Instant chat

Have a personalized private one on one interesting conversations using Hiddy by sending and receiving unlimited text messages from your dear ones.

Group Chat

Hiddy provides an intriguing interactive way which allows to create groups and chat instantly with nearly 50 members.

Favorite chat

Hiddy allows you to favorite your loved ones which will be available on the top of the chat window so that the users may have a quick chat in real time.

Chat technology

Hiddy Chat App source is developed with technologies like NodeJS, Socket.IO, REDIS, WebRTC, MongoDB to delivery a real-time messaging experience.




Capture the moments which you feel like sharing or the moment which matters the most to you with a built-in camera and send snaps on Hiddy instantly.


Spread Love by sharing the memories you captured. It may be a soulful music or an inspiring video or a quick snap of yours with your friends and family.


Lost yourself on a tour or searching for your friend's place in a new city? Do not worry, Share location feature allows hiddy users to share their location with others.


Wanna send an important file to your colleague but you are on leave due to something, do not worry because hiddy allows you to send/receive all types of files to any user.



Private & public

Hiddy avails Private channels where people are not allowed to look upon your channel and a Public channel which allows any user to look upon the posts.

Admin channel

Admin of the app may create their own channel and may notify their users about anything which happens about the app it might be either an update or an offer or whatever.

My channel

Discover yourself and make others discover you by creating your own channel, a user may create any number of channels which will be listed under my channels section.

Invite Subscribers

Hiddy Channel admins may now send an invite to any users or a group and make their way up to the top number of subscribers in their channel.


Hiddy users now subscribe to the channel which of your interests and unsubscribe to the channels which don’t entertain you anymore.

Leave Channels

Not interested in being an Admin to any channel? Just leave the channel which you feel like you don't want to be. The corresponding channel will be left out and will be expired.


Audio/Video Calls

Audio Calls

Now save more of your money by making calls all over the country by using Hiddy as it uses only the mobile data connection to make audio calls.

Video Calls

Miles are not a barrier anymore in the distance relationships, Feel like you are closer with the loved ones even when they are not by making video calls on Hiddy.

Switch Cam / Mute Audio

You can also now Switch cameras in between the calls to explore what's in front of you to your companion and you may also mute audios if you want.

Calls Tech

Hiddy is crafted completely using Node JS and the WebRTC has been used which allows users to connect with others to make audio/video calls from the app.



Tag Notification

Tag notifications are which a user receives within the chat screen whether a user was assigned as admin to a group or someone added or left or removed from.

Tab Notification

The messages which are recently received and haven’t opened will be intimated at the header of the tab.

Push Notification

We don't want you to miss any important things as because you weren’t using the app, so the Hiddy is specially designed with the push notifications for everything.

Unread Count Notification

Get the updates on counts of unread messages which have received but not opened or read with Instant Notifications.



Chat and Channel Search

Wanna find any specific person you had a conversation long time back or wanna find a channel or a group? no worries just search your keyword and find it.

Peoples Search

Haven’t been in touch with your friends for a while? No worries just type and enter the name to search for the person you need to have a conversation.



Last Seen

Everyone needs some privacy. In Hiddy users may have it by turning off/on the last seen available to be seen by Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.

Profile Pic

Setting Profile pictures and letting it seen by unknown may be dangerous. In Hiddy users may have it turned off/on to be seen by Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.


About section available in Hiddy needs to be added in the initial setup process and it can also be turned off/on to be seen by Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.

Message Block

Stalkers are the biggest concern when it comes to a messaging app, Hiddy provides a block option in which any user may block anyone who stalks them.


Account Settings

Change Number

The phone number is a major source to chat within the Hiddy app. If you lost your number and you wish to change it you may do it in the Change number section.

Delete Account

Bored in using the app or need to create a new account and in a state to remove your account from Hiddy, just delete your account in the Delete account section.

Change Language

Hiddy by default will be available in two languages namely English and French which can also be customized according to the native language user wishes.


Other Settings

Profile Photo change

Best offers and deal of the day can be listed here so that people will be more interested in purchasing products from daily deals.Profile picture can be set at the initial setup of the Hiddy chat app and for the user’s ease of use, it can also be changed whenever they want.


Everyone needs an introduction about a person to have a smooth conversation, Hiddy avails an about space where the user may write about him and let others know.

Invite Friends

Invite your Friends to Hiddy by using the “Invite Friends” available to share an app and play store link to your companions and enjoy chatting with them.

Copy and Forward

Received an interesting message or an useful information and feel like wanna share it with your friends, just copy and forward within the app to other users.

Live Status

Live Status allows your contacts or friends or everybody to know when either you are available online and are ready to receive/send messages.

Sync Contacts

After the user registration on the Hiddy app, all the user’s phone contacts will be automatically synchronized. The contacts added later will also be updated by the app itself.


Web Landing Page

Attractive Design

Our Hiddy script comes with a landing page with App and Play Store links to download the app, yet it can be customized according to the business proprietor’s requirements.


Our Chat App Script was developed like an Art by well-experienced coders through the speed and performance of the mobile app will be extremely powerful.


Our script is safe, well secured and error-free to use. Our Security options will protect your app from unwanted attacks. You will get 99% secured mobile app.

Bootstrap Responsive

Our online chat app script web landing page has the ability to access the app in a responsive design and easily adjusts to any mobile phones, tablets.


Admin Panel


Dashboard available in the Admin panel provides a complete overview and fine details of the business to be managed by the owner.


Hiddy landing page helps you in getting top on the search engine results by providing the eligible Meta titles, tags, and descriptions.

Admin Channels

Admin Channels is the space allocated to the admins where they might share any pieces of information to the users within the Admin panel.

App Update

App updates can be done within the admin panel by entering normal update where the user may update by his wish or Force update which needs to be updated immediately.