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How does Cabso Taxi Booking Script work?

Flourishing success in the midst of the selective rivals is never an easy task. Taxi Industry is currently getting enhanced with Uber clone app Business idea, exploiting innovation to change the world’s taxicab demands. Uber clone app, Lyft, and Ola have effectively taken the backbone in the midst of the online Uber clone app taxi booking script business making it compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

Uber clone app are an extraordinary way to develop a startup taxi service. Uber clones are turning into a billion dollar industry rapidly! Investing resources into an uber clone app is an exceptionally keen idea since you will never abandon business or profiting since it is high on demand.

That is the reason we built this Cabso on-demand taxi booking script, for business enthusiasts to get an instant customized Uber Clone application done in minutes aggregated with all the enticing highlights for an on-demand taxi service.

Cabso is a readymade uber clone script that acquires the attributes of a unique taxi booking app script to enjoy clients with the best of its highlights to benefit clients right on demand. Cabso is made as a productive tool for on-demand online cab booking app. It provides source code, that is completely adaptable which can be custom built according to the business requirements.

Why MEAN Stack?
  • Cabso taxi booking script was completely developed with MEAN stack technology – MongoDB database, Express JS that is used as HTTP server framework.
  • AngularJS as front-end JS framework, Node JS to provide concurrent JavaScript environment for building scalable and fast web applications.
  • It is the only on-demand taxi booking script which does not include PHP or SQL.
  • It’s completely crafted on JavaScript which makes the script work in a lightning speed, reliable and efficient.
uber clone mean stack
taxi booking script
Ride Now/Ride Later
  • Rides/Bookings can be done in real time and it will be informed to nearby drivers instantly from the user app to driver app.
  • Users can schedule a ride whenever they want to use the Ride Later feature in Cabso & make sure that the rider is notified & the request is sent to the driver.
  • Booking request will be sent to the drivers appropriately at the time scheduled by the passengers to ensure that the drivers don’t forget any rides.
Wallet Option
  • No need for cash or card to ride in the Cabso taxi booking script, As we have integrated the completely automatic wallet functioning system.
  • Users can ride cash free with Cabso by using the wallet feature in the application which can be accepted as a mode of payment.
  • Once the wallet goes dry without money, users may load their money in the wallet so that it can be used anywhere & anytime for the ride fare.
uber clone script
car booking script
Multiple Payment Option
  • Cabso taxi booking script is built with multiple payment options like cash, credit, wallet or online payment gateways for the user convenience.
  • Riders can choose the pay by cash option to make the payments directly to a driver after booking a taxi service.
  • Users can pay using e-billing like paying via credit/debit card, and they no need to use cash all the time.
Instant Notification/Reviews
  • Using in-app notification services users are alerted with their ride status.
  • At once the user requests for a ride, it will be notified to the drivers immediately no matter the driver was either in a different window or their screen is turned off.
  • Ratings and Reviews allow users to rate their rides and write reviews helps new users to know about the driver for future rides.
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uber clone app script
Ride History/Verified Riders
  • The users can view their previous cab rides through the booking history option available on the app.
  • Users may also ride any previous rides using the Ride Again feature available in the Ride History where the complete information of rides available.
  • Riders are verified at the signup using the OTP verification or Facebook account kit. OTP’s will be sent every time when a booking is done.
Social Login/Invite
  • To make the user registration process efficient and much simple, Social Media logins has been integrated with the app for easy promotional purposes.
  • Users can signup and login to the app using their social media accounts like Facebook, Google+.
  • Inbuilt Share & Invite features are available within the app for the users to share the app with their friends, family or companions.

uber taxi booking script
taxi app clone
SOS/Emergency Contact
  • Users will be prompted to enter an emergency contact number which will be available in the user’s profile for any emergencies.
  • In case of emergency, This feature helps the user by just pressing the alert button their location details will be shared with their emergency contact or helpline instantly.
  • For an ease of use, Alarm/SOS/Panic button will be available at the top right corner of the User’s in-app map navigation page.
Auto-Location/Fare Estimation
  • Cabso offers a tracking option that’s available to track their ride status in turn by turn navigation by using in-app GPS function.
  • Cabso is built with a utility to help users to get a rough idea of how much would it cost for the cab ride, even before they start the ride.
  • Users may check the fare estimation by simply just entering the from and to address of the ride, helps to know the approximate fare for their ride.
Uber clone script
taxi booking script
Live Navigation
  • Live Navigation feature for the drivers who travel alone to pick up the user without any knowledge of the user location to reach exact user location.
  • The driver can track their ride status in turn by turn navigation by using in-app navigation system, so that they may not get lost somewhere.
  • Live Navigation allows drivers to track where the user’s location is, pinpointing their exact location in Google Maps.

