Digital Prescription

Once the appointment with the doctor gets completed, the digital prescription button will be enabled for the corresponding doctor with which that doctor can provide a detailed digital prescription to the patient easily. Once the doctor has updated the prescription details, the particular patient can view that information as required anytime. This feature streamlines the prescription process and thereby greatly impresses doctors and patients on the doctor appointment booking platform.

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Video and Direct visit

With this feature of our Practo clone, patients can know about the availability of a particular doctor and can also check whether that specific doctor is available for video appointments or for a direct visit appointment. After knowing these availability and appointment type details, patients can then make an appointment with that doctor instantly without any confusion.

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Once the patient books an appointment with the doctor, the chat box will be enabled for that patient and doctor in order to facilitate smooth communication between them. With this feature of our Practo clone, patients can connect and chat with their corresponding specialists and can get responses to their queries regarding medications, appointments, etc. without any delay.

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Book Appointments

Instant booking

This feature of our MeetDoc product allows the patient to book an appointment with a doctor quickly without making any request to that specific doctor. As this feature allows for instant appointment booking, it will definitely amaze many users.

Request booking

This request booking feature of our Practo clone script allows the patient to send a request to the preferred doctor for booking an appointment. As the doctor can accept or reject the request, the patient will be able to book an appointment only after getting the confirmation from that doctor.

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Manage Availability

With this feature of our Practo clone, the doctor can set his/her availability details such as consultation timings, whether he is available for video booking or for direct visit booking, and can also set details regarding instant and request booking. As doctors can set their availability details clearly with this feature, bookings can be made conveniently without any confusion.

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Ratings and Reviews

With this rating and review system of our Practo clone, patients can express their opinions and the experience that they had with the doctor. This will help other patients to know about that particular doctor better before making an appointment. The great reviews from the patients will also help the doctors to popularize themselves within a very short span of time.

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Multiple currency and language


Our Practo clone includes multiple currency option to ease the payment process of the users. This provides a convenient payment platform as it allows the user to make the payments in the desired currency without any delay.


With this amazing feature of our Practo clone script, the whole website content can be translated into the required language as required. There is no doubt that this feature will definitely impress millions of users on the doctor appointment booking platform.

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Our Practo clone product includes the Stripe Connect payment gateway to allow the users of the app to make their payments conveniently and quickly without any troubles. With this effective payment gateway system, the commission amount will be set and splitting of payments on the platform among the respective users will be done by default.

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Cancellation policy

This feature of our MeetDoc allows the doctor to set an appropriate cancellation policy. Depending on this cancellation policy, the payments made by the patients will not be refunded or will be refunded wholly or partially to them after canceling the appointments

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My doctors

With this interesting feature of our Practo clone, patients can save their most preferred doctors or the doctors whom they are most interested in. With these saved doctors, patients can then take the required decisions later on instantly as needed. This feature enriches the experience of patients on the platform as it saves time for them to find their desired doctors.

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Specialist, Illness, & Insurance

This feature of our Practo clone allows patients to search for doctors based on their specialty, and other criteria like their illness and the insurance policy that has been taken. So, the patient can take the result specifying the suitable doctor for them easily with this feature and so it will astonish millions of patients using the doctor appointment booking platform.

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Filters and Search doctors

Our Practo clone includes highly advanced search filters to simplify the doctor searching process of the patients. So, with this feature, patients can find the most appropriate doctor for their problems quickly and can then book an appointment with that specific doctor instantly.

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Doctor and Hospital Profile

With this feature, doctors can provide detailed information about their specialty, availability details, availability for video or direct visit bookings, instant or request booking details, etc. Doctors can also mention complete information about their hospitals such as location, ratings and reviews from users, and many more. Patients can view these detailed profiles of doctors before booking appointments.

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Social Logins and Invite

Our MeetDoc product allows the users to log in easily into the app through social media accounts such as Facebook, Google, and so on. Our Practo clone also includes an option for the users to invite their friends and family to join the app for experiencing its astonishing features.

Practo Clone

Notifications and Controls

Our Practo clone script includes an instant notification option in order to notify the users of the app then and there with important events and messages such as appointment confirmations, cancellation messages, etc. So, with this feature, users will be kept informed whenever there are new activities happening on the platform. Users can also have control over receiving these notifications as per their wish.

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Customization / Changes

If you want any of the features to be modified or included in the product or if you are looking for some fresh concepts in the product, you can make a request and approach our team to get the required customization support.

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