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How AirFinch online rental model works ?

Appkodes Presenting you an expert built Airbnb Clone with fully supported online vacation rental booking, travel and holiday Rental System, powered by all vital features of Airbnb to kick start a quick web based rental reservation system. Outfitted with an endless list of features identical to Airbnb,you can find different types of properties, room type and others using property rental script.

AirBNB is an online vacation rental booking platform that delivers a clear business idea for vacationers and travelers to make profit from any part of the world. Airfinch provides the same platform as Airbnb does for booking rentals, and gives an opportunity to Entrepreneurs in making profit from a website that works exactly like Airbnb.

AirFinch known to be multi-service provider which suits any business opportunities giving small business owners to launch car rental booking, boat rental booking businesses too. Airfinch provides the best airbnb clone script with lot of features like Responsive UI, Multi-language support, Currency support, Integrated google analytics and much more.

For those who are interested in building up an ideal business like online vacation rental portal, Airfinch is the ultimate destination which provides a common roof for Buyers – to buy a home or space; Sellers – to list your own space and earn money; Renters – to list their own space to rent and agents.

Instant Booking/ Request Booking
  • Hosts may decide either bookings which are made by users must be instant or through request booking.
  • Instant booking allows users to book an accommodation in a matter of seconds without requesting the host, here the user may book his own space at anytime.
  • Request booking allows users to book an accommodation only by requesting the availability of the space by checking with the host, here the user must wait for the acknowledgment from the host.
Reviews and Ratings
  • Reviews and ratings are an important factor for the user as it provides trustability in a system. Hence it is incorporated into our script.
  • Guests can provide reviews positive/negative reviews based on their experience of their stay to the Host and may rate them accordingly.
  • Including Reviews and Ratings in an online space booking business drags in more attention to the buyers which results in gaining more business.
  • Wishlist is an value adding feature which provides guests with an option of adding their wish to travel a destination or accommodate a space for future use.
  • Airfinch avails the guests with two types of wish list in which one is named as pre-defined wishlist set by admin on his own wish.
  • The other wishlist is User-defined wishlist in which the guest/user himself may make a wishlist on his own based on where he’s willing to travel.
Advanced Search / Filter
  • Instant advanced search option is available on the home to the guests which lets them know the details they look for in a wink of an eye.
  • Advanced Search provides guests with filter options like date for checkin and checkout, room type, price range, property type.
  • Guests now may also filter and book their required amenities like by using the Amenity Based Search option.
Map And Location Based Search
  • Map based search provides guests with an option called “search as i move the map” in the search page where guests are able to book their space.
  • Search as I move the map option will help guests to change the location as per the movements made by them on the map.
  • Location based search allows guests to search for space or accommodations with their desired location.
Multiple Currency/Currency Conversion
  • Airfinch comes with multiple currency option for the efficient business transactions between different foreign countries.
  • Admin may define a currency for his business and host may define the currencies for the listings which helps users to list their space in the currency defined.
  • Our Integrated Currency Converter helps in converting native currency to foreign currency by default while making a purchase.
Payment Gateway/Transaction History/Cancellation Policies
  • We avail PAYPAL payment gateway for the online payment systems to the users for technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure.
  • Transaction history features provides hosts to Manage the Completed, future, and gross earnings.
  • To go abide by his laws admin may define the cancellation policies to the hosts and users based on his own wish.
Guest/Host Reservations
  • Guest may interact with host using messaging services to make a booking, to cancel any booking or to enquire his queries.
  • Host reservations gives complete access to host to Approve, Reject and Manage Guest Bookings.
  • Host can manage bookings of current reservations instantly by using calendar Availability outlook.
Verified Users
  • Airfinch provides verified users option which helps to find the authentication and trusted users from among the fraudulent.
  • Verifications are done by the Admin in Two levels – Verifying by Email and through Phone verifications.
  • Admins may do Email verifications by sending emails and may send code via texts to the phone for the phone verifications.
Social Logins/Messages/Invite Friends
  • Social Login feature serves as an added value to the users who will definitely find as the best and easy way to login using their social accounts.
  • Customised messages can be sent between guests and hosts to have a regardless communication regarding any listing details or booking options.
  • Getting ready for an adventurous journey alone invite your friends using this feature and go on abroad with a companion.
  • Easily set up automatic booking confirmations, reminders, safety guidelines, pickup and drop off details, and follow-ups so your guests are always in the know.
  • Admin might also intimate guests and hosts about any bookings or listings that happened.
  • Airfinch is built with an attractive design, yet it can be modified to your requirements like UI or custom design.
  • Our well experienced Coders developed Airfinch script like an Art though the speed and performance of the mobile app will be extremely powerful.
  • Our script is safe, well secured and error-free to use. Our Security options will protect your app from unwanted attacks. You will get 100% secured mobile app.
  • Airfinch script is developed with ultimate monitoring of every coding which makes the script completely a bug free.
Airfinch is built with an attractive design, yet it can be modified to your requirements like UI or custom design.
Our well experienced Coders developed Airfinch script like an Art though the speed and performance of the mobile app will be extremely powerful.
Our script is safe, well secured and error-free to use. Our Security options will protect your app from unwanted attacks. You will get 100% secured mobile app.
Airfinch script is developed with ultimate monitoring of every coding which makes the script completely a bug free.

