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Elevate with Our Powerful Bigo Live Clone

Our platform is streamlined for efficient performance and endless options via its unique and user-friendly characteristics. Link up with people, build a community, and share your concept with the rest of the world effortlessly. Engage in the live-streaming revolution in entertainment to become a part of the broadcasting industry of tomorrow which has never been seen before.

Device Compatibility

On our bigo live clone script, you are not limited to a certain place or time. It is accessible through all types of devices, among them are your personal computers and smartphones.

Complete Source Code

Go ahead and customize the platform to suit your personal needs as you have the source code, it gives you total control over the platform.

Secure Payment System

With the platform’s secure and safe payment system, users’ data and transactions shall be protected, assuring you with peace of mind.

Enter the Realm of Livestreaming With Our Bigo Live App Clone

Try the world of live streaming and innovation with our Bigo Live Clone. Our product is multifunctional, thereby creating a bustling playground where artists can thrive. Leverage the benefits of advanced technology, excellent communications, and immeasurable creativity. Be a part of a vibrant community as each of our broadcasts takes you through uncharted boundaries of entertainment.

With our platform, you can engage and entertain people around the world by creating content ranging from games, instructional, music, and even lifestyle. Join us in this exciting virtual world where you can pursue your passion and find hundreds of enticing prospects. Through our efforts, we are revolutionizing live streaming.

Live Sponsor Ads

Monetize your revenue streams by streamlining sponsor ads into your broadcasts to provide brands access to a targeted audience and an opportunity to maximize their earnings by employing effective monetization strategies.

One-Hand Feature

Facilitate user convenience and accessibility by integrating a one-hand feature into the app, allowing users to broadcast and engage with the live stream seamlessly, especially for mobile users, and enabling a consistent and friendly experience for all.

Live Streaming

Provide authentic connections and instant engagement through live broadcasting, which allows the audience to respond in real-time, make immersive experiences that amuse, and build a loyal audience.


Facilitate content discovery and user navigation with a user-friendly search engine that will enable users to quickly find the desired content and creators, increasing user satisfaction and, thus, boosting engagement of the platform.

Gem Store

Use an exclusive store where virtual goods and rewards can be obtained, rewarding user involvement with special perks and experiences and improving the quality of the live streaming world thus increasing users’ engagement and loyalty.

Transform Your Livestreaming: Raise with our Bigo Live Clone Script Strong Enough

With our All-Inclusive Bigo Live Clone, you can be part of the new live-streaming era. Transform your broadcasting experience with advanced features and perfectly functioning mechanisms. Use your creativity, talk to your audience, and the sky is the limit.

Through our platform, we offer the necessary tools and support that will improve your livestreaming irrespective of your experience. Become a member of a thriving community of producers and consumers where every broadcast offers an opportunity for development and dialogue. By having our most advanced Bigo Live Clone, you can upgrade your live streaming experience immediately.

Live Chat

Develop live chat capability where broadcasters and viewers can interact in real time to develop a sense of being connected and be part of a big community within the platform.

Social Activities

Promote interaction and networking among the users through many social activities and tools, allowing them to connect and collaborate, building a lively and communal-driven platform in which all users feel comfortable.

Advanced Settings

Enrich your live stream with the most robust advanced settings that let the host adjust the broadcast’s quality, privacy settings, and other options for a comfortable and personalized way of broadcasting with individual needs in mind.

Video Moderation

Preserve a safe and friendly environment by providing effective video moderating tools, which ensure community guidelines and standards, combat inappropriate content and protect the integrity of the platform.

Push Notifications

Keep your audience close at hand and keep the platform high in demand by sending real-time push notifications to the users about upcoming broadcasts, special events, and activities which can help them stay informed and connected to the platform.

Revenue Streams

Explore Diverse Sources of Income for Successful Expansion.

Gem Purchases

In our bigo clone script we included a monetization feature that allows managers to make money by charging users for gems. These stones are two in one as they raise the revenue and the engagement.

Premium Memberships

Video calls on premium memberships are one feature that administrators make more revenue from. This approach stimulates not only users but also generates stable income for the network.

Google Adsence

Take money by running Google advertisements on the platform. Admins earn more when users spend more time on ads, which in turn delivers a good return to the platform.

Promotional Ad Campaigns

Advertise commercials that will make profit and supports administrators who  rely on various form of earnings, by diversifying their revenue sources and also ensures the best user experience in our bigo clone app.

Gift Conversion

Revenue is increased by advertisement on the site where users can get free gems. This dual reward encourages user engagement and profitability. At the same time, it gives the ads admins a commission per watch.

Transaction Fee

Due to increasing transaction volumes, the app charges fees, which act as a stable income. The lower operating costs encourage user involvement because they help in the app expansion and long-term profitability.

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Check out our admin demo to get a deeper insight into our software’s features and functions. You can even try and use features before spending anything.


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Explore with ease: Check out our demo user, which is easy to navigate through and gives you an idea of the capabilities of the platform.

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