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9 Best Online Classified Scripts to Start Your Classified Business

Glory Simmons

Classified Solution · 19 min read

9 best classified script

19 min read

Planning to use the best classified scripts for your classified business is a perfect decision taken at the right time. Using a genuine classified platform offers a convenient and effective way to launch, manage, and grow your classified business.

Finding the best classified platform is the most challenging one as there are countless classified platforms available in the market. We can assist you in getting the best classified platform and reaching your audience with all the extensive features.

Top best PHP classified scripts to start an outstanding classified business

Checking all available classified platform features on your own is quite impossible. Here we have a hand-picked best classified platform with clear analysis. Hope this will help you in identifying the perfect classified platform.

1. Appkodes – Contemporary best classified platform with mobile responsive design

Appkodes classified platform

Appkodes assures a premium customizable classified script that will allow users to have their classified business on multiple niches like real-estate classified, pet classified, auto-classified, and many more.

They offer an excellent SEO-optimised classified platform that will let you generate an SEO-friendly URL. The script is integrated with multiple popular payment gateways and strictly adheres to all standard security protocols.

Also supports users who plan to cover a global audience. The classified platform supports multiple languages and multiple currencies that will let users from any country access the platform in their native language.

Features of Appkodes’ best classified platform

  • Users can improve their site ranking with the search-engine-optimized design.
  • Dynamic filters will let users cut short their searching time and enter the right product page.
  • Advanced Insights will assist users to identify multiple metrics like product popularity, views, demographics, and many more.
  • The classified platform supports multiple revenue streams like banner ads, commission fees, subscription fees, and listing fees.
  • The push notification feature will let all users connected to the platform be informed about all activities of the platform.


  • Customization and scalability are highly guaranteed.
  • Multiple communication channels are offered for better customer support.
  • Free demo service is provided to all users.
  • All social media channels are integrated with the script.
  • Cost-effective budget-friendly solution.


Appkodes keeps updating the script with all the latest technologies which some users find difficult to adopt changes.


Customer support: 4.7
Easy-to-use: 4.5
Affordable: 4.7
Feature updates:4.6
Overall:  4.6

2. Osclass – Interactive location-based best classified platform

Osclass classifieds platform

Osclass is a reliable solution to build your classified website. It is an open-source CMS that will let you build a general classified business, car classifieds, job listings, or real-estate classified business. The platform is simple to use and has an intuitive user interface.

Users can enhance their classified website with premium themes and plugins. With hundreds of extensions, users can simplify their business operations and can boost their customers’ experience while accessing the platform.

Multilingual support is an added advantage as it will let users start their classified business in any part of the world. Users can have their native language in accessing all features. With a simply designed back office, users will find it easy to manage the entire classified platform.

Features of Osclass’s best classified platform

  • Multiple payment options are provided to customers as many leading payment gateways are integrated.
  • Users can protect their copyrights on images with a watermark feature as the platform will automatically include watermarks on all your images.
  • Frequent email alerts will let users be informed about all regular updates that the platform has integrated.
  • Users can create up to 100 static pages which will let them add categories and subcategories.


  • Multi-currency support.
  • Google Maps is integrated.
  • Responsive on all smart devices.
  • The platform is SEO-friendly.
  • The platform allows unlimited administration accounts.


  • Customer support can be better.


Customer support: 3.5
Easy-to-use: 4.1
Affordable: 3.7
Feature updates: 3.6
Overall: 3.7

3. Jomclassifieds – Robust and scalable best classified platform

jomclassified paltform

Jomclassified provides a unique classified platform with an exclusive mobile application. The platform is easy to customize and users can get a flexible and user-friendly classified platform. The ready-to-use multilanguage system will support users to be more comfortable in accessing all features of the platform.

Users can make use of Google AdSense and other similar services to make money through their platform. The application uses Google Maps to have map listing views. It acts as a perfect CMS for static pages.

The multi-vendor system will let users have multiple sellers to get connected with the platform and the admin can earn through better commission. The classified platform is easy to install and launch online. The user may not need any technical knowledge to manage the platform on his own.

Features of Jomclassifieds best classified platform

  • Multiple revenue channels like promotion, memberships, renewal, and Google AdSense are developed with the script.
  • The classified platform is integrated with Google geolocation API that will let users capture location, change location, auto-suggest address, and many more.
  • Easy payment plugins are offered by the platform that is easier to configure and highly secure to use.
  • User ratings and reviews will let users register their feedback about the product quality and the service offered by the platform.


