Live Streaming App Development

We specialize in live streaming app development, having successfully delivered numerous projects with optimized live streaming capabilities. Live streaming requires special attention due to its handling of large user numbers and significant file sizes. Let us be the partner for your next live streaming project.

Recently Launched

We recently delivered a UAE-based live streaming app, featuring a unique localized name. Combined with a strong press releases and influencer marketing strategy, this led to significant user acquisition in a short period.

Streaming over millions of minutes...

Live streaming has become an essential asset in entertainment world. The app we recently released is already counting its streaming time in millions of minutes.

Live Streaming App Development

Key Factors Influencing Live Streaming App Development

Before selecting a live streaming app development company, make sure they understand the crucial aspects of live streaming app development. Missing any of these key factors could significantly affect your live streaming business. We’re here to assist you with these and more, ensuring your project’s success.


We understand that a flawless live stream is critical to your success. That’s why we prioritize reliability at every step. Our robust infrastructure and proven track record of uptime mean you can focus on creating marketing plans, confident that your stream will run smoothly. We also take meticulous measures to prevent buffering, lagging, and outages, so your users enjoy an uninterrupted streaming experience.


We believe that customizable solutions are essential, especially as you seek funding for a live streaming startup. We don’t rely on one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, we take the time to understand your unique brand, target audience, and the features you need. This approach lets us craft a live streaming platform that not only reflects your vision but also integrates smoothly with your business strategy.

High Quality

Video quality is critical in live streaming app development. To captivate your audience, it’s crucial to have crystal-clear video and audio. We employ advanced encoding techniques and combine various solutions to ensure your streams maintain exceptional quality at any resolution. With us, you can be confident that your users will enjoy a fully immersive experience where you can focus on your fund raising.

Leading Live Streaming App Development Team for Every Industry

We’ve been incorporating live streaming features across a variety of industries, tailoring each experience to meet specific needs. For example, we add course details during live streams of online courses and display product catalogs in live showcases. 

You tell us where live streaming could benefit your business, and we’ll not only make it happen but also infuse it with innovative ideas. This approach will not only draw more people to your platform but also keep them engaged and returning time and again.

Live eCommerce

We can help you launch or elevate your existing eCommerce business by integrating live streaming options. Sellers can schedule their product showcases, listing the items they’ll feature. This setup allows for more personalized interactions, as buyers can communicate directly with sellers through comments during the live stream. It’s a great way to make your eCommerce experience more engaging and responsive.


Webinars and Virtual Events

Start building your own online event portal with our live streaming app development team. This platform will enable hosts to schedule webinars, which are excellent for outpacing competitors, generating leads, and nurturing customer relationships. Enhance these live events with interactive features such as polls, Q&A sessions, comments, and live chat to create a more engaging and dynamic experience for your users.

Education and Training

Our experts can help your edtech business transition from traditional methods to a modern approach by streaming course videos and recording them for later viewing by your students. This method enhances interaction and eliminates the need for repetitive offline classes. Entire courses can be scheduled and conducted online; students are notified in advance, allowing experts/teachers to stream and record sessions seamlessly. These innovative methods can also be applied to corporate and industrial training programs, providing a comprehensive learning solution.

Entertainment and Broadcasting

Live streaming can be adapted for a variety of events, including sports competitions, live interactive shows, virtual concerts, e-sports and gaming events, real-time news coverage, and fan interaction events, among others. By integrating appropriate monetization strategies into these systems, you can not only enhance your business model but also make it more profitable and attractive to investors.

Customer Service and Support

Shifting your support services to live streaming can save significant time and costs associated with your support infrastructure. Offering live video support calls, real-time product demonstrations, interactive webinars for customer education, live Q&A sessions, and emergency response and crisis management not only enhances customer experience but also provides quicker responses. This approach ensures a more efficient and effective connection with your customers.


Incorporating live streaming into specialized healthcare platforms can greatly increase efficiency and reduce the time and costs associated with training. This technology can be integrated into a variety of healthcare services, including telemedicine consultations, remote monitoring and assistance, surgical training and collaboration, patient education and workshops, as well as mental health sessions, among others. This multifaceted approach not only streamlines operations but also enhances the delivery of healthcare services.

Core Features of Live Streaming App Development

Our team of experts in live streaming app development is equipped to build any type of application, tailored to fit unique business models. We incorporate standard live streaming features such as PK, virtual gifting, and a variety of other engaging elements into your projects to enhance user interaction and satisfaction.