Earning Reports/Ride History

  • Earning is the major important part of the driver side. Cabso provides a driver with the status of their earnings in detail within the app itself.
  • Cabso also saves all the driver rides in the Ride History page.
  • Ride history feature in the taxi booking script is a suitable one for the taxi owners to know the complete details of rides and the payments made effortlessly.
Document Submission
  • Driver may also submit all their information of License, Insurance and Vehicle papers etc… can be submitted within the app.
  • Documents can be submitted through the app as whenever the driver wishes to submit.
  • After the submission of documents it will be verified by the owner of the site through the Admin panel.
SOS/Emergency Contact
  • Alarm/Panic button in Cabso acts as an SOS/Emergency contact service in case of an emergency or threat.
  • Cabso comes with an SOS/Emergency contact for the drivers as to keep safe the drivers from causing any threats.
  • For an ease of use, Alarm/SOS/Panic button will be available at the top right corner of the Driver’s in-app map navigation page.

Earn revenue by setting up flexible Commissions to drivers depending on their hierarchy or ride categories. Add fixed or percentage wise commission rules. Add tax rules and easily calculate total commission on every booking. Admin may earn commission on each ride without investing in inventory and earn commissions effortlessly.

Cabso Taxi Booking Script – Admin Demo
Cabso Script comes with an advanced Admin Panel to maintain the records of its users in a less complicated manner. The working flow is easy and hassles free in a way that it does not require any detailed “user manual” or tutorial. Admin or the business owner gets a complete overview of everyday business by logging in the admin panel. Our powerful Admin panel has the view option with integrated Google maps, where you can check the real time status of all the rides.
Admin login
Password: 123456
Cabso Script – User Demo
Cabso’s User App provides riders an attractive, easy to use experience. It processes the booking request by sending it to multiple drivers present in the nearest location. The driver who accepts the request first will offer the ride and the app basically follows the “first come first served” concept. It is as simple as that! The communication between the driver and the rider is taken care by the application’s advanced features.
User login
Password: 123456
Cabso Script – Driver Demo
Cabso’s Driver App provides drivers an alluring, simple to use experience. Driver app process all the requests from the rider and present it to the drivers in a decent manner. Cabso driver application’s perceptive intermediary that will help drivers get to know their riders before they ever have to leave to pick them up.
Driver login
Password: 123456
Cabso Android
100% Customizable Source
Includes only Android app
Both User and Driver Apps
Professional Installation *
App Submission *
Single domain licensing
1 Month free support
Include Admin Control
2 Months Update *
Cabso iOS
100% Customizable Source
Includes only iOS app
Both User and Driver Apps
Professional Installation *
App Submission *
Single domain licensing
1 Month free support
Include Admin Control
2 Months Update *
Cabso Ultimate
100% Customizable Source
Includes both iOS and Android
Both User and Driver Apps
Professional Installation *
App Submission *
Single domain licensing
3 Months free support
Include Admin Control
3 Months Update *

Software, libraries and server requirements:

  • Mongo db version 3.4 or higher
  • Nodejs 8.x LTS version
  • SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers
  • Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)


Cabso v1.0 – 18 May, 2018
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements
[Added] Live car moving animation
[Added] Driver bank account details
[Added] Driver payment settlement history

Cabso v1.0(Beta) – 7 May, 2018
User App:
[Added] Login with google and facebook
[Added] OTP verfication using Account Kit
[Added] Ride Now and Ride Later booking
[Added] Wallet option with Add money
[Added] Ride History
[Added] Payment option by Cash, Wallet, Card and Paypal
[Added] Auto Locate using GPS
[Added] Fare estimation
[Added] Profile details
[Added] SOS & Emergency Contact
[Added] Instant Notifications
[Added] Reviews
[Added] Help pages
[Added] Contact admin
[Added] Invite option

Driver App:
[Added] Login with OTP verification
[Added] Driver Document Submission
[Added] Multiple payment options
[Added] Ride History
[Added] Profile, vehicle and document details
[Added] Emergency Contact
[Added] Help pages
[Added] Contact admin

[Added] Landing Page for User and Driver
[Added] Help Pages
[Added] Contact-us Page

[Added] DashBoard page
[Added] Site Management to control site options
[Added] User and Driver Management
[Added] Rides and payment Management
[Added] Manage cab's bodytype, amenities and category
[Added] Commissions
[Added] Help page management 
[Added] Landing page managment for User and Driver