Comprehensive taxi booking script to uplift
your online taxi business

Are you one among those seeking a perfect way to build a cutting-edge taxi booking system for your online cab business? Then, this is a wonderful chance for you to give life to your ride-hailing business dreams. Our optimized and thoroughly tested taxi booking script with highly advanced features will amaze many enthusiastic taxi business owners like you. Our team of experienced professionals works relentlessly to deliver a robust taxi booking script that will streamline the entire online taxi booking operations. Once you launch your own online taxi booking platform with our outstanding taxi booking solution, you can grow your online ride-hailing business exponentially. Our highly customizable taxi booking script suits many online taxi business models. So, whatever may be your online taxi business concepts, our meticulously built taxi booking script with futuristic features and functionalities adapts swiftly and smoothly.

Taxi Booking Script

Grab our exceptionally good taxi booking script and step into the global online taxi industry by setting up a full-fledged online taxi booking platform. Approach us now to discuss your taxi business ideas with our team. We are here to help you to set foot in the competitive online taxi industry.

Single taxi booking script for multiple On-demand transportation services

An effective taxi booking solution to suit numerous profitable online transportation business models

Taxi Booking Script
Taxi booking

Develop a best-in-class online taxi booking platform by utilizing our remarkable taxi booking script with the finest features. So, you can obtain a fully-integrated and performance rich online taxi booking platform with a lot of noteworthy features such as real-time tracking, scheduling for pick-up later, etc.

Taxi Booking Script
Motor rides

Are you looking to launch a full-featured motorcycle pickup service platform? Get our reliable script with salient features such as responsive design, instant booking, easy payment process, etc for users and several, profitable revenue-generating factors for the business owners.

Taxi Booking Script
Van/Truck service

Do you want to build a holistic van or truck service platform? Our extensible taxi booking script can be customized readily to your specifications. It allows for efficient tracking of delivery, payment process, ratings and reviews, schedule the delivery in advance to have a convenient service and so on.

Taxi Booking Script
Boat service

You can make use of our scalable taxi booking script to include boat service that facilitates point-to-point pick-up and drop services. With this eye-catching platform, passengers can search and find a nearby boat, view fare estimation, locate the exact route on the map, and can also rate/give reviews for the boat service.

Taxi Booking Script
Having new ideas?

Do you have any fresh on-demand transportation business concepts and looking for a perfect place to materialize your dreams? Then, you can immediately approach us to discuss your business requirements and ideas. Our enthusiastic experts will focus on delivering an ideal online solution to popularize your transportation business

Prime features of a taxi booking script

Some significant features of a taxi booking script that can make the taxi app more impressive and engaging are listed here

Taxi Booking Script
Ride details

Once the booking is confirmed, the user must be able to see the current location of the taxi, estimated time of arrival, driver details such as name, contact number, vehicle number, etc. With this interesting feature, users can have a problem-free ride.

Taxi Booking Script
Schedule rides

A taxi booking script must include an option for scheduling the rides. So, passenger can book rides as per his/her wish at the desired date and time. This booking flexibility will surely enrich the user experience on the platform

Taxi Booking Script
Estimated fare calculator

Once the user sets the pickup and drop location, the estimated fare must be shown to the users. With this fare calculator in the taxi booking platform, users can clearly know the ride fare right before they avail the service.

Taxi Booking Script
Emergency alert

In order to ensure a safe and hassle-free ride for the user, a taxi booking script must be built with this security feature. Users can include an emergency number to contact and to share the location information in case of any emergency situation

Taxi Booking Script
Location tracking

A taxi booking script must incorporate GPS technology to track the complete route of the trip. Users can also check the live status of the journey and the live status of the booked taxi before the start of the trip

Taxi Booking Script
Flexible payment options

It is essential to include different payment options in the taxi booking platform to provide a convenient mode of payment for the users. So, after the completion of rides, users can make their payment through e-wallet, credit/debit cards, etc

Taxi Booking Script
Web and mobile platform

A taxi booking script must incorporate GPS technology to track the complete route of the trip. Users can also check the live status of the journey and the live status of the booked taxi before the start of the trip

Successful Revenue generating methods

Listed below are some of the most profitable revenue-generating factors, that can be included in the taxi booking script to make a huge profit

Taxi Booking Script
Placing Google Ads

A taxi booking script must provide complete support for placing Google advertisements on the platform. Admin can make a huge profit when there are more views and clicks for those ads.

Taxi Booking Script
Commission for Ride

For each and every booking happening on the platform, Admin charges a certain amount of commission from the driver.

Stupendous Addons to improve user experience

Grab millions of eyeballs in the taxi booking platform by including these fabulous Addons in the taxi booking script

Taxi Booking Script
Arabic RTL support

To improve the user experience on the platform, make use of Arabic (Right-to-left) alignment support. The entire UI of the application will be shown in the Arabic language.

Taxi Booking Script

Create an Adsense account and run eye-catching, appropriate advertisements on the platform in order to engage the users.

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