Multistreaming is our forte. We have successfully developed diverse streaming formats, from one-to-one personal streams to expansive setups like two-by-two interactions and even up to nine-window multistreaming. Coupled with dynamic AR filters and numerous other innovative features, we’re here to elevate your live streaming experience.

High-Quality Streaming

High-Quality Streaming is at the core of our services. We ensure crisp video resolution, including HD and 4K, smooth framerate, and crystal-clear audio, to deliver an optimal viewing experience for every live streaming project we handle.

Real-Time Chat

Our live streaming app development includes seamless real-time chat, enabling viewers to connect with the streamer and each other instantly. The chat feature is tailored to different streaming scenarios: for one-to-one interactions, it functions as direct messaging, while for one to many with a wider audience, it operates like a moderated group chat where the host has control over the discussion.

Virtual Gifting

Virtual gifting plays a crucial role in live streaming app development by motivating hosts to continue their activities, as it becomes a significant source of earnings. Our team can make your app allows users to earn points through various activities, which keeps them engaged and enables them to send virtual gifts to hosts using coins they’ve earned within the app.


Emojis are essential for keeping users engaged in any live streaming app, they’re a feature no one should miss. By creating colorful, lightweight HTML-based emoji animations, we allow users to easily share their reactions in a fun and interactive way.


Allowing hosts to invite up to 8 additional guests for their live streams can make the experience more dynamic and engaging. All the followers of the host can join in one place, sharing emojis and comments. Creating a dynamic grid that adjusts based on the number of hosts participating in the live stream greatly enhances the user experience.

Must Have Engagement Elements for Your Live Streaming App

Enhancing user engagement is key in developing successful live streaming apps. Features that spark user interactions and potentially make your app go viral are crucial. Imagine your users enjoying interactive polls, engaging in battles of skill (PK), and co-watching sessions, all while inviting friends to join the fun. 

Our expert team is here to help you integrate these exciting features, ensuring your streaming app becomes a favorite among users.

Streaming Raids

Raids allow any creator, whether you’re an Affiliate or Partner, to send your viewers to another channel after your stream ends. This is a fantastic way to connect and network with fellow broadcasters. By sharing your audiences, you can help each other grow your communities and strengthen your connections within the streaming world.

PK Battle

Integrating a PK (Player Knockout) battle feature into your live streaming app lets two streamers go head-to-head in a live competition. The battle is driven by user interactions, with viewers sending virtual gifts to support their favorite streamer. These gifts act as votes, accumulating to determine the winner. You can choose to keep these interactions visible or hidden until the competition concludes, adding an element of suspense and excitement. This feature not only boosts viewer engagement but also enhances the overall streaming experience by fostering a sense of community and participation.

Challenges and Rewards

This feature lets streamers set up unique challenges for their viewers during a live stream. Challenges could be reaching a specific target of virtual gifts or other contributions. Once viewers meet these goals, the streamer can reward them by sharing exclusive content, hosting giveaways, or providing other exciting perks. This interactive approach not only makes the stream more engaging but also encourages viewer participation and enhances the overall experience.


This feature in our live streaming app lets streamers host synchronized viewing sessions with their audience. Whether it’s a movie night, a watch party, or an educational stream, everyone can watch and react to the same content together in real-time. This shared experience enhances engagement and makes viewing more enjoyable and interactive.

Build a Secure Live Streaming App

Since live streaming apps involve extensive viewer interactions through comments and reactions, it’s crucial to ensure that the app remains a secure and welcoming space for all types of audiences.

Spam Control

By establishing a clear regulatory framework and implementing strong verification processes for streamers, we can keep our live streaming community free from spam. Introducing ban controls for both first-time and repeat offenders will foster a sense of accountability and ensure a safer environment for everyone.

Technical Safeguards

By implementing technical safeguards, such as limiting continuous user activities like submitting reviews, commenting, or sending virtual gifts, we can moderate their involvement. Introducing a cooling-off period before they can engage in their next activity will help control excessive actions and maintain a balanced environment.

Content Moderation

Continuous moderation of streaming by a dedicated team is effective but can be costly in terms of both time and resources. A more efficient alternative is to integrate automated video moderation tools. This solution allows us to maintain constant oversight while managing costs effectively.

Language Moderations

Maintaining a respectful live streaming environment is crucial, and moderating for abusive language plays a key role. By creating a language-specific list of abusive words and continuously monitoring their use in chat messages, we can help ensure our platform remains a clean and friendly space for all users.

