Mobile App Development For Shopify Stores

Make your brand stand out by transforming your Shopify storefront into a sleek, native mobile app for iOS and Android users. This mobile app development for shopify allows your customers to browse products and check out effortlessly, enhancing their shopping experience and elevating your eCommerce business into a distinguished brand.

Recently Launched

We’ve collaborated with one of the top cosmetic brands in South India operated by dermatologist, helping them launch their own native mobile app for iOS and Android. Our partnership centered on integrating their Shopify storefront as the backend system, facilitating a seamless transition to mobile commerce.

Enhanced Shopify Store with Our Native Apps

After navigating through numerous complexities with Shopify API and portal access, we finally discovered the most efficient way to create a mobile app for shopify and successfully launched their apps in the stores.

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Top Benefits of a Mobile App for Shopify Store

A mobile app for Shopify store opens up new possibilities for your customers by keeping your store conveniently accessible in their pockets at all times. Custom app development for Shopify comes with the following essential features that are beneficial for everyone.

Enhanced User Experience

Creating a custom Shopify mobile app will enhance the shopping experience, making it faster and smoother for customers. It’s time to move away from PWAs and mobile-based websites, which can sometimes be slow and cumbersome. By designing intuitive interfaces that guide customers seamlessly through checkout, product displays, recommendations, and reviews, we’re setting a new standard for usability and engagement.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Developing a separate mobile app for Shopify stores can greatly enhance user engagement. By integrating push notifications for timely updates, personalized offers, and gentle cart reminders, your brand remains prominent, helping to drive more sales. Additionally, incorporating a loyalty program and special offers not only adds value for your customers but also incentivizes repeat purchases and keeps them engaged consistently.

Marketing and Sales Insights

A mobile app provides valuable in-depth insights into sales, and linking these metrics with your marketing strategies can unveil significant opportunities. By understanding what resonates with your customers, you can send them hyper-personalized offers and notifications that are more likely to drive conversions. Additionally, you can enhance sales strategies by using location-based features available through the mobile app.

Why Your Shopify Store Needs a Custom Mobile App?

Its highly recommended to have a native mobile app for your shopify store to deliver the fast, seamless shopping experience customers expect on their phones. Drive engagement with push notifications, exclusive offers, and rewards programs that keep them coming back. Gain valuable customer insights from in-app analytics, allowing you to personalize marketing, refine your offerings, and make smarter decisions for your Shopify business.

Don’t just sell products, build a brand experience that keeps customers coming back.  A native mobile app is your key to success in the mobile-first world.

No More Subscriptions

Stop relying on generic Shopify mobile app solutions that require monthly subscription fees. Your store deserves a unique mobile application that reflects your brand’s identity and features. Embrace the freedom to add distinctive features that set your brand apart in the marketplace.

Custom UI and Branding

Transform your mobile apps to fully reflect your customized user experience and interface, showcasing your unique branding that will consistently resonate with your customers. Adding value through brand-focused enhancements can make your apps a tremendous success in the market.

Custom Banners, Ads and Notifications

When you develop a custom mobile app for your Shopify store, you gain the flexibility to add personalized banners on the home page and incorporate ads from third parties. Most importantly, implementing push notifications keeps your customers constantly engaged and connected to your brand.


Product Categorization

You can tailor your app’s home page with a unique style by categorizing products and grouping them with distinct user interfaces to enhance customer understanding. This organized presentation not only makes it easier for customers to access products but also helps to increase your conversions.


The Roadblocks of Building Native Mobile Apps for Shopify

Creating a native app for a Shopify store is far from simple; it’s actually more complex than building your own eCommerce store. Yet, it’s essential for store owners to have a dedicated mobile app because of the robust features and global reach that Shopify offers.

To fully leverage the capabilities of Shopify without compromising on any features, developing a separate mobile app for shopify requires specific skills and expertise. Consider hiring our team. We have extensive experience in handling multiple projects, each with unique requirements, to build native mobile apps for Shopify store owners.

