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Flourish your renting Ready-to-go platform </>

Do you have hindrances in booking your rental houses or apartments for vacations? Then you develop an application for this. But what do you need? Are you equipped with code knowledge to explore your potent dream online business? Not needed. Our AI-featured 9flats clone turns your dream come true!

Proclaim your Goals

Bring on your business demands in the vacation renting platform, by concentrating on app development.

Cozy Customization

Amalgamating craftsmanship of expertise in the latest trends to customize your app based on your needs. 

Rapid Support

Developing your peculiar clone platform adapting to evolving market trends with instant support.

Surge your 9flats clone to your Long-term Vision with multiple features </>

The decision to streamline all your rent booking processes and operations within your app necessitates an easier and more convenient user interface and features. What do you still long for? An effective code and cost for it? No worries! Raise your platform fitting for all with our AI-loaded 9flats clone.

Smoothen your workflow and eradicate stress with our clone, owned with necessary features from accommodation bookings at a very short time and cost. Do you want more or replace the features? Yes, Personalize the scripts with a dash of AI and rich features to craft a versatile platform, adapting to unique online business perks.

Secure easy Bookings

Distinctive features of custom-developed clone, streamline accommodation booking process. Facilitate users to reserve their perfect stay instantly and ensure flexibility.

User-reviews and Ratings

Merge user feedback, and features to post guest reviews, to help your users make informed booking decisions building trust

AI-featured emphasized communication

Set up host interactions about the vacation inquiries with automated messaging tools, to bring out responses promptly for all the user concerns.

Schedules and Timings

Coherent features let the user explore the rent availability, efficiently manage prior bookings on the occasional days, and avoid duplicate or double booking and its account blocks.

Multi-language support and currency options

Expatiate your brand with a global audience, featured with multiple currency options and showcased in multiple languages.

Customized AI-Amplified 9flats Clone Solutions </>

Get the best approach to complement your efforts in offering exceptional accommodation to your users and gain profit from it. Yes, eradicate your issues in developing a flat reservation platform. The booking hosts are acquainted with a seamless user experience with automated prompts.

Our 9flats clone, powered by AI, evolves with interests and suggestions based on search intent. Amplify your online rental platform with customizations and be competitive for a long time. Kickstart developing your competitive ready-to-go platform

Trusted Payment and Policies

Systematize functionalities and enhance the payment process with highly secure trusted gateways and employ cancellation policies if needed in an app for hosts and owners.

Social Media Incorporated Logins

Launch secure and convenient logins tied up with social media integration, and explicate social connection-based booking vacation suggestions

High-level Influential search

As 9flats clone prospers as a potent base to bring out the platform, to pick out the best choice with curated feature listings, advanced filters, and mapping to refine choices.

Admin Control:

This is the command center of your thriving business where you can manage listings, bookings, etc with ease. Exercise complete control over your dream platform with our best 9Flats clone script


Custom-developed scripts inhibit the perfect fitting features to your app and seek fresh concepts thereby customizing your dream rental business like 9flats.

Revenue Elements

Startle your renting business with advanced features with AI-powered perks!

Flexible Pricing

Rationalizing pricing options to raise their booking count and sustain their competition.

Commission cost

Clone embodies fixed commission or percentage-based rules to your platform.

Transparency in fee

Applying a transparent fee structure towards online vacation booking business to increase users.

Multiple revenue paths

Mount revenues by distinct prime streams like host service fee, guest service fee, experience fee, booking fee, etc.

Data-driven income insights

Inhibit features and insights to assess visitors’ online behavior and boost revenue by incorporating revenue strategist AI.

Tracing platform’s Earnings

Adhere to acquaint top-of-income with driving insights to earning performance and an intuitive dashboard in a single place.


Seize our Admin Features in the app! Attempt our Fast Demo! </>

Embrace the entire application control with our advanced demo and feel the effortless feature-loaded vacation booking business.


Organize the Real platform working experience!! Delve to the User Demo now. </>

Commencing from flat listing to booking operations streamline everything with AI. Substantiate the potential of user-friendly features of AI in our clone user demo.

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Addon Highlights

Engage competently beyond basics! Accredit 9flats clone app with peculiar Add-ons.

Preferred country personalization

Steers exclusively to a preferred or designated country or region by personalizing your app to grasp the particular region’s use and to get rid of unwanted locations.

Ease Mobile Accessibility

Your platform can smartly avoid fraudulent orders and registration by providing users a code for a secure and hassle-free registration process. ease the app’s accessibility.

Integration of AWS S3 Bucket

Assures your flat rental booking app with robust data protection against unauthorized access by incorporating Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to retrieve and store data.

Background video of App’s Intro Guide

Enthrall and strengthen connection with users quickly by exploring an informative and captivating background video on your app’s login page.

