Hourly/Nightly Booking

Hourly Booking

One of the standout features of the Airbnb script is its ability to offer guests flexibility in booking rooms according to their preferences. This intriguing feature allows guests to easily make hourly bookings.

Nightly Booking

Our Airbnb clone offers a more advantageous option for users to book accommodations during nighttime hours, catering to their interests. This enticing feature in our top Airbnb clone script is sure to impress frequent travelers.

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Instant/Request Booking

Instant Booking

Through this feature on our Airbnb clone app, users can swiftly book available spaces in a matter of seconds without needing to send a request to the host.

Request Booking

The request booking feature in the top Airbnb clone app script enables users to send booking requests to hosts for available spaces. Users can finalize their bookings only upon receiving confirmation from the hosts.

best airbnb clone app instant booking

Review and Ratings


Users have the opportunity to share their experiences during their stay and provide reviews. These reviews enhance user confidence and encourage more guests to book spaces. Positive reviews on the platform are likely to attract more bookings for accommodations.


Our top-notch Airbnb clone app offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs to draw more users by incorporating a rating system. Consequently, this promotes the platform and captures more attention in a relatively short period.

airbnb clone script reviews and ratings

Instant Message


The instant messaging system in our Airbnb clone app enables guests to engage in immediate chat with the hosts, facilitating the prompt resolution of booking issues without unnecessary delays.


Utilizing the internal messaging system, hosts can engage in conversations with guests and address their inquiries concerning bookings. This enables hosts to promptly offer suitable solutions to guests' concerns.

airbnb clone app script - instant chat


Special Days

Our top Airbnb clone app empowers hosts to showcase special days alongside pricing details. Guests can easily access the availability of these special days and view pricing information. This feature contributes to increased revenue generation for hosts.

Weekend Prices

Admin has the flexibility to adjust weekend prices, aiming to attract a larger user base and maximize revenue.

Block Days

The block day feature in our Airbnb script allows hosts to prevent all bookings and online reservations on specific days that they consider undesirable.

airbnb script - special days option

Currency & Language

Multiple Currency

To ensure seamless financial transactions, our Airbnb clone app script includes multiple currency options, creating a user-friendly platform for conducting business in foreign countries.

Multi Language

Our top Airbnb script offers multi-language support, enabling the translation of the entire website content into the preferred languages required by business owners. This remarkable feature attracts the attention of site users and visitors, transforming the rental platform into a lucrative venture.

best airbnb clone app multiple currency management

Payments and Policies

Payment Gateway

We have transitioned the payment gateway in our Airbnb clone from PayPal to Stripe, aiming to streamline and enhance the payment process on the platform.

Transaction History

Users have the capability to review the complete transaction history, encompassing payments made by guests to date, and can take appropriate actions for future transactions.

Cancellation Policies

Admin has the authority to establish cancellation policies for both guests and hosts, adhering to specific conditions and terms.

 best airbnb clone script - stripe system

Wishlist & Verified Users


Users can add the most comfortable accommodations to their Wishlists in our Airbnb clone, allowing them to save their preferences for future actions. This, in turn, lowers the customer churn rate by increasing user engagement on the platform.

Verified Users

Our top Airbnb clone app features a two-tier verification process, involving mobile number and email verification, to deter illicit activities on the platform.

beat airbnb clone app - verified users

Search Filters


Our top Airbnb clone app script boasts an integrated search filter that empowers users to select accommodations from a vast array of listings. Users can make bookings based on criteria such as price ranges, room types, check-in and check-out dates and times, and more.

Map search

Guests can effortlessly search for rental spaces and book rooms or hotels using the 'search as I move the map' feature on the search page.

Location Based Search

With our top Airbnb clone app's dedicated location-based search feature, users can easily choose their preferred accommodations in desired locations by visualizing the space's location on the map.

best airbnb clone app - location based search

Social Logins and Invite

Social login

Our top Airbnb script is meticulously crafted for user convenience, offering an option for users to log in to the app using their social media accounts.


We regularly notify guests with booking confirmations, pickup and drop-off details, safety measures, and provide them with proper follow-ups to ensure they stay well-informed throughout their experience.


Guests have the option to send personalized messages to hosts, facilitating seamless communication and enabling them to swiftly address any issues related to bookings, listing information, and more.

Invite Friends

Our top Airbnb clone app offers users the option to invite their friends to experience the remarkable features and performance of the application.

airbnb clone script - social login


Guest Reservations

The guest reservation feature in our Airbnb clone app website script enables guests to interact with hosts for booking accommodations, cancel reservations when necessary, and address their queries through a messaging service.

Host Reservations

With the host reservation feature of our Airbnb clone app, hosts have full control over approving, rejecting, and managing current reservations and bookings made by guests.

best airbnb clone script - reservations


Video Options

Our Airbnb clone app offers an excellent option for the Admin to increase revenue by uploading videos of rooms provided by hosts, in addition to the traditional banner images of rental spaces. This feature not only enriches the user experience but also attracts more visitors to the site.

Host Progress

The host progress feature in our Airbnb clone enables Admin to access a comprehensive view of hosts' past, current, and upcoming bookings. It also provides vital details about the hosts' progress, space listings, transaction history, and bank information.

Monthly Earnings

Through the robust admin panel in our top Airbnb clone app, the Admin can easily monitor all monthly earnings of the rental platform. The Admin can access the monthly report showcasing the total earnings generated by the site at any time.

More Profile Options

Our Airbnb clone offers profile options for Admin that are advantageous, containing information such as their name, phone number, emergency contact number, email address, experience, and more.

airbnb clone app website script - other features

Web Application

Attractive Design

Our top Airbnb clone script has been skillfully designed by our team of experts, boasting a visually stunning layout that leaves a lasting impression on both hosts and guests. Furthermore, the design can be easily customized to align with specific business requirements.


Thanks to meticulous planning, rigorous testing, and careful implementation, our Airbnb clone app script delivers robust performance across a wide range of devices and platforms.


We've integrated best-in-class security options into our Airbnb script to ensure a highly secure platform for users. This proactive approach safeguards the site from any malicious activities and potential attacks.

Bootstrap Responsive

Our top Airbnb clone script creates a responsive platform for your business, allowing the site to be accessed seamlessly from all devices, including desktops, smartphones, tablets, and more.

best airbnb clone script - advanced security



With a powerful and elegant dashboard in our Airbnb clone app, Admin can effortlessly oversee and manage all platform operations and functions, gaining a comprehensive overview of site details.


Admin has the flexibility to set a specific commission percentage on each booking made on the site, thereby generating revenue from these transactions.

Security Deposit

The security deposit feature in our Airbnb clone enables hosts to charge guests in the event of any damage occurrence. If no damage occurs, the amount will be refunded to the guests.


This outstanding feature in our Airbnb clone app website empowers Admin to efficiently manage the platform by adding sub-admins. Admin can delegate responsibilities to sub-admins and grant them specific access rights to perform tasks on the site.

Feature Listings

Admin can generate revenue by encouraging hosts to utilize feature listings in the Airbnb script. With feature listings, hosts' space listings are prominently highlighted and displayed at the top of the website, providing them with enhanced visibility.


Our Best Airbnb Clone App Script seamlessly integrates with the Google Webmaster tool to facilitate the creation and organization of meta keywords, meta descriptions, and custom page titles for the website, utilizing pre-defined format tags.

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Customization / Changes

If you wish to modify or incorporate any specific features into the product, or if you're seeking fresh concepts for customization, you can submit a request and reach out to our team for the necessary support.

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