Launching the next big thing in Appkodes Cabso

To cater to the business needs of commuters and cab service providers, Appkodes Cabso is devised rigorously by our team of experienced professionals and now it can be accessed seamlessly on web platforms apart from being available as the full-fledged smartphone app for Android and iOS platforms. With a robust taxi booking website, booking cabs, locating, and canceling cabs are easier than ever before. Our Appkodes Cabso site will facilitate the process of booking cabs online by connecting passengers and cab companies instantly and conveniently.


Wallet & Payments


As we have integrated the completely automatic wallet functioning system, it prevents the users from carrying on Cash or Cards with handy.


Paying via cash might be a trouble if you dont have the exact cents with you, Cabso allows users to ride cash free by using the wallet feature in the app.

Credit & Debit Cards

Cabso script is built with multiple payment options like credit and debit cards using braintree payment gateways for the user convenience.


Cabso allow riders to make payment of the ride as per the convenience. Here the Riders can pay hassle-free using their PayPal accounts.



Ride Now

Rides/Bookings can be done in real time and it will be notified to the nearby drivers instantly from the user app to driver app.

Ride Later

Users can schedule a ride whenever they want to by using the Ride Later feature in which will be notified to the driver by triggering a request.

Ride History

The users can view their previous cab rides through the booking history option available on the app to know the complete details of their own rides.

Verified Riders

Riders are verified at the signup using the OTP verification by Facebook account kit. OTP’s will be sent every time when a booking is done.


Auto-Location & Fare Estimation


Cabso offers a tracking option that's available to track their ride status in turn by turn navigation by using in-app GPS function.

Fare Estimation

Users may check the fare estimation by simply just entering the pickup and drop address of the ride, helps to know the approximate fare for their ride.


Notification & Reviews


Using in-app notification services users are alerted with their ride status on the arrival of vehicle no matter the user was either in a different app.


Ratings and Reviews allow users to rate their rides and write reviews helps new users to know about the driver for future rides.



SOS Alert

In case of emergency, This feature helps the user by just pressing the alert button their location details will be shared with their emergency contact or helpline instantly.

Emergency Contact

Users will be prompted to enter an emergency contact number which will be available in the user’s profile for any emergencies.


Social Login & Invite

Easy Login

To make the user registration process efficient and much simple, Social Media logins has been integrated with the app for easy promotional purposes.

Signup with Social Media plus

Users can signup and login to the app using their social media accounts like Facebook, Google+ in just a matter of seconds.


Invite features are available within the app for the users to share the app with their friends, family or companions.


Web Application

Attractive Design

Our Cabso script comes with a website which is of a simple landing page, yet it can be customized according to the business proprietor’s requirements.


Our Cabso script was crafted like an Art by well-experienced coders though the speed and performance of the mobile app will be extremely powerful.


Our script is safe, well secured and error-free to use. Our Security options will protect your app from unwanted attacks. You will get 99% secured mobile app.

Bootstrap Responsive

Our taxi booking app script web landing page has the ability to access your website in a responsive design and easily adjusts to any mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.




Dashboard available in the Admin panel provides a complete overview and fine details of the business to be managed by the owner.


Cabso allows Admins to better manage their business individually with nitty-gritty details of management such as User, Driver, Vehicle, Rides & Payments.


Earn commissions on every ride effortlessly by setting up flexible Commissions depending on for price ranges without investing in inventory.


Settlements are the payments history received by drivers from admins which are paid by the customers through online transactions.


Live Navigation


Live Navigation feature for the drivers who don't have any knowledge on whereabouts of location to pick up the customer and have a relaxed Ride.

Google Maps

Cabso has been integrated with Google Maps for a seamless navigation to customer’s pickup & drop location.


Earnings & Ride History

Earning Reports

Earning is the major important part of the driver side. Cabso provides a driver with the status of their earnings in detail within the app itself.

Ride History

Ride history page on Cabso allows drivers to know about all the previous rides completed by him and the corresponding fare details and much more info about the ride.


SOS & Emergency Contact

SOS Alert

Alarm/SOS/Panic button at the top right corner of the Driver’s in-app map navigation page acts as a contact service in case of an emergency or threat.

Emergency Contact

Cabso comes with an SOS/Emergency contact option for the drivers as to keep safe the drivers from causing any threats by entering the contact number.


Online/Offline Mode


Receive rides only when you wish by turning your status online and if you need a break make your current status offline with a unique online/offline button.

Instant Request

Users will be able to make an instant ride only when the Drivers make themselves available online so that the app will request drivers when a new ride is booked.



In-App Notifications

Drivers have been granted with notification panel. It gives notification when a booking happens, a ride is ending, payment procedure, etc.

Push Notifications

The driver interface has been designed to receive a push notification from the backend server. Admin can send them at any time.


Documents & Verifications


The driver may also submit all their information of License, Insurance, and Vehicle papers etc… within the app.

Verified by Admins

After the submission of documents, it will be verified by the owner of the site through the Admin panel.


Driver Landing Page

Attractive Design

Cabso to provide best driver’s user experience was built with attractive design, yet it can be modified to your requirements like UI or custom design.

Mobile Responsive

Cabso is very much highly mobile responsive as it supports in any model of Mobiles, tablets and desktop which is very much easy to use.