Handling Shopify APIs

The Shopify API and developer documentation can be quite unclear and challenging for those looking to build a unique mobile app for Shopify stores. At times, the performance of some APIs is slow, and there are limitations when accessing large amounts of data. Managing these challenges effectively requires the expertise of seasoned professionals like us.


Data Synchronization

Since Shopify does not offer dedicated support for mobile app-based APIs, data synchronization is crucial when developing mobile apps for Shopify stores. It’s essential that data input from mobile apps is properly synchronized with Shopify’s inventory and database. Any discrepancies in the inventory system can cause significant disruptions in eCommerce operations. Our expertise ensures we can manage these challenges effectively.


Payment Gateways

Creating a custom mobile app often involves adding extra payment systems, such as in-app purchases. It’s crucial that both in-app purchases and built-in payment gateway transactions are meticulously managed to ensure flawless operation of the Shopify backend, especially in inventory, shipping, and tracking. Given that Shopify provides WebView-based access to payment gateways, it’s important to effectively manage cart items using local storage to ensure smooth and accurate processing.

Deep API Knowledge

Shopify apps require a deep understanding to be managed effectively. Many of their APIs, including the login API, need careful handling to ensure secure and accurate data access. From login to address change functions, each API must be meticulously managed to prevent any data loss between the mobile app and the Shopify backend. This detailed approach ensures seamless integration and operation.

Shipping & Tracking

When you have a separate mobile app for your Shopify store, managing customer addresses becomes crucial. Allowing customers to add new addresses directly from the app, as well as tracking orders through the Shopify API, requires special attention. Having worked with major brands that handle thousands of products and hundreds of orders daily, we are well-versed in the intricacies of shipping and tracking through a mobile app.

Top Advantages of Having a Mobile App for Shopify Stores

While there are many advantages to developing an app for your Shopify store, the following features are particularly crucial for boosting your sales.

Core Store Functionality

Converting your Shopify store into a mobile app enhances the user experience by offering improved product browsing, searching, and filtering capabilities. Users can enjoy detailed product pages with tabs, secure checkout, and a personalized buyer profile account. The app also facilitates seamless order tracking with notifications or SMS, all powered by accessing the Shopify API.

Device Hardware Access

One of the biggest advantages of having a mobile app is the ability to access mobile hardware features such as the microphone, camera, and GPS. By integrating these capabilities into your Shopify, you can introduce unique features like photo or short video reviews, voice-based feedback, and location-based offers. These enriching, interactive elements are only possible through a mobile application.

Design Customization

Custom mobile applications provide Shopify store owners with the freedom to select their own designs and establish a unique brand identity. This level of customization and the ability to incorporate distinctive features are not available with monthly subscription solutions, which lack flexibility. Moreover, attempting to customize these standard solutions can often lead to additional costs.

Offline Functionality

By leveraging local storage and caching technology, you can offer a seamless experience to your customers. Integrating these technologies into a mobile app for Shopify stores allows for image caching, which significantly enhances the user experience in areas with low connectivity. Additionally, storing necessary information locally ensures that your customers don’t lose any data.

Push Notifications

Keeping customers connected and engaged can be challenging with websites and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) because they don’t support custom push notifications. While desktop browser notifications exist, they aren’t as effective as mobile app push notifications. Mobile apps enable you to send updates, offers, and personalized notifications directly to your customers’ devices.

Dynamic Home Page

Using the same homepage layout can become monotonous for your customers. To keep them returning, your app’s homepage should be dynamic and engaging. Feature stunning seasonal promotions, hyper-personalized offers, and timely occasional deals. Organize products into unique collections and groupings. This strategy helps maintain customer interest and encourages frequent visits.

Advancing Shopify Shopping Experiences

Start infusing your existing Shopify store with fresh ideas and features by embracing the power of mobile applications and their capabilities. Introducing unique concepts and niches alongside the existing Shopify features will distinguish your brand in a truly unique way.

