Easy Auction Setup

Sellers can set up auction for their products easily by listing their products with bidding details such as product features, bidding start and end date, and the minimum and maximum bid amount. But, specifying the maximum bid amount for a product is optional. Our Tophatter clone uses Auto approval feature to handle the Product Enable/Disable option in the Admin panel. So, once the seller sets the auction details, the product display on the site for auction can be controlled efficiently by this feature.

Tophatter clone

Dynamic Loading

Admin can decide on the number of products that can be displayed on the Homepage for a particular timespan. So, a queue with the specified number of products will be shown on the homepage for auction. After a fixed timeframe that is set by the Admin, the queue will be then loaded with the next set of products. If any product in the queue is sold out before this mentioned timespan, the next product on the priority list will be added to the queue and this product display process continues till all the products are put up for auction on the site.

Tophatter clone

Auction Management

Reserve Price

If the maximum bit amount is available for a product, that specific product will be displayed for auction with a tag “ON HIGHER BID”. Bidders can bid on that product and once the maximum bid amount is reached, the product will be put through the Going Once and Going Twice process.

Bidding Process

The buyers can then start bidding on that product. With every new bid, the price increases by a fixed increment which is already set by the Admin. The bid amount will be updated automatically whenever the buyers bid on the product and this continues till the end of the auction process.

Smart auction process

Whenever a buyer wins a product in an auction, that product will be then put through the Going Once and Going Twice process. During this process, if any bidder places the best bid amount higher than the previously reached bid amount in the auction, then the product will be sold to that bidder otherwise the product will be sold to the highest bidder who previously won that product in the auction process.

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Multi-product Auctions

Our Tophatter clone provides flexibility for the sellers on the online auction platform to put up their various types of products for auctions. So, sellers can get potential buyers for each and every type of product in a single auction marketplace.

Tophatter clone

Dynamic filter

With this highly advanced feature of our Tophatter clone, you can facilitate the bidding process on the auction platform. You can create the preferred categories and filter options to put up the products for auction. So, you can enhance the user experience on the online auction platform with this feature

Tophatter clone

Sponsored promotions

If the sellers wish to sell their products within a time span, then they can show their products on the featured positions. Also, the products on the featured positions will be shown on the homepage all the time as there is no queue mechanism for sponsored promotions on the auction site.

Tophatter clone

Instant product purchase

Once the user reached the high bid during the bidding process, the bidder with the highest bid amount can purchase that product immediately by using the secure payment systems available on the site. This feature of our Tophatter clone will grab the attention of millions of buyers as it provides them hassle-free buying experience

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My bids

Winning bid

When a buyer wins the auction, the specific product will be displayed in this section. The buyer can then purchase that product right away by using the “Buy it Now” option available within the time frame that is already set by the Admin.

Expired bid

After winning the auction, if the product is not purchased by the buyer during the mentioned time period, the product will become an expired bid and will be put up for the new bidding process


If the buyer doesn’t want to buy that particular product, then he/she can make use of the “Cancel” option that is available in this section. Then the product will become an expired bid and will be put up for the new bidding process

Tophatter clone

Messaging system

With this interesting feature of our Tophatter clone, buyers on the auction site can have a quick chat with the sellers if they need to know more about a product or a service added for auction, to clarify their queries before purchasing any item, and many more.

Tophatter clone

Key Product Insights

Our Tophatter clone enables sellers on the auction site to gain insight into necessary details such as the number of bids placed so far by the buyers for their products, the highest bid amount reached up to the present time if the products has a maximum bid amount, the number of outbid count if the products has a maximum bid amount and so on. With this data, the sellers can then take further promotional steps to sell their products at best prices

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User authentication

Our Tophatter clone allows the new users to log in to the app using their Facebook account or by using their mail ids. Also, it includes a strong mobile verification option to authenticate the user’s profile. There is no doubt that this will eliminate the creation of fake profiles and other malicious activities on the online auction platform

Tophatter clone

Social activities

Our Tophatter clone allows the buyers on the auction site to follow the sellers of their choice. Sellers can also know the list of buyers who are following them. Our Tophatter clone also promotes the sharing of products on various social media platforms. Thereby, the products can easily capture the attention of a lot of users within a short span of time

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With the multi-currency feature of our Tophatter clone, sellers on the auction site can add the products conveniently with their preferred currency. This feature will definitely popularize the auction site among millions of online users worldwide

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Push Notification

With the help of this feature in our Tophatter clone, sellers and buyers on the online auction platform will be kept informed whenever there are any new activities happening on the platform such as the order of a product, end of an auction process for a specific product, and many more. So, the users will not miss out anything on the auction site

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Admin can monitor and manage the auction processes effectively on the platform. He/she can set the fixed increment for the bid price and can also set the time frame for purchasing a product after an auction

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Customization / Changes

If you want any of the features to be modified or included in the product or if you are looking for some fresh concepts in the product, you can make a request and approach our team to get the required customization support.