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Revolutionize your property management by transitioning from manual to digital processes. Make selling, buying, or leasing properties a seamless and efficient digital experience with our innovative solutions, crafted with development expertise for your brand identity. Utilize state-of-art technology to drive your business growth.

Recently Launched

A new client from France has launched a unique platform for people seeking weekend getaways across the country. Based on client market research, this app is specially crafted for finding exceptional accommodations in island paradises. With the initial pitch deck ready, they’re now looking for Series A funding.

A Unique Niche App for Weekend Reunion

We’ve closely looked into this unique niche and developed a standout web portal with right tech stack, along with iOS and Android mobile applications that have already been approved on app stores. They’re all set to attract a large user base once funding comes through.

Real Estate App Development Company - Project Holi

Redefine Industry Standards

Now’s the time to revolutionize the real estate industry with latest technologies like AI/ML, blockchain technology and other trending technologies to offer unparalleled experiences to real estate professionals and customers.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Effortlessly connect with buyers through immersive 360-degree virtual tours accessible from anywhere. VR in real estate brings their future space to life, allowing for easy visualization of furniture arrangement, renovations, and decor options, all before stepping foot inside.

AI and ML

AI and ML effortlessly matches buyers to properties based on preferences and streamlines complex tasks like analytics, legal compliance, and risk management, making the process smoother and more efficient. Machine learning enhances property management in AI in real estate through smart components and sensors.

IoT and Smart Buildings

The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart buildings bring incredible benefits to real estate. By weaving together connected sensors, devices, and smart systems, property owners and managers see major improvements. Such as smoother operations, better experiences for tenants, increased property value.

Kick Start Your Real Estate App Development with Advanced Features.

With over 14 years of industry experience, our development team is equipped to build your exceptional real estate app, complete with essential features like an admin panel, agent portal, buyer profile, and moderator portal, ensuring a robust online platform.

Share your ideas with us, and our experts, who have specialized skills in IDX, RETS, and MLS, our real estate app developers help you draft a comprehensive plan for your real estate app development. We’ll stay connected with you to bring your ideas into reality.

Property Search and Filtering

Real estate app development stands out in a competitive market with an advanced property search, including parameters like start and end price, location with geographic limits, accurate search intents, property type, amenities, HOA fees, and more. These parameters vary by niche, and our experts excel at identifying the right ones for each project.

Property Listings

Enhance your real estate app’s property listings appeal with stunning photos and videos, engaging virtual staging instead of empty spaces, easy-to-read floor plans, clear pricing, succinct descriptions, detailed amenity information, property status, and contact details. Plus, provide market statistics and estimated costs to give users everything they need at their fingertips.

Virtual Tours

Craft captivating virtual tours of your properties, complete with precise measurements and clear visibility, sparking curiosity among your buyers. In today’s real estate industry, virtual tours in real estate are not just an option—they’re essential.

Mortgage Calculators

Keep your users engaged with mortgage calculators, encouraging them to spend more time on your portal while offering them a clear view of their financial outlook. Additionally, provide recommendations for lenders or connect them with in-house mortgage specialists for personalized quotes.

Instant Communication

Incorporate swift communication options like WhatsApp to streamline interactions. Using WhatsApp-based client relationship management tools simplifies lead management for your business. Adding live support and deploying either live agents or AI agents will significantly enhance your lead generation efforts.

Following the Standards in Real Estate Mobile App Development

Developing a real estate app is a journey with several stages before it truly shines. Our experts are here to guide you through every step, ensuring your app not only meets but exceeds standards from the get-go. With IDX, MLS, and RETS at our fingertips, our developers are well-equipped to tailor your app to your needs.

As your tech partner, we’re with you from launch day, through listing local properties, and enabling users to add their own properties—all while helping you build a property listing website and navigating the legal and regulatory landscape at each stage.

MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

We can assist you in integrating your existing real estate software with popular Multiple Listing Service platforms in your region. This includes mapping your data to MLS standards, streamlining listings updates, and integrating CRM tools for seamless lead management and enhanced workflow.

IDX (Internet Data Exchange)

Launch your real estate app by integrating with your local MLS’s IDX program. This grants access to a vast database of listings. IDX partners like IDX Broker or iHomeFinder simplify adding them to your app, ensuring compliance with MLS rules. A large user base is attractive to real estate agents, but your app’s value proposition is key.

RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard)

Our team has plenty of experience working with RETS and various IDX providers. We know how to stick to the standards and efficiently move data from the sources to your portal. We’ve got handling MLS data feeds down to an art—ensuring the listings are displayed clearly and comprehensively, making everything easy for you to read and understand.

Types of Real Estate Apps We Create

We specialize in crafting niche applications tailored to specific areas within the realm of real estate app development solutions.