User Privileges

Implementing a user privileges framework that restricts access for new users can effectively address issues with repeat spammers. Additionally, introducing a warning notice system for users who misbehave will temporarily restrict their access, allowing them to return only once they demonstrate responsible behavior.

User Reporting

Having a robust reporting system in live streaming is a swift and straightforward approach to maintaining a clean environment. By empowering users to report streamers, specifying the type of offense, we enable administrators to quickly identify and address issues.

Seamless Live Streaming Experience

Starting on your journey into the future of healthcare starts right here, where we continuously update ourselves with the latest technologies that emerge. Let’s navigate this evolving landscape together, transforming your business endeavor into a cutting-edge healthcare solution.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) dynamically adjusts video quality to match the viewer’s internet speed, preventing buffering and ensuring the best possible viewing experience regardless of network fluctuations. This enhances live streaming with smooth, uninterrupted streams.

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Deploying a live streaming app on a cloud infrastructure like AWS, equipped with features such as autoscaling, flexible servers, CloudFront CDN, and S3 buckets, ensures outstanding scalability, performance, and cost-efficiency. This setup is ideal for managing dynamic user demands effectively.

Monitoring and Analytics

Implementing comprehensive monitoring algorithms is crucial for tracking key performance metrics such as stream latency, viewer count, geographic distribution, and system crashes in a live streaming app. By setting up real-time alerts for critical issues, we can enhance user experience.

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How We Work

Discussion & Analysis

Our initial discussion will focus on cloud infrastructure, scaling phases, closed beta invites, the first beta launch, and subsequent releases. This conversation is key to crafting robust interfaces that will pave the way for the bright future of your social media application.

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UI / UX design

The ideation process for the UI/UX design will give you a clear picture of how your social media application will interact with users. At this stage, you'll see the foundational structure of your app. Once we finalize this, we’ll proceed to the actual development phase.


The development of your social media application will unfold in individual sprints, with progress shared with you step by step to prevent any last-minute surprises. To proceed to the next stage, we require strong confirmation from you, ensuring a smooth development and delivery process.

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Quality Assurance

Beginning with unit testing, we'll conduct thorough quality assurance for each sprint release to ensure what we deliver is bug-free and without major issues. Our dedicated QA team follows a meticulous process, and all test cases and a final list of fixes will be readily available for your review at any time.

Delivery & Maintenance

Following the closed beta releases, We as a team will manage the entire deployment process, including server configuration and app submission, among other tasks. During the initial delivery phase, we will closely monitor the application's performance to ensure a stable and seamless user experience.

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Discuss Your Project Idea With Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms do you support (iOS, Android, Web, etc.)?

We support live video streaming across all native iOS and Android platforms, as well as on web applications.

Can you integrate live streaming with my existing website/app?

Yes, we can seamlessly integrate live streaming into any existing system. Accessing and utilizing existing user data is crucial to ensure users benefit from this new feature. Once we’ve carefully assessed your system’s specifics, we can tailor the streaming functionality to meet your needs and execute it with precision.

How long will it take to develop my live streaming app?

Typically, basic streaming applications can be developed within a couple of months. However, incorporating advanced features such as mixed streaming, PK battles, and multistreaming can extend the development time. Depending on the complexity of the requirements, it could take six months or more to complete.

What is your pricing model?

We operate with a 40+40+20 payment structure. To initiate the project, we require a 40% deposit. Another 40% is due midway through the development process. The final 20% is payable upon your confirmation of the project’s completion.

How do you handle security and privacy?

As an enterprise app development company, we specialize in delivering professional services, including the creation of highly secure and privacy-focused mobile applications tailored to meet business needs.

How do you handle video encoding and transcoding?

We’re flexible and can adapt to any project requirements, having experience with a range of technologies including FFmpeg, x264, AWS Elemental MediaLive, and Google Cloud Video Transcoder. We also specialize in adaptive bitrate streaming to ensure optimal video delivery for all users.

Do you have experience with subscription-based models?

Yes, we have experience integrating subscription models into live streaming for various use cases, including pay-per-view and video on demand. We’re ready to discuss your specific requirements and tailor our solutions to fit your needs.

Do you offer ongoing maintenance and support after launch?

Yes, we offer annual maintenance support for all projects we deliver. Additionally, we provide free support after launch for a period that varies depending on the specific project.



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