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Lyft Clone Script to Buckle-up Success

Not every entrepreneur embarking on the online taxi journey finds success. Why? Because today’s riders crave more than just the ordinary. They’re attracted to platforms that exceed expectations, meeting their every taxi booking need seamlessly. Enter the world of ready-to-launch lyft clone script. 

Pre-equipped with all the needed features, a ready-made  lyft clone  is your ticket to crafting a captivating taxi booking platform that captures users’ attention effortlessly. For aspiring business owners like you, choosing a dependable lyft clone script is the key to experiencing the full potential of your online taxi dreams. lyft clone lyft clone

Live Navigation:

Help your drivers with this efficient live navigation feature to swiftly locate and pick up customers from their precise locations though unfamiliar with the route.

Bootstrap Responsive:

Generate an impressive responsive using this design to quickly adapt to various screen sizes ensuring a consistent user experience across all devices.

Social Media Logins:

Include social media using the social media logins in the platform, and streamline the user registration process, making it quick and effortless.


Customize using grab clone script by bringing in new concepts or ideas into the product with the assistance of our team.


Add this feature to let users call the police or alert their emergency contact. Instantly, the user’s location details are shared with the designated helpline.

Lyft clone script features to steer toward convenience

Still hesitant about setting up your online taxi business in today’s competitive market? Expectations and demands of the riders have gone beyond standard services. To dominate the competition, and stay on par with our contemporaries you need a thriving platform that exceeds their expectations.

A pre-built lyft clone script with cutting-edge technologies can help you arrive at your dream and an innovative taxi-business platform including all the much-need features for entrepreneurs to stand ahead in the long run. Let’s join to bring your dreams to life!


Let your users experience the convenience of booking rides for themselves and for their neighbors, friends, and more, quickly.

Wallet and Payments:

Simplify payments for your users by providing them with cashless payments through the automatic wallet functionality of our lyft clone app.

Auto-location and fare Estimation:

This option allows users to track the rides with the in-app GPS functionality to locate their rides accurately.


Create a chance for your users to receive instant notifications on every detail of the ride through the in-app notification services provided.

Ratings and Reviews:

Include this feature that enables users to rate their rides and review them. These reviews are very much needed to enhance your service.

Revenue Factor

 Features of lyft clone script to drive revenues in the right direction

Running Banner Ads:

Admin can gain a lot from the online delivery platform, decide the number of banner ads to place, etc.

Sponsored Promotions:

Admin retains more users and profits a lot by running featured advertisements to promote their products.

Ride Commission:

Admins can establish flexible driver commissions for different ride categories to suit their hierarchy.

Multiple revenue streams:

Maximize your profit yields through various prime streams like host service fees, guest service fees, etc.

Data-driven revenue insights:

Increase your profits with AI as your revenue strategist, observing your guest’s behavior.

Subscription plan:

Incorporating this revenue factor in our lyft clone app enables Admin to make money within a short period.

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How it would be to oversee every facet of our ride-hailing business as an admin? Find out now all about our seamless management. Dive into an array of features provided by our lyft clone script that comes with,

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Valuable add-ons to upgrade your lyft clone platform to VIP status

Arabic RTL

Use this add-on to eliminate language barriers on the platform. Static texts and the UI of the app will be translated into Arabic.

App intro screen background video

Bring and hold the user’s attention by adding an engaging background video on the app’s login page.

Google Adsense

Control displayed ads, pick ads that align with your site, and block any ads that don’t align with your preferences.