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Features to Gear Up Your Uber Clone Script

Experience innovation with our AI-powered Uber clone app development service! Harness the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to take control of the online taxi booking market with unmatched efficiency and intelligence.
Featuring predictive analytics and personalised user recommendations, our AI-driven Uber clone app solution has it all. Transform how you connect riders and drivers with cutting-edge technology. Redefine the future of cab booking!

Live Navigation

This efficient live navigation feature assists your drivers in swiftly locating riders and picking them from their precise locations though unfamiliar with the route.

Share Rides

Share fares with others traveling a similar route. It is a budget-friendly option to find  pickups and drop-offs, and riders get to share their rides with those looking for nearby cabs.

Surge Fees

Combatting times of traffic congestion and climate change through optimized vehicle use efficiency on the roads. This approach incentivizes drivers to adjust fares knowing real-time rider demand on the heat map, ensuring prompt services for even during peak times by shortening riders’ wait.

Split Fares

Riders can split the cost of any Uber ride with their friends or whoever they’re riding with. choose who you share the ride with and control how much each person pays.


Empower users with this sos button feature to call the police or alert their emergency contact. Instantly, the user’s location details are shared with the designated helpline.

Schedule Rentals

Permit riders to schedule trips in advance for future appointments or events. This guarantees ride on time, as riders can track the cab it also eliminates last-minute stress.

Multi-Destination Trips

Multi-destination trips of taxi businesses let riders add multiple stops to their journey, saving their time and money by avoiding separate bookings for each location.

Fast Track Your Business with Uber Clone Script Features

Develop an app like uber equipped with advanced technology, is exactly what you need to elevate your cab service. This highly scalable ready-to-use taxi app solution enhances your taxi dispatch service with artificial intelligence and optimization, positioning it as the premier on-demand business to lead the market.

By combining our expert knowledge with AI capabilities, you can revolutionize this branded app today to keep pace with evolving trends. Partner with us to become a trailblazer in the taxi booking industry.

Rides in Real-Time

Using this riders can book  rides at their convenience and also for their neighbors, friends, etc along with the fare estimates and more, all in a matter of seconds.

Wallet and Payments

Simplify payments for your users by offering them, cashless fare payments through the automatic wallet functionality or integrating payment gateways in our Uber app clone.

Auto-location and Fare Estimation

The tracking option and in-app GPS functionality assist users in locating cab drivers and knowing the real-time status of their rides with precision.


allow users to book as well as receive instant notifications when driver accepts, on ride completion, drivers’ completed trips, and  other detail of the ride through the in-app notification services provided.

Ratings and Reviews

This feature enables potential customers to rate their rides and provide reviews. These reviews are essential for the betterment of the service rendered by your taxi company.

Revenue Factor

 Make Every Ride Count with Our Uber Clone’s Revenue Factors

Running Banner Ads:

Admin can profit a lot from the online delivery platform and can decide the number of banner ads to be placed, etc.

Sponsored Promotions:

Admin drives in more users and profits by running featured advertisements to promote their products.

Ride Commission:

Admins can establish adaptable driver commissions based on ride categories to align with their hierarchy.

Multiple Revenue Streams:

Expand your revenues through various prime streams like host service fees, guest service fees, etc.

Revenue Insights:

Multiply your profits with AI as your revenue strategist observes your guest’s behavior.

Subscription Plan:

Including this revenue factor in our Uber clone app enables Admin to make money within a short period.

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Navigate your way. Try Admin Pannel!

To effectively manage all facets beyond the control panel of the business as an admin, explore this demo. It provides deep insights into the extensive array of features accessible to administrators in our app source code.

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Customizable Uber clone’s feature-packed add-ons & source code.

Arabic RTL

Use this add-on to eliminate language barriers on the platform. Static texts and the UI of the app will be translated into Arabic

App Intro Screen Video

Hold the user’s attention by incorporating an engaging background video on the app’s login page.

Google Adsense

Admin can take revenue from ads, choose ads that align with the site, and block any ads that don’t align with your preferences.

Animated Splash screen

Engage users from the moment they open your app like Uber with captivating animations that subtly speaks your brand identity and core values

App Store Preview Design

The potential of your app lies in eye-catching App Store Preview Designs. Admins can enhance their listing with visuals that captivate and convert.