There is an update on Facebook SDK and Facebook login. So that it affects who are all used Joysale script with FB Login. For that issue our developing team had found the solution. So please follow the instructions that given below; by using this coding you can fix up this problem.

Download the latest hybridauth(v2.9.1) from the below link

Unzip the above file to the following folder


Change the version name in the following file


const VERSION = ‘2.2.2’; 


const VERSION = ‘2.9.1’;

You do need to get the Facebook SDK from and extract first. Next copy the Facebook folder from the following location “php-graph-sdk-5.4/src/Facebook”  to “protected/extensions/HybridAuth/hybridauth-2.9.1\hybridauth\Hybrid\thirdparty” Folder.

Then, on your project, you’ll need to include both the Hybridauth and the Facebook SDK.

Update the following code in the below mentioned file


Search the below code

require_once $path . ‘/hybridauth-‘ . self::VERSION . ‘/hybridauth/Hybrid/Auth.php’;

And paste the following code after that
require_once $path . ‘/hybridauth-‘ . self::VERSION . ‘/hybridauth/Hybrid/thirdparty/Facebook/autoload.php’;

On following path protected/extensions/HybridAuth/hybridauth-2.9.1\hybridauth\, index.php and live.php, add a new line under

“require_once( “Hybrid/Endpoint.php” );”.


require_once( “Hybrid/Auth.php” );
require_once( “Hybrid/Endpoint.php” );
require_once( “Hybrid/thirdparty/Facebook/autoload.php” );

That’s about it.

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