Earn revenue by setting up flexible Commissions for guests depending on their space or location categories. Add fixed or percentage wise commission rules. Add tax rules and easily calculate total commission on every booking. Admin may earn commission on each booking without investing in inventory and earn commissions effortlessly on each booking.

We can customize an attractive theme and user interface for your native mobile apps and web, to match your now.
We can add, remove or customize any modules like commission based revenue module to maximize your profits. contact now.
We have Paypal as a payment gateway to purchase in the script and native apps but we can integrate any gateway of your now.
Payment Gateways
We can add, remove or customize any integration modules for you on per project/per day now.
Airfinch Script – User Demo
The technologies like YII-Framework, Braintree for adaptive booking payments, Mailchimp API for transactional emails. The mobile application is completely built on MySQL, this ensures that the app can manage a large volume of data which is normally associated with e-booking applications.
User login
Password: 123456
Airfinch Script – Admin Demo
Admin or the business owner gets a complete overview of everyday business by logging in the admin panel. Get the fine details of every aspect of your business like bookings, revenue, guests performance, most visiting places etc. to help you better business management.
Admin login
Password: 123456
for small scale Business
99% Source code
No mobile apps
Free installation *
Single domain licensing
2 Months free support
Upgrade with apps later
2 Months Update *
for massive business
99% Source code
Include mobile apps
Professional installation *
App Submission *
Single domain licensing
3 Months free support
Native iOS & Android apps
3 Months Update *
for extensive business
99% Source code
Payment Integration * ?
Professional Installation *
App Submission *
Single domain licensing
1 Year Tech support
Web & App Promotion
6 Months Update *
Rebranding or White label
3 Months SEO and SEM

AirFinch is a perfect vacation rental or space rent business model like Airbnb clone for start-ups

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What is the latest version and recent updates?

The recent version is 2.0 with some major improvements in the apps and minor issues fixes.

Which platform or framework used in AirFinch?

AirFinch uses the Yii framework which is a MVC design patterned framework. Yii v2.0 written in PHP and database is MySQL.

What is recommended hosting?

We recommend scalable cloud servers from amazon AWS, digitalocean or others. The script can be installed in apache or nginx.

What is 99% open source?

Some files are encrypted for single domain licensing system. Those files are not necessary for customization works.

What are the packages offer in AirFinch?

1.Premium package

Premium package is the best for the starters. This comes with 99% open source which allows editing the script possible. This package does not include any native mobile apps and does not comes with upgrade option to mobile apps later. This package comes with 1 months support where all the urgent queries and issues will be solved and answered. This package comes with 3 months software update too where customer can download any update released within this duration. Free installation will be done within 48 hours. This package allows customer to install the script only on one domain.

2.Elite Package

Elite package is the best option for existing business owners who can try the script first with their existing website data and further they can upgrade to mobile apps by paying the difference of ultimate package. This is also 99% open source and editable. It comes with 2 months free support and update. This package allows customer to install the package on only one server.

3.Ultimate Package

This package is the best for the customers who want to start the eCommerce website with apps from the day one. This package allows 3 month free support and updates. The apps and script source codes are 99% open source and editable. Professional installation includes web script and mobile apps in the stores. It also comes with native ios and android applications with corresponding App submissions.

What are the possible options to upgrade for mobile apps later?

Only elite package allows you to upgrade later with mobile apps and extended support and updates. This support and update duration will be considered from the date of purchase of the script.

How to become host in AirFinch?

Through Adding a listing for the first an user can become host to AirFinch.

Do we provide server hosting?

No, but we do recommend cloud servers from Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean

Software, libraries & Server requirements

Framework yii, the high performed php framework exclusively used for developing large-scale web applications

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience

MySQL 5.5.x Server,for its performance and scalability

PHP 5.6 and greater

Ion Cube PHP Extension

SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers

Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)


Airfinch Version 2.0
Front End:
[Added] Social media login
[Added] Location based search on listings
[Added] Country based search
[Added] Recently viewed
[Added] Reviews on listings
[Added] Booking on listings
[Added] Add listing to wishlists
[Added] Popular wishlists
[Added] Similar listing
[Added] Verification process
[Added] Messages
[Added] My listings (Active and Pending)
[Added] My Trips
[Added] Reservations (Past, Future and Unapproved)
[Added] Notifications settings
[Added] User notifications
[Added] Transaction history
[Added] Invite friends
[Added] Help pages
[Added] Paypal payment
[Added] Multi language translation

[Added] Admin dashboard with recent booking and monthly turnover graph
[Added] Active and blocked users management
[Added] Active and blocked hosts management
[Added] Manage wish list option
[Added] Manage all site settings like email, logo images, default user image
[Added] Paypal settings and Social login settings
[Added] Home page settings and homepage countries
[Added] Can manage footer settings
[Added] Manage currency and manage language option
[Added] Manage listing properties needed to add the listing
[Added] Commission and site charge management
[Added] Cancellation policies
[Added] Order management with payment
[Added] Security deposit management with payment

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