  • Friendly third-party API support.
  • Customizable email templates with alerts
  • Supportive back-end management.
  • Multimedia uploads are allowed.
  • Social sharing is available.


  • Quite expensive when compared with other best classified platforms.


Customer support: 4 star
Easy-to-use: 3.9
Affordable: 4.1
Feature updates: 3.8
Overall: 4 star

4. DjExtensions – a best classified platform that turns classifieds into eCommerce solutions.

dj classifieds platform

DjExtensions develops the most popular and best classified platform that will escalate users’ classified business. The platform will make the digital transformation seamless. With an intuitive user interface, users can easily add categories and sub-categories to their product pages.

The platform offers your classified business a more comprehensive help center where you can easily get connected with the support team and get clarification and support. With DJ classified platform, users can earn better revenue by using multiple revenue channels.

Users will get complete control over pricing and commission fee setup. The platform is built with creative customizable settings and layouts. Users get a dedicated user panel through which they can edit profiles and manage all ads.

Features of DJExtensions best classified platform

  • The platform assures sellers to get maximum hits on their ads through its SEO-friendly design.
  • Multiple plugins like ghost ads, internal messaging systems, and many more active add-ons to the platform simplify business operations.
  • Many popular services like Easy Social, DJ-Media Tools, Community Builder, DJ-reviews, and Auto-Tweet MJ are added to the platform free of cost.
  • Customized service is offered during the installation and launching of the platform.


  • Multilingual and multiple currency support.
  • Dedicated community help for startups.
  • Simple and flexible pricing.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Exclusive ticketing system for customer support.


  • Users expect frequent platform updates.


Customer support: 4 star
Easy-to-use: 4.1
Affordable: 4.1
Feature updates: 3.7
Overall: 3.9

5. Flynax – the best classified platform with professional support

flynax classifieds platform

Flynax is a simple PHP classified platform that is developed with a premium design and a well-framed codebase. The platform connects sellers, buyers, and the admin seamlessly. Proper communication channels are provided to avoid miscommunication issues.

The platform owns clean panels for admin and users. Sellers will find easy ways to list their products on the platform. With simplified ad management, users can manage their ads and can track their performance.

Extensive admin control is gained with this platform. The admin can manage all users who are connected to the application. The admin can check all reviews posted by users on the platform.

Features of Flynax’s best classified platform

  • Users can get 100% unencrypted source code while purchasing the classified platform.
  • Feature-rich CMS is an added advantage to users as they can create attractive content to grab the attention of visitors.
  • With multiple monetization strategies, users can easily monetize the platform and can make better returns.
  • More than 90 powerful plugins are offered by the platform that will simplify users’ business.


  • Without signing up with the platform, users can post their ads.
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • One-click plugin installation.
  • Data entry imports in multiple formats.
  • A demo is available in multiple languages.


  • After-sales support is not satisfactory.


Customer support: 3.5
Easy-to-use: 4 star
Affordable: 3.7
Feature updates: 3.6
Overall: 3.7

6. Laraclassifier – the best classified platform with a clean and modern design

lara classifieds platform

Laraclassifier is the most user-friendly classified platform that is developed with the most flexible front-end and back-end functionalities. With this classified platform, you can access the platform with any modern browser. The simplified registration process will let users easily sign in with the platform.

The excellent promotion features offered by Laraclassifier will let users run promotions on the classified website. Users will be able to use both free ads and premium ads. Massive control with device responsive admin interface is an added support to the admin.

Multiple payment gateways are integrated that will offer better online payment options to all users who wish to pay and buy through the platform. The proper authentication process is maintained at the time of registration.

Features of LaraClassifier’s best classified platform

  • Completely device responsive that includes an admin panel too.
  • The classified platform is built with Laravel and Bootstrap5.
  • The application is geo-location supported and will let users find nearby sellers.
  • Exclusive support for RTL direction.
  • The Captcha system is integrated into the authentication checking process.
  • Social media channels are included in the script that will let users share products on their social pages.
  • The classified platform has multiple skins which are accessible from the admin panel


  • Multilingual support is an added advantage to reach a global audience.
  • Powerful admin panel to manage the entire classified platform.
  • Dedicated chat system between buyers and sellers.
  • Seo-optimized classified platform.


  • In the chat system, only the buyer can initiate the chat, not the seller.


Customer support: 4 star
Easy-to-use: 3.8
Affordable: 3.7
Feature updates: 3.9
Overall: 3.9

7. Oorjit – the best classified platform exclusively provides real-estate marketplace solution

oorjit classifieds platform

Oorjit is a powerful property listing solution that will let the real estate business escalate in its productivity. Users can list their properties with multi-perspective information and can grab the attention of property buyers easily to the platform. Users can get genuine leads through AI-driven solutions.

