Launching the next big thing in our Uber clone - Appkodes Cabso

Introducing the next groundbreaking addition to our Uber clone - Appkodes Cabso. Apart from being a feature-rich app available on both iOS and Android platforms, our Uber clone is also accessible through web platforms. It is a user-centric platform that excels in speed, safety, and security, catering to the needs of both commuters and cab service providers.

Cabso simplifies the online cab booking process by seamlessly connecting passengers with cab companies, offering a convenient and instant solution. And the best part? You can kickstart your online taxi booking business with our top-of-the-line Uber clone web platform.

Uber Clone


Ride Now

Your users can book rides in an instant. The very next moment, nearby drivers will receive notifications through the driver app. Provide your users with the convenience of booking rides not only for themselves but also for their neighbors, friends, and more, all in a matter of seconds.

Ride Later

Give your users the flexibility to schedule rides according to their preferences. As soon as they schedule a ride, the driver will receive an instant notification. Say goodbye to the hassle of rescheduling rides; it's all made easier with this feature.

Ride History

With this remarkable feature of our Uber clone script, users have the opportunity to access comprehensive details about their completed rides, including the destination and ride fare, among other information.

Verified Riders

Our process is straightforward yet secure. During the signup phase, riders undergo verification using OTP verification through the Facebook account kit. Additionally, every time a booking is made, a one-time password (OTP) will be generated, enhancing the security of the process.

Uber Clone

Wallet & Payments


Simplify payments for your users! Offer them the convenience of swift and cashless fare payments through the automatic wallet functionality of our Uber app clone. No need to carry cash or cards all the time; it's a hassle-free payment experience.


Let your users relish stress-free rides! With our Uber clone script, users have the option to pay for their rides with cash after they've reached their destination, providing them with flexibility and convenience.

Credit & Debit Cards

Comprehensive for a good reason! Our Uber app clone enables users to effortlessly make payments using their credit and debit cards through the secure Braintree payment gateway, ensuring a seamless payment experience.


Our Uber clone script, integrated with PayPal, facilitates users in paying their ride fares at their convenience. The payment process for users is no longer a daunting experience!

Uber Clone

Auto-Location & Fare Estimation


The tracking option and in-app GPS functionality assist users in locating and tracking their rides with precision. Your users no longer need to be familiar with a location to stay on course with their ride.

Fare Estimation

Offer your users the peace of mind of knowing the ride fare even before they commence their journey. When a user inputs the pickup and drop-off locations to book a ride, an estimated fare amount will be displayed, allowing them to choose a ride that suits their budget. Let your users savor this convenience.

Uber Clone

Notification & Reviews


In unison, our Uber clone script ensures that your users receive instant notifications about every detail of the ride through the in-app notification services provided.


Customer feedback is the most valuable business strategy of all. Our Uber clone script includes a feature that enables users to rate their rides and provide reviews. These reviews are essential for enhancing your service.

Uber Clone


SOS Alert

The SOS alert option empowers users to call the police or alert their emergency contact. Instantly, the user's location details are shared with the designated helpline or emergency contact. So, there's no need to panic if you find yourself in a difficult situation!

Emergency Contact

Your users will be prompted to input an emergency contact number, which proves to be incredibly useful in the event of emergencies, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Uber Clone

Social Login & Invite

Easy Login

Our Uber clone script, integrated with social media login, streamlines the user registration process, making it quick and effortless. It's a breeze!

Signup with Social Media plus

Allow your customers to effortlessly access the app. With our Uber clone script, users can register and log in to the app using their social media accounts like Google+ and Facebook within a matter of seconds.


The special Invite feature of our Uber clone script is a blessing, enabling your users to easily share the app with their family, friends, colleagues, and more.

Uber Clone

Web Application

Attractive Design

As we mentioned, our Uber app clone is customizable, and here's one of the reasons why. The appealing landing page of our Uber clone can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of business owners.


Second to none! Crafted by a team of experts, our Uber clone script stands out for its exceptional performance and speed.