Property Marketplace

We can build property marketplace where real estate agents and buyers come together. This platform will earn a commission with every deal made, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Property Management

We develop cloud application tailored to centralize your property management. This hub will organize updates, documents, administration, and all operations, streamlining your workflow efficiently.

Mortgage & Financing

We can create property mortgage calculator application that complies with your country’s standards and regulations along with all possible financing solutions you provide to your users through their buying journey.

Apartment Management

Our team can craft a one-stop apartment management application for you, centralizing everything from tenant and staff management to rent, leases, equipment handling, and finances everything at one convenient place.

Property Developments

We can help you by creating an app that transforms your new property developments and renovation projects into stunning visual showcases, designed to significantly improve your lead conversion rates.

Smart Home Application

Transform your properties into smart spaces by integrating IoT and smart appliances. We’re here to develop apps that lets you effortlessly control and manage all your properties from one place using smart homes technology.

Adapting Software Development to Real Estate Industry

Discover uncharted territories in real estate app development and be the pioneer in offering something fresh to your users. With our technological expertise, your innovative ideas will take on an even more impressive form. Let’s collaborate and bring your vision to life.

Relocation Concierge App

People relocating for work or other reasons are discovering the benefits of a unique real estate app. This relocation concierge app is designed to guide them to the top neighborhoods, schools, and job prospects in their new area. Additionally, it simplifies the process by linking them with moving services, temporary accommodations, and local service providers, all in one place.

DIY Home Sale App

The FSBO (For Sale By Owner) niche is becoming a hot trend in property listing app development. Offering a detailed guide on pricing, staging, and marketing properties can attract more owners looking to sell their homes directly. Incorporating services such as legal advice and professional photography within the app adds more value for the sellers and adds up additional revenue.

Fixer-Upper Finder App

Developing a unique app for real estate investors interested in renovation projects is all the rage now. This Fixer-Upper finder app lists properties that are valuable but in need of renovation, complete with market analysis and ROI estimates. Providing renovation costs and resale values clarifies investment returns, and linking with contractors and lenders increases app revenue.

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Our App Development Process

Discussion & Analysis

Our initial discussion will focus on cloud infrastructure, scaling phases, closed beta invites, the first beta launch, and subsequent releases. This conversation is key to crafting robust interfaces that will pave the way for the bright future of your social media application.

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UI / UX design

The ideation process for the UI/UX design will give you a clear picture of how your social media application will interact with users. At this stage, you'll see the foundational structure of your app. Once we finalize this, we’ll proceed to the actual development phase.


The development of your social media application will unfold in individual sprints, with progress shared with you step by step to prevent any last-minute surprises. To proceed to the next stage, we require strong confirmation from you, ensuring a smooth development and delivery process.

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Quality Assurance

Beginning with unit testing, we'll conduct thorough quality assurance for each sprint release to ensure what we deliver is bug-free and without major issues. Our dedicated QA team follows a meticulous process, and all test cases and a final list of fixes will be readily available for your review at any time.

Delivery & Maintenance

Following the closed beta releases, our DevOps team will manage the entire deployment process, including server configuration and app submission, among other tasks. During the initial delivery phase, we will closely monitor the application's performance to ensure a stable and seamless user experience.

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Maximize Returns on Your Real Estate Investment

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You will hear from us within 24 hours!

Let’s Talk

Feel free to share your ideas; we value innovation. An NDA can be signed prior to discussions for your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between an app and a mobile-friendly website?

The app delivers a sleek user experience and advanced location-based filtering. Plus, it keeps users engaged with push notifications for promotional updates.

How much does it cost to develop a real estate app?

The cost of developing a real estate app varies with its features, starting from $15,000 to $100,000, based on the specific requirements.

How long does the development process take?

Apps with basic features can be completed in up to three months. For more complex requirements, we can allocate additional resources to meet your timeline.

Can you integrate with my local MLS?

Yes, we’ve worked with numerous IDX providers, including IDX Broker, iHomeFinder, BoomTown, RealGeeks, MLSImport, and many others.

What kind of search features can you include?

We can enhance efficiency, user-friendliness, and location specificity by integrating advanced AI/ML features. Voice search capabilities can also be included in the portal and mobile applications.

What platforms do you build for (iOS, Android, Web)?

We create applications for websites including landing pages, listing pages, admin panels, agent portals, moderation portals, and user profiles, as well as native iOS and Android applications.

How do you handle security and data privacy?

We as a rising enterprise app development company adhere to the standards and privacy policies relevant to our customers’ locations, including GDPR and other regulations, integrating them into your real estate app development.

Do you provide ongoing maintenance and support?

Yes, we offer ongoing support and will stay connected with you as you build your enterprise to great success and develop your in-house capabilities.

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