Integrating Short Videos

Integrating short videos into your Shopify store’s mobile app can boost user engagement. With the rise of short video platforms, many big brands are incorporating short video into various aspects of their business. Short videos with shopify app can be effectively used for reviews, showcasing products, and other relevant areas. This not only enhances the shopping experience but also encourages users to spend more time on your app, potentially leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Integrating Live Streaming

Offering unique shopping experiences can significantly enhance customer engagement, and live streaming product showcases are an excellent way to achieve this. Whether your store is single or multi-vendor, scheduling live sessions to feature products individually allows real-time interaction with customers. This approach not only engages more customers but also increases the chances of conversions. Additionally, recording these live streams ensures that those who miss the live events can view the sessions later.

Custom Product Images

Overcoming the limitations of product images and videos on a Shopify storefront can be effectively addressed through custom mobile app development. By creating a separate admin panel for managing product images for mobile app, you can significantly enhance the product showcasing experience for users. This could include advanced features such as 3D views and AR-based visualization, allowing customers to see products in real-world settings. Such enhancements not only improve the user experience.

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UI / UX design

The ideation process for the UI/UX design will give you a clear picture of how your social media application will interact with users. At this stage, you'll see the foundational structure of your app. Once we finalize this, we’ll proceed to the actual development phase.


The development of your social media application will unfold in individual sprints, with progress shared with you step by step to prevent any last-minute surprises. To proceed to the next stage, we require strong confirmation from you, ensuring a smooth development and delivery process.

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Quality Assurance

Beginning with unit testing, we'll conduct thorough quality assurance for each sprint release to ensure what we deliver is bug-free and without major issues. Our dedicated QA team follows a meticulous process, and all test cases and a final list of fixes will be readily available for your review at any time.

Delivery & Maintenance

Following the closed beta releases, We as a team will manage the entire deployment process, including server configuration and app submission, among other tasks. During the initial delivery phase, we will closely monitor the application's performance to ensure a stable and seamless user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a mobile app help me reach new customers, or is it primarily for my existing ones?

Absolutely! Targeted app store marketing can attract new shoppers, while features like push notifications, rewards programs, and easy social sharing help build loyalty among your existing customers. These strategies work together to enhance both customer acquisition and retention.

My business is fairly niche. Can you create an app that feels tailored to my specific type of customer?

Absolutely! We’ll deep-dive into your target audience and their needs. The app can incorporate unique features, content, or even a community aspect that makes it the go-to place for your niche shoppers.

Can we integrate blogs into the mobile app for shopify?

We’re always ahead of the curve with the latest trends! Providing content access on mobile devices makes the experience more engaging than just browsing a website. Users can quickly access manuals, FAQs, and related blog content, which can help speed up their buying decisions. This approach not only enhances the user experience but also supports more informed and faster purchases.

How does the app integrate with my Shopify store? Will all my product data and inventory sync automatically?

We use Shopify’s robust API for seamless integration, ensuring that products, inventory, pricing, and customer orders are updated in real-time between your store and the app. All of these integrations adhere to the regulations recommended by Shopify, ensuring a smooth and compliant operation.

Can customers use their existing Shopify accounts to log in to the app?

Yes! We can implement single sign-on, so customers don’t need to create a separate app account. This creates a smooth, familiar experience.

Will I still need the Shopify platform, or does the app replace it completely?

Your Shopify store remains your core management center. The app is a powerful extension designed to enhance the mobile shopping experience.

How secure is the data transfer between my store and the app?

Security is our top priority. We strictly adhere to Shopify’s API best practices and use industry-standard encryption to safeguard all data, both in transit and at rest. Additionally, we comply with global mobile app security and privacy guidelines to ensure the highest level of protection for our users.

I want a loyalty program. Can the app have rewards or points that tie back to my main store?

Definitely. We can create a loyalty system that’s deeply integrated with your Shopify data, making it a true motivator for repeat purchases. We have used third party systems like https://stamped.io/ to integrate loyalty program for our customers.

What's the general cost range for this type of project?

We provide customized quotes based on your needs. We’re transparent about costs and offer options to fit different budgets. There will no hidden charges, you can talk to our live support anytime.

Do you help with getting the app onto the App Store/Google Play?

Yes! We handle all technical aspects of app submission and work with you to meet store guidelines.



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