"Experience the future of commerce with Joyshorts and discover a whole new world of joyous buying and selling!"

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Experience a new era of buying and selling with Joyshorts - the revolutionary classified script that's changing the game..!

Short Videos Vs Images

Short videos are becoming a viable alternative to images for showcasing products. By providing a visual representation of the product, these videos offer users a feature-specific way to evaluate and make informed purchasing decisions.

Optimized Short Videos

To ensure a seamless and optimal video buffering experience, we've leveraged ffmpeg software to convert our videos into a targeted m3u8 format. This allows us to provide flawless playback across a wide range of devices with flawless buffering.

Ads Promotion

We've created ad promotion options to enhance the discoverability of posts. By promoting, sellers can ensure that they occupy the top spot on the list, making the post highly visible and increasing the chances of being noticed by potential buyers.

Urgent Promotion

We've also added a secondary promotion option for our users to tag their posts as urgent. By doing so, these posts will appear at the top of the search list, right after the ads, making them highly visible and attention-grabbing.

Advanced Search

We offer customized search parameters based on specific category levels to help users easily discover posts that match their search criteria. By providing these tailored search options, we aim to keep users engaged and interested in finding what they're looking for. This makes it easier for sellers to connect with potential buyers and sell their products more efficiently.

In Depth Category

By offering a wide range of categories, we make it easy for users to find the posts they're interested in. With just a few clicks in the categories tab, users can quickly navigate to the product section they're looking for. This convenient and user-friendly approach encourages users to engage more with our application, making the search process efficient and enjoyable.

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Features and Benefits

The ultimate shortvideo classified script for easy buying and selling."

Our revenue models are tailor-made to foster mutually beneficial partnerships between you and your sellers, leaving you enamored with the outcome.

Additional Revenue Generation through Banner ads


Highly Scalable

To be future focused we have designed the script to be hightly scalable particularly in terms of Horizontal Scaling using the popular software Kubernetes(k8s). It will give you the full control on your server infracture in terms of both cost effective and highly available whenever there is a unexpected surge in concurrent users count.

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