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Socibuy - Features

Providing a impressive social eCommerce system with web scripts. Caught hundreds of customer’s trustworthy escrow which brought changes to their traditional eCommerce system.

Advanced Options

Features are the key factors which drives user’s engagement and attention.There are features which bring more buyers to the system.

  • BookMarklet
    Socibuy allows bookmarklet shortcut tool to grab or add any items from any websites when you are browsing. Using the bookmarklet option you can install the shortcut to post any items from any websites into Socibuy website.
  • Stories
    As sharing is caring. Even now you can write a story on your faved product from the socibuy website and can share it among your friends through social media network too.
  • Paypal Adaptive
    The automated mode of commission split-up. The system automatically credit the fund from buyer to admin and seller’s paypal account atonce the order is confirmed. The most convenient method for many eCommerce people.
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More Socialway

The must have features similar to social networks let the website users to access with ease.

  • @Users
    Socibuy allows @users functionality to mention or add your friends in product’s comment.
  • Hash Tags
    Now you can use the general functionality of hashtags in socibuy too. It lets hashtag feature to mark any topic important or tags for the users.
  • Tag & Save
    Now you can tag a product to your friends in socibuy website. Also you can save the product to your list or collections.

Advanced Search Option

Advanced search options lets your users to filter or view products in various search term aspects.

  • Top Stores
    Users can now view the top rated stores in socibuy website. This helps them to search for their product, also the relevant search results among the top stores and to follow them with ease.
  • Top People
    Now top people suggestions can be viewed by users to follow them.
  • Hot Products
    Now users can view the hot products in the website. A set of products which gets sorted based on the product saved in number of times.
  • Just Added
    Socibuy allows users to find the most recently added products. Literally just posted set of products to the website.
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More User Friendly

Socibuy let users to get connected through social networks instantly

  • Social Media Friendly
    Socibuy is a complete social media friendly, it lets your users to get logged in or signup through social network instantly.
  • Multilingual
    Socibuy supports multi-lingual that allows switching between languages. Users now can change their convenient language anywhere while surfing through the website.
  • Collections
    Users can manage their saved list under collections. In profile users can view their collections.

Interactive User Interfaces

The most interactive and seamless user interface lets users to get the website updates regularly.

  • News feeds
    Users can view the latest activity by people, product and admin through news feeds.
  • Notifications
    Track the recent news or any updates over the website through notification alerts.
  • My Orders & Sales
    Users can track their orders and sales through my order and track sales features.
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Script Demo


Username: admin@winelo.com
Password: 123456


Username: demo@winelo.com
Password: 123456