Our Uber clone script offers top-tier security options that shield the application from attacks, ensuring your users have a secure platform free from vulnerabilities. For us, security isn't just a product; it's an ongoing process.

Bootstrap Responsive

Our Uber clone script boasts an impressive responsive design that seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes, including tablets, mobile phones, desktops, and more, ensuring a consistent user experience across all devices.

Uber Clone



The versatile dashboard within the Admin panel enables your administrator to monitor the entire platform's operations effectively. It's a valuable addition to your admin's toolkit!


Our Uber clone empowers the Admin to efficiently monitor every aspect of the taxi booking business with essential management elements including drivers, users, vehicles, rides, and payments. It provides a comprehensive overview for effective administration.


By configuring flexible commissions based on price ranges, the Admin can earn a commission on every ride without the need for upfront investment in inventory. We assist you in generating revenue even in challenging circumstances.


Settlements encompass the payment history, including payments made by customers through online transactions. These records are provided by the Admin to the drivers, serving as a documented record of transactions.

Uber Clone

Live Navigation


Even your drivers don't need to be familiar with the customer's pickup location. Our efficient live navigation feature assists your drivers in swiftly locating and picking up customers from their precise locations.

Google Maps

To ensure seamless navigation to both the customer's pickup and drop-off locations, the Appkodes Uber clone has been seamlessly integrated with Google Maps.

Uber Clone

Earnings & Ride History

Earning Reports

Drivers will receive a precise earnings report that provides them with a detailed breakdown of their earnings. This allows them to have a clear understanding of their income.

Ride History

Similar to users, your drivers can access comprehensive information about their completed rides through the ride history feature. This feature provides them with precise details, including fare information and all other ride-related details.

Uber Clone

SOS & Emergency Contact

SOS Alert

In case of a dire situation, your drivers simply need to tap the SOS alert button located at the top right corner of the driver app's map navigation page. Help will be on its way without them having to search for it.

Emergency Contact

The SOS/Emergency contact feature of our Uber app clone ensures the safety of your drivers in unforeseen circumstances. Drivers are prompted to provide their emergency contact numbers, offering an added layer of security to keep them protected when the need arises.

Uber Clone

Online/Offline Mode


Drivers can receive ride requests at their convenience by simply switching their status to online. However, when they need a break or wish to stop receiving ride requests, they can easily switch their status to offline. This flexibility is designed to cater to their needs.

Instant Request

When drivers are available online, users have the opportunity to book a ride quickly. Consequently, whenever a new ride is booked, drivers will promptly receive an instant request for that ride.

Uber Clone


In-App Notifications

Ensure that your drivers never miss an opportunity! Our notification panel in the driver's app will promptly notify them when a ride is requested, when a ride ends, and when a payment is received. This keeps them informed and helps them stay on top of their tasks.

Push Notifications

In addition to other notifications, drivers also receive push notifications sent by the Admin from the backend server at any time, ensuring they stay informed about important updates and messages.

Uber Clone

Documents & Verifications


Our Uber clone platform collects essential driver documents such as insurance, vehicle registration, and driver's license, which may be needed for various purposes in the future, ensuring compliance and accountability.

Verified by Admins

The site owner can verify the documents submitted by drivers through the Admin panel to ensure that all required documentation is valid and up to date. This verification process adds an additional layer of security and compliance.

Uber Clone

Driver Landing Page

Attractive Design

Our Uber app clone is crafted with an appealing design and can be customized to meet the specific preferences of drivers, consistently enhancing their overall experience while using the app.

Mobile Responsive

Our Uber clone excels in delivering seamless performance thanks to its mobile-responsive design, which enables it to automatically adjust to various screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience across devices.

Uber clone

Customization / Changes

Certainly, our Uber clone app is highly flexible! If you decide to introduce new concepts or ideas into the product, you can collaborate with our team to turn your visions into reality, ensuring your app stays innovative and up-to-date.

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