Convenient Dining and Takeaway

With this feature of our opentable clone users on the platform can book tables online in their preferred restaurants easily without any hassles. Users can also opt for the takeaway option at their convenience. As this feature facilitates the reservation process, it will surely grab more eyeballs on the online restaurant table booking platform.

Opentable Clone

Instant and request booking

Instant booking

This feature of our opentable clone allows the user to book a table in the required restaurant instantly by making payment. This option enables the users to make reservations quickly and so will surely impress them.

Request booking

With this feature of our opentable clone, the user can initiate request to the preferred restaurant owner for booking a table without making any payment. The user will be then able to book a table only after getting confirmation from that specific restaurant owner.

Opentable Clone

Manage Day and Time slots

With this feature, the restaurant owner can set the restaurant availability status as on/off as required. Therefore, the restaurant owner can manage the available timings and seating types such as Indoor, Outdoor, or Rooftop appropriately. This option paves the way for easy reservations without any confusion

Opentable Clone

Multiple seating and prices

The reservation prices differ based on the seating type - Indoor, Outdoor, and Rooftop and so the user can choose a suitable seat as required in their desired restaurant and can make reservations immediately. This option will enable the users to book tables within their budget immediately.

Opentable Clone

Manage booking and cancellation

This interesting feature of our opentable clone allows restaurant owners to manage table bookings and orders in their restaurants effectively. Also, they can set an appropriate cancellation policy based on which the payments made by the users will be refunded wholly or partially or will not be refunded after canceling the bookings.

Opentable Clone

Search and filters

With this advanced filter option of our opentable clone solution, users can search and find the restaurants based on various criteria such as location, cuisine, restaurant features and facilities, availability, tags, seating option, booking option, and food type. This option eases the restaurant search process of the users and therefore will greatly impress them in the long run.

Opentable Clone

Restaurant details,Menu & Dashboard

Restaurant details

With this feature, the users can view the complete details of the restaurants such as working hours, cuisine, parking details, booking, and seating option, etc and so can book tables in their preferred restaurants easily.


With a powerful dashboard, the restaurant owners can view and handle current-day bookings, reviews, messages, and notifications. So, the entire operations on the online restaurant table booking platform can be managed smoothly by the restaurant owners with this feature of our opentable clone.


With this option of our opentable clone, users can know the dish types and the price details, and food type (veg/non-veg) details in the required restaurants. And so, they can make bookings based on their preferences effortlessly.

Opentable Clone

Instant chat

Once the user reserves table in a restaurant, a chat box will be enabled for that particular user and the restaurant owner in order to facilitate communication between them. So, with this option, the user can connect with the specific restaurant and can get instant solutions for their booking-related queries.

Opentable Clone

Ratings and reviews

After the booking process, the users can express their opinions and experiences about the restaurants. These reviews will also greatly help other users while booking tables in those restaurants. This option will also help in popularizing the restaurants with positive feedback from the users.

Opentable Clone

Multiple currency and language


To ease the payment process of the users on the online restaurant booking platform, our opentable clone includes this multi-currency option. So, the user can make payment in the preferred currency without any trouble.


With this exciting feature of our opentable clone solution, the whole platform content can be viewed in the required language. This option will surely capture the attention of millions of users on the online restaurant reservation platform.

Opentable Clone

Social logins and Invite

Our opentable clone allows the users to log in quickly into the platform through their social media accounts such as Google, Facebook, and so on. Also, our opentable clone includes an option for the users to invite their family and friends to join the restaurant booking app.

Opentable Clone

Notifications and controls

This feature of our opentable clone solution helps in notifying the users on the restaurant table booking platform of important and recent activities such as table booking confirmations, cancellations, etc. So, users will not miss any new incidents on the platform. Users can also have complete control over receiving the notifications as per their own wish.

Opentable Clone


Our reliable opentable clone solution includes Stripe connect payment gateway to ease the payment process of the users on the online restaurant booking platform. This feature will amaze users greatly on the platform.

Opentable Clone

Customization / Changes

If you want any of the features to be modified or included in the product or if you are looking for some fresh concepts in the product, you can make a request and approach our team to get the required customization support.