App Store & Play Store Preview Designs

Grab your users’ attention towards the flat booking platform and turn them to revisit with eye-catching App Store and Play Store preview designs for your product.

Social Media Banners

Corroborate a uniform and professional appearance to grab millions of users with visually captivating cover banners on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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FAQ and Update History

Get Answers and Stay Informed

Questions & Answers

Need Answers? Find them here. </>

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What is the latest version of Airfinch

The recent version is 3.2.1 with some major improvements in the apps and minor issues fixes.

Which framework is used in Airfinch?

AirFinch uses the Yii framework which is a MVC design patterned framework. Yii v2.0 written in PHP and database is MySQL.

We recommend scalable cloud servers from Amazon AWS, Digitalocean, or others. The script can be installed in Apache or Nginx.
If you prefer Digital Ocean for Hosting service, you can use the link below to sign up quickly. Also you can get free $100 which will be automatically credited to your account and you can use it for 60 days. Billing will be applicable only after this time period.

What is Single Domain Licensing?

Our script will work based on single domain license for that we will provide you the corresponding license file for your domain. With this file you can install the script on your server.

What are the packages in Airfinch?

1.Elite Package

Elite package is the best option for existing business owners who can try the script first and further they can upgrade to mobile apps by paying the difference of ultimate package. This is also 100% customizable source and editable. It comes with 2 months free support and update. This package allows customer to install the package on only one server.

2.Ultimate Package

This package is the best for the customers who want to start the rental script website with apps from the day one. This package allows 3 month free support and updates. The apps and script source codes are 100% customizable source and editable. Professional installation includes web script and mobile apps in the stores. It also comes with native ios and android applications with corresponding App submissions.

Web Server

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience



From MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 8.0,for its performance and scalability



From PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1 version


For Instant Chat

From Nodejs 8.x LTS to Nodejs 12.x LTS version


Backend Framework

Framework yii2.0, the high performed php framework exclusively used for developing large-scale web applications



Ioncube loader version 10 or above. Ion Cube PHP Extension decrypts the protected PHP files and optimizes their execution.

Airfinch V3.2.1 – 15 November, 2021
[Added] Stripe SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) Compliant Support
[Added] Android Migrated to API 30 and Scoped storage enforcement
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Airfinch V3.2 – 27 April, 2020
[Added] iOS App Released
[Added] Android X migration
[Updated] Stripe connect payment updation
[Fixed] Bugs Fixes and Improvements
Airfinch V3.1 – 13 June , 2019
[Fixed] Bugs Fixes and Improvements
[Added] RTL Support
Airfinch V3.0 – 09 March , 2019
[Added] Hourly based booking
[Added] Calendar option to edit special day price, weekend price and block days
[Added] Moderators option in admin to define the role for sub admin
[Added] Stripe Connect payment
[Added] Instant chat between Host and traveler
[Added] Share listing with facebook, twitter, email
[Added] More filter searches
[Added] Add Video option for listings
[Added] More details on User and Host profile
[Added] Report option for user and listings
[Added] Facebook Accountkit for mobile verification
[Added] Multi currency and language in app
[Added] FCM Push notifications
[Added] Progress page in app
[Added] Traverse The World list based on popular listing
[Added] Featured Listing manageable from admin
[Added] Ratings and Review option for admin to edit and delete
[Added] SEO Management
[Added] Currency auto and manual update from admin
[Update] Cancellation policy changes
[Update] Security deposit flow change
[Removed] Paypal payment gateway
Airfinch Version 2.0
Front End:
[Added] Social media login
[Added] Location based search on listings
[Added] Country based search
[Added] Recently viewed
[Added] Reviews on listings
[Added] Booking on listings
[Added] Add listing to wishlists
[Added] Popular wishlists
[Added] Similar listing
[Added] Verification process
[Added] Messages
[Added] My listings (Active and Pending)
[Added] My Trips
[Added] Reservations (Past, Future and Unapproved)
[Added] Notifications settings
[Added] User notifications
[Added] Transaction history
[Added] Invite friends
[Added] Help pages
[Added] Paypal payment
[Added] Multi language translation
[Added] Admin dashboard with recent booking and monthly turnover graph
[Added] Active and blocked users management
[Added] Active and blocked hosts management
[Added] Manage wish list option
[Added] Manage all site settings like email, logo images, default user image
[Added] Paypal settings and Social login settings
[Added] Home page settings and homepage countries
[Added] Can manage footer settings
[Added] Manage currency and manage language option
[Added] Manage listing properties needed to add the listing
[Added] Commission and site charge management
[Added] Cancellation policies
[Added] Order management with payment
[Added] Security deposit management with payment


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