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Start making your short video-sharing business ideas happen!

Are you struggling with picking an ideal business concept to kick start your Short video sharing business? Or, do you need to materialize your unique Short video sharing business plan?

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Tiktok clone features

Make Fun videos

  • Create and share short fun videos speedily

  • Camera swap to enhance video recording process

  • Default timer to record videos

  • Filter option for video enhancements like
    adding special effects to videos

  • Others can use audio

Exciting options to watch videos

  • View trending videos/recently watched videos

  • Video listing based on user’s personal interests

  • View videos seamlessly

  • Download videos option for prime members

Social activities

  • Give Heart to express interest in most liked videos

  • Comment to share thought on a specific video

  • Share desired videos with dear ones

  • Send gifts for the liked videos

  • Search for videos, users, sounds, etc

  • Users can report the video

  • Users can block the user

Video storage

  • Video storage in Cloud with AWS S3 and Wasabi integration

  • Move videos to the cloud as required

  • Video shared on the platform will be stored on the local server

Key revenue generating factors
of our Tiktok clone


Admin can earn revenue by displaying promotional advertisements in the ad portal. Advertisers will make the payment for running ads on the platform and so Admin can make money from it within a very short span of time.


Admin can earn more when the user purchases coins from the Coins store available on the tiktok clone. Users have to spend coins for sending gifts to the preferred videos and so Admin can make a great profit easily

Premium Membership

Our Tiktok clone allows Admin to earn more revenue when the users subscribe to premium membership plans. As the users with a premium membership can avail additional features of the app, Admin can make more money from it.

Captivating Addons to impress users on the
video sharing platform

Voice messages

Include voice messaging solutions in the Tiktok clone to enrich the user’s chat experience and to make the conversation more interesting and engaging. Provide users a convenient way of instant communication in your app with voice messaging solutions.

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Tiktok clone

Smart Reply

Enable the users to send instant replies to every incoming message on the chat page of the Tiktok clone app. This feature will enrich the chat experience of users on the platform. Grab more eyeballs with this time-saving feature in the application.

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Emojis and GIFs in chat

Avoid the formal type of chat conversations and grab the user’s attention with the inclusion of visual elements like emojis and GIFs in your app. Thereby pave the way for lively, friendly, and fun-filled chat conversations and add more chances of convincing the visitors.

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Convert Gifts into Money

Amaze your users by providing a flexible option to convert the gifts received so far into money. Users can convert their gifts into money easily and whenever required. Admin can also generate revenue whenever users avail the feature.

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Tiktok clone

Live streaming

Boost user engagement in your platform by integrating best-in-class live streaming solutions to provide a unique experience. Make use of high-quality and reliable live streaming services to enhance your revenue growth rate.

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Tiktok clone

Interstitial advertisements

Compelling and visually appealing interstitial advertisements grab more eyeballs within a short span of time. Impress your customers and gain more revenue by implementing these interstitial advertisements in your Tiktok clone

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