Zillow Clone Script is a correct Selection to Business Startups in Real Estate Agency Domain

Zillow Clone Script makes many people to take a decision to start a real estate agency or a property site opt for a Zillow clone because it is by far an unrivaled real estate portal. Zillow Clone Script is the largest site for buying/selling real estate in the United States; Zillow Clone Script remains unbeatable in digital real estate world owning a huge of the market share with thousands of houses sold, rented and bought hourly. It offers superb user experience and great business opportunities. If you wish to launch an agency based on a Zillow Clone Script it is possible to do so with Airfinch.

zillow clone script

Will Zillow Clone Script Helps in Empower Consumers?

zillow clone

Zillow Clone Script is the most popular and free home search , covering real estate, apartments, mortgages, school data, and home improvement etc. Zillow Clone Script is the leading rental and real estate marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, knowledge and inspiration and connecting with the best local professionals who can help them.

There are several ways available to create the superior real estate platform, but the Appkodes makes your task much simpler with exclusive Zillow clone. It is one of the specially created tools that help you to develop a profitable real estate portal like Zillow. By using this Zillow Clone Script, you can easily create an awesome property site and list your properties easily. The clone script allows you to insert a photo gallery on your real estate platform. It is a specialized feature that helps you to attract lots of potential customers without taking more time duration.

You Are Supposed to be Aware of the Key Features That Have Made the Site so Popular With Users

Search on Map

Real estate search page on the map is the most usedZillow Clone Script page seeing how important this page is we’ve developed a page with similar functionality. It also contains search fields, list of properties found on the map.

Map Markers

Map markers in our Zillow Clone Script are displayed as price tags and not as standard red map circles. This gives the user a clear understanding of price range on a specific map point. If a visitor is content with the price and location, he may click a tag and view property summary or go to the property page to view details.

Grouping Markers

If there are a lot of properties on a specific map point, the map will group the ads and display the number of properties on the map point, in this case, the user simply needs to click the marker and zoom in on the map.

Identifying Location

One of the most useful features for a user is ‘find my location’, by clicking it, the map will identify and show user location and display all properties available around user location.

Refine Search

There is a search above the map that allows the user to filter properties found on a specific map point, the main search criteria are:

  • Property type – selling or renting;
  • Category – allowing the user to search for a particular property type;
  • Price and other;

The search field also contains ‘address‘ field which is connected to location service from Google, it will help the visitor to quickly find a specific city or a district around the world.

List of Properties

There’s a section with the list of properties found on the map, which presents a more clear option of displaying properties found. A visitor may instantly see pictures and main details of the property that makes the search more convenient.

Page View on Different Devices

The template is responsive but we’d like to focus on how the site is displayed on different devices. Irrespective of a device screen size, page functionality ‘ads search on the map’ will display all elements in a most convenient way giving the user the ability to search for properties.

Display All Real Estate Elements in a Most Convenient Way Using Zillow Clone Script!

Zillow Clone Script Offers Superb User Experience and Great Business Opportunities