The classified platform is integrated with multiple APIs that will optimize payments, logistics, revenue streams, marketing, and inventory. With an effective UI and UX, the classified platform can easily get hold of the audience and make them stay with the platform, and will convert them to users.

The autodetect location feature will support users to find the location of the seller who is nearby and can proceed further in approaching them through the messaging system. Users can use hundreds of emojis in their conversations and the communication is more friendly.

Features of Oorjit’s best classified platform

  • Users can easily manage their real-estate business with an intuitive and powerful CMS.
  • The advanced search and filter capabilities will let users easily find the products of their choice.
  • The sales process is perfectly streamlined with direct communications between the property owner and the buyer.
  • Users can have a comprehensive property comparison with multiple properties and can decide the best for them.
  • Through special promotions, sellers can highlight their properties and can gain better visibility.


  • There is no limitation on the property types.
  • Easily captures leads from multiple sources.
  • Generate multiple reports to gain a clear insight into the real-estate business.
  • Complete integration of ERP, CRM, and many more third-party APIs.


  • This classified platform is suitable only for real-estate classified businesses.


Customer support: 3.9
Easy-to-use: 4 star
Affordable: 3.6
Feature updates: 3.8
Overall: 3.8

8. Nectareon – Professional classified platform with the customizable best classified platform

Nectareon’s classified platform is flexible and scalable that fits into any business model. A better rapport is created between the buyer and the seller through an advanced messaging system. The appealing classified portal is available to users at affordable pricing.

The classified platform is attractive enough to gain the attention of the audience and has several user-engaging features. Users are allowed to post any type of ad on the platform and can expect better selling through this classified application.

The SEO-friendly classified platform will let users get better search engine page ranking. Without spending much on marketing and digital promotion, users can easily start getting organic traffic which results in better conversion and revenue generation. There are multiple revenue channels integrated with the script that assures impressive returns.

Features of Nectareon’s best classified platform

  • Simplified search functionality with an advanced filtering system will make the product search process easier.
  • The platform comes with a white-label solution where users can have their brand name on the platform.
  • According to users’ business needs the classified platform can be customized.
  • Customers can share their reviews with the platform and can share them on their social pages.
  • Multiple product management systems will let sellers manage multiple product types with a single platform.


  • Free installation is offered to all users.
  • Users can have a free demo before buying the classified platform.
  • Advanced technologies are integrated with the classified platform.


  • The classified platform is a little expensive in the market.


Customer support: 3.5
Easy-to-use: 3.9
Affordable: 3.5
Feature updates: 4 star
Overall: 3.7

9. Logicspice – feature-rich, white-labeled, best classified platform with a one-time license fee

ls classifieds platform

Logicspice is a supportive classified platform that can help any business group and requirements. Users can post ads for free with this classified platform. As the platform supports unlimited products, buyers can save their favorite products on their wish lists and can buy them later.

The platform gains better online visibility as the script is search engine optimized. The admin gains complete control over the platform and can add categories and subcategories to all listings. Email verification is integrated with the script as it avoids scamming into the platform.

Logicspice provides dedicated classified mobile applications for both Android and iOS users. With a user-friendly admin panel, users can easily manage all users, ads, categories, reviews, and many more with a single click.

Features of Logicspice’s best classified platform

  • Simplified social media login will save users time in registering with the platform.
  • Location-based search will let users find their nearby sellers to buy products.
  • All classified ads are categorized which will help users to get into the exact product page they want to buy.
  • Admin can activate or deactivate any category that is listed on the platform.
  • The classified platform is fully customizable, functional, and scalable to use.


  • Unlimited products can be added to the platform.
  • Can have order history and can repeat orders.
  • Supportive customer service team.
  • Users can access their ads from remote locations.


  • Paid users will get to access premium features.


Customer support: 3.9
Easy-to-use: 4.1
Affordable: 3.8
Feature updates: 3.6
Overall: 3.9


By going through the entire information, you would have analyzed several features and highlights of all best classified platforms. Always never focus on the pricing part alone. Consider other essential aspects like customization, scalability, secured payment services, third-party API integration, and many more.

Also never buy any classified platform before going through the demo session. Fix a demo with the company and then get your hands on all features and functionalities that will get you a clear picture of the product. Then negotiate with the provider and buy the best classified platform.

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