Online vacation rental is now the efficacious and top trending business model among the popular eCommerce business types. Planning for launching your very own online space rental business? Meanwhile checkout the top online vacation rental websites to get some better ideas before you get ventured into it.


Airbnb was founded by Joe Gebbia,Brian Chesky,Nathan Blecharczyk in August 2008. A trusted community marketplace for the people to discover, list and find peculiar and convenient rentals all over the world. Airbnb, based in san francisco, california. The best part with this website is its responsiveness, you can access the website from a pc, either from a mobile or from tablet. User-friendly is one of the key for their big success. From airbnb you can rent a shared room or an apartment for few hours and for a night, an individual villa for a month, beautiful castle for a week. Any type of rental property can be booked by the unique vacationers around the world. Airbnb roofed worldwide in 34,000+ cities, 190+ countries and around 1,400+ castles with 60,000,000+ total guests.


HomeAway founded in 2004, a platform for house owners to list their vacation spaces and they get charged on each listing added into the website which makes up 80% revenue. And they have an alternative posting option like they can give 10% offer upon booking the listing instead paying the annual fee. The added benefit for the travellers is they don’t need to pay for booking. A referral network with 40 companies where they support renters in managing their rental spaces, assist with booking and reservations, and for answering guest inquiries. HomeAway has approximately 65 million travellers into their website.


FlipKey by TripAdvisor to bring a breakthrough in online vacation rental market. With 150,000 rentals in 7,000 cities around worldwide and most of the listings are from US,Europe, Mexico and Brazil and being Florida, Italy and Rio de Janeiro the most popular destinations. The attractive thing is “My pick” feature allows traveller to choose multiple selections and get them compared. FlipKey tends to be the largest verified and trusted guest reviews and the reviewers are allowed to add their own pictures. FlipKey also dont charges for booking.

Couchsurfing :

Couchsurfing started in 2004 and founded by Casey Fenton, Daniel Hoffer, Sebastian Le Tuan and Leonardo Bassani da Silveira. With An email to a group of students in Iceland tweaks the idea that people anywhere would share their homes with strangers or unfamiliar friends. Now it’s a global community of 10 million people in more than 200,000 cities who share their home,life and journey. Couchsurfing connects travellers globally for the people willing to share their home and make their travel in a social way by building communities.

Hope this article helps in acquiring some insights on online vacation rental business and how to manage it. Get ventured with right online vacation rental script available in the market for a sustaining eCommerce career.