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Do you know what each and every aspiring entrepreneur striving to plunge into the live streaming business will be looking for? They will be definitely in need of an adaptable live streaming script that can fulfill their live streaming business requirements. It must also be able to present their live streaming business in a professional light. With such a fully customizable live streaming script, streaming high-quality live videos and intensifying the bond with customers will be no more a tiresome job. You can find one such live streaming script with exceptional performance at Appkodes. Our live streaming script is specially designed for those entrepreneurs who are keenly interested in launching a full-fledged live streaming platform for delivering high-definition video clips on technology, sports, and all other live events.Whatever may be your niche market in the live streaming industry, our team works towards developing a top-notch live streaming script that can be tailored quickly to meet the expectations of your audience base.

Live Streaming Script

Are you one among those proprietors desiring to build an outstanding live streaming platform to boost the reach among your target audience and enhance ROI on live events? Then, approach us to get a super-responsive live streaming script for your business.

We own feature-packed on demand app script

Utmost matched live streaming app solution to build outstanding live streaming platform.
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Bigo Clone

Bigo Live Clone

Giving wings to your live streaming business dreams is now wholly possible with our comprehensive bigo live clone solution. Our bigo live clone is built meticulously with impressive features and subjected to rigorous testing steps in order to arrive at a phenomenal live streaming platform.

Live streaming script for different business verticals

Our extensible live streaming solution with unrivaled performance can suit various business models

Live Streaming Script
Sharing Live events

Do you want to develop a live streaming app to share live events such as concerts, sports, and all other live events happening around the globe with your audience? You can build one such live streaming app with a scalable live streaming script and can also make your target audience to be a part of those unique moments

Live Streaming Script
Giving Demos, Announcements

Utilize a phenomenal live streaming script to obtain an astounding live streaming platform for providing product demos, to announce any breaking news about your company, etc. With such a striking live streaming app, your audience can visually understand the working of products and so you can grab their attention easily

Live Streaming Script
Quick Customer service

Do you want to provide best-in-class customer service to your customers? Then, you can develop an outstanding live streaming platform by using a flexible live streaming script to keep your customers engaged and to solve their queries instantly. This, in turn, can mark a good impression of your company in their minds.

Live Streaming Script
Healthcare sector

Are you looking for a perfect live streaming app for your healthcare business to support patients in real-time, to execute conferences with colleagues in various parts of the world, to carry out training sessions for the interns, etc? Make use of a reliable live streaming script to build an ideal live streaming platform.

Live Streaming Script
Education sector

Do you want to broadcast live lessons and activities from the classroom? Then, build a comprehensive live-streaming app by using a remarkable live streaming solution to boost interactivity among the viewers. This highly visual practice with live questions feature can entice the audience greatly

Live Streaming Script
Having other ideas?

Are you looking to build an awesome live streaming app to host interviews, to give training sessions, and for other business fields such as the shopping sector, real estate field, etc? Then, discuss your business needs with our experts to get a more suitable live streaming application and entertain your users

Crucial features of a live streaming script

Listed below are some of the most essential and compelling features of a live streaming script to kindle interest in the minds of users.

Live Streaming Script
Seamless streaming

A live streaming script must provide complete support for live streaming videos without any technical glitches. This automatically enriches the user experience on the platform and impresses more users to use the platform

Live Streaming Script
Live commenting system

It is essential for a live streaming script to include a live commenting system that can help users to express their opinions about live videos. This viewer interaction will boost the popularity of those live videos easily

Live Streaming Script
Content moderation

To provide automatic filtering of inappropriate images and live videos, a live streaming script must be built with the content moderation system. This can protect the platform from all offensive activities

Live Streaming Script
Follow/Unfollow users

A live streaming script must be developed meticulously to include an option for the users to follow their most desired broadcasters or to unfollow them. Streamers can also know the list of users who are following them.

Live Streaming Script
Basic analytics

A live streaming script must be designed in such a way that it allows broadcasters to know the number of viewers who are watching the live videos. The user engagement and reach of videos can be known accurately with this feature.

Captivating Addons to amaze users

The inclusion of interesting Addons on the live streaming platform can astonish users to a greater extent. Some of such fascinating Addons are listed below

Live Streaming Script
Voice messaging solution

Allow users to send essential information swiftly to other users by incorporating voice messaging solution in the live streaming script

Live Streaming Script
Full-screen ads

Include full-screen, arresting advertisements on the live streaming platform to enhance customer engagement on the platform

Live Streaming Script
Arabic RTL support

Get rid of language problems and capture the attention of users on the live streaming platform with the Arabic RTL support

Live Streaming Script
Instant message translator

To translate the chat conversations of the users quickly and effectively, it is important to include an instant message translator in the live streaming application.

Notable revenue factors of a live streaming script

Some notable, profit-making revenue factors of a live streaming script are listed below

Live Streaming Script
User subscription

Users can subscribe to premium membership plans in order to acquire additional benefits. With more number of users subscribing to premium plans, Admin can gain a huge profit from it

Live Streaming Script
Google Ads placement

Admin can earn more revenue by running Google advertisements on the platform. Because, with more views and clicks on those ads Admin can make money easily.

Live Streaming Script
Running promotional ads

Admin can run promotional ad videos inside the app and thereby can get a certain commission amount for each and every view on those videos by the users

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