Tinder clone allows users to block people who they don’t want to chat with and thereby avoiding messages from those unwanted people in the future.

Keyboard Emojis

Share your emotions with your dear ones by sending them emojis. This sharing of emojis will also make the conversation more lively and a fun-filled one.

Auto Spell

Does the misspelling spoil your conversation? There is no need to worry hereafter as our Tinder clone comes with the auto spell check feature to help you.

Clear Chat

In case you feel that it is so important to delete your chat history as the conversation didn’t happen as expected, then you can use a clear chat option in our Tinder clone app.

tinder clone script - chat feature

Unlimited Likes & Nope


In our Tinder clone, users can swipe right over a particular person’s profile to like that profile if they are interested and can swipe left over a profile to dislike.


Users can view the persons who liked them in our Tinder clone. Profiles can be matched and chat can be enabled with a mutual like.


Users can reject a specific person’s profile by swiping left. Once the user’s profile is declined, then the particular user will be not visible anymore.


Our Tinder clone comes with an option to unfriend the users those who are annoying and thereby helping users to stay away from troublesome people.

tinder clone script - choice of selection



To enhance the search experience of the users, Tinder clone from Appkodes comes with an advanced location-based filter option.


With our Tinder clone solution, users can filter their matches on the basis of age and gender and so can chat with matches satisfying their age interests.


With the distance filter feature of our Tinder clone, users can search for the matches from their location and so can find users who fall within the specified distance easily.

People From

With this unique feature of our Tinder clone, users can filter the matches based on their purpose of using the dating app and can start a better conversation with them.

tinder clone script - advanced filter

Premium Settings


Offer premium membership plans with additional features to your users and thereby earn more revenue with more users using premium plans.

Change Location

Our Tinder clone includes this striking feature that allows users to change their location and search for new matches or people who live in another area.


With this exciting feature in our Tinder clone, users can undo the swipe that they have done. So, connections cannot be missed by re-swiping those users who are swiped away accidentally.

Notification Settings

In our Tinder clone, these notification settings will be updated dynamically and the users will be notified then and there when they receive any new messages.

tinder clone script - revenue model

Easy to Control your Profile

Hide Age

To enrich the user experience and to maintain privacy, our Tinder clone provides options for premium users to hide his/her age.

Make me Invisible

Premium users can also hide their personal profiles whenever required for certain privacy reasons in Howzu. This ensures that users can have finest experience with our Tinder clone.

Location Invisible

In case premium users feel that they don’t want to let other users know about their location, our Tinder clone allows those users to hide their location.

Hide Ads

Our Tinder clone provides an option for all premium users to get rid of interrupting ads. So, with this feature, ads can be hidden and so will not be displayed to the users.

tinder clone script - controlled profile

Other Features

Signup With Facebook

Our Tinder clone provides a more convenient way for users to log in to the app using their Facebook account. This will automatically save time for the users to set up a new account.


In our Tinder clone, users have the option to know who viewed their profiles. With this feature, users can also identify stalkers in the dating app.


Users can find their perfect matches by showing their interests to other people in the app. So, people with the same interests can be matched easily.

Find New People

One needs to rise up in the search in order to find new people. Users can enhance their popularity with more profile visitors and thereby can find new more people to have a conversation with them.

tinder clone script - social logins

Web Application

Attractive Design

Our Tinder clone solution comes with a visually stunning landing page and also can be tailored depending on the diverse business requirements.


The well-experienced team of professionals developed our Tinder clone application carefully and so its speed and performance are incredible across various platforms and screen sizes.


Our Tinder clone is subjected to rigorous testing steps before putting it in action. Multi-layer security options will protect the platform from malicious activities and attacks.

Bootstrap Responsive

The web landing page of our Tinder clone responds instantly and positively and also adjusts easily to different devices such as tablets, mobile phones, etc.

tinder clone script - webapp



With an elegant dashboard, Admin can view and know the number of registered users, their activities, profiles, active users, key metrics, app usage, and many more.

App of the day

With the help of this section, Admin can present the app of the day.

Google Adsense

Admin can set up Google Adsense account and begin to display advertisements on the platform with more number of online advertisers willing to use your ad space.

App Update

Within the admin panel app updates can be done. Normal update is the one that can be updated by users on his/her own wish whereas force update needs to be done quickly.

tinder clone script - admin panel