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Develop Your Practo Clone Script

With everything turning online, why not healthcare consultations? Why not connect with your doctors and communicate all over the world? We offer a ready-made Practo clone script to help you to kickstart such a business quickly.

Easy-To-Access Patient and Doctor App

Bring up your healthcare business demands, with easy-to-access user-friendly applications.

Full-Fledged Scalable

Grab the highly customizable source code to change your Practo clone app to meet business preferences.

Admin Dashboard

Gain control of all the complete operational activities of the Practo clone app script with an advanced Admin panel

A Unique Practo Clone Script in a Click !!

A Practo Clone app is a web-based platform for healthcare services. Our clones are tailored to satisfy the requirements of both patients and medical professionals. Through your healthcare platforms, patients can order medications, schedule doctor appointments, and get online consultations with doctors. If you’re looking forward to building such app for your customers, Practo Clone Script could make your idea easy to implement easily for you!!

Our Practo clone app offers a robust set of features such as video conferencing features, telephonic consultation process, gain prescriptions, health monitoring schedule prior to appointment, and much more to enrich the end-user experience and cutting-edge technologies to work flawlessly.

Video/Voice Call/ChatConsultation

Get support, schedule consultations in person, communicate with the doctors via chat, video call, or audio features, and receive in-person consultations.

Customized Dashboard

Get the customizable dashboard with your Practo clone app for consultation in terms of appointments, prescriptions, drug history, and so on.

Multi-Level Admin Dashboard

Customized platforms make you work with multiple admins on the backend while monitoring and tracking your online health and fitness business.

Third-Party Software Integration

Incorporate seamlessly the EHR applications to enable safe file transfers, easy sharing of health records, and possibly secure communication.

Health Monitoring System

Avail the benefits of integrating the practo clone app with smart devices or other IoT devices/sensors to monitor user wellbeing and access it.

Devise the most Reliable Doctor Booking Practo Clone App

The on-demand industry is moderately having entry to all service sectors, and the global healthcare sector is no exception. create a top-notch on-demand physician booking app that helps our healthcare industry clients effectively reach their target audience.

With the help of our highly customizable Practo clone script, create a fully functional online doctor booking application. The script has unique features built in to ensure seamless operation. A white-label solution that can be fully customized to meet your branding requirements is the Practo Clone app. The app is to your satisfaction, making you the sole proprietor of your app.

Push Notifications

Engage your clientele by sending out text messages or in-app push notifications regularly about new arrivals, specials, discounts, holidays, etc.

Schedule Appointment For Clinic Visits

Utilize an app to schedule and complete appointments, treatment options, respond to patient requests, and receive online payment instantly

Online Prescription

Using Script features, patients can access their data from anywhere at any time to get prescription data and other health-related details.

Location-Based Search

Enroll merits to the end users, for locating healthy-care professionals, in the preferred location of their choice with GPS features and simplifying it.

In-App Secured Payment Alternatives

Provide a plethora of payment options to your clients, including credit/debit cards, online banking, tracking past transactions, and using wallet and UPI.

Revenue-Generating Aspects

Profit consistently from our Practo clone’s cost-effective revenue-generating feature.

Google Adsense

Employ Google ads to encompass earning income when more people click on and watch those Google ads in your appointment booking practo clone app.

Subscription Type

Make Costs through monthly or annual subscription plans. By subscribing, customers can also get free delivery, exclusive offers, and discounts.

Payment Link-sharing

By lending an instant payment link and providing payment options, generate income every quick time, and ease the user experience in your app.

Commission-based Model

Acquire a portion of the doctor’s consultation fee on every consultation on your custom-developed app with our Practo clone app script.

Value-added Services

Get additional services beyond basic consultations, such as medication delivery, ordering lab tests, mental health therapy sessions, etc.

Premium Memberships

Deliver tier-based subscription plans with extra features for premium members who want access to specialists and extended consultation times.

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Relied Upon by the Finest Features Practo Clone Script Offers!

A Healthcare business can achieve optimal results and become more sophisticated and automated by utilizing our ready-made flexible Practo clone script.