Dynamic filters

Our auto classified script simplifies the process of establishing the necessary categories and filters for cars and auto parts. This functionality assists users on the auto classified marketplace in locating products based on various criteria such as model, price, transmission type, location, engine type, and more.

Auto Classified Script

SEO friendly design

This feature of our auto classified script helps in making the auto classified platform SEO friendly with the optimization of meta title, description, and images. Making the search engine bots understand the site structure while crawling will be possible with XML sitemap and Robots. txt. Breadcrumb addition will help in providing navigation assistance for the visitors on the online auto classifieds platform.

Auto Classified Script

Product insights

This captivating feature of our car classified script provides car sellers on the platform with valuable insights. It allows them to track the reach of their cars and automotive parts, monitor the likes and comments received from users, assess the views their products have garnered, and identify the top cities with high demand for their car products. This option is sure to astonish and delight sellers on the auto classifieds platform.

Car Classified Script

Banner advertisements

Our auto classified script empowers sellers on the platform to run banner ads for their cars and automotive parts, subject to approval from the Admin. Admin has the flexibility to determine when these advertisements can be displayed, providing an opportunity to generate revenue swiftly through this option.

Auto Classified Script

Instant chat option

This feature of our car classified script ensures seamless communication between buyers and sellers on the auto classified marketplace, eliminating interruptions. Additionally, buyers can take advantage of default text templates available in the chatbox to enhance their chat experience.

Chat block

Through this option, users on the platform have the ability to block specific individuals within the chat window, effectively preventing messages from reaching them from those blocked users.

Image and location share

Car sellers on the auto classified marketplace have the capability to share images of their cars and automotive parts, while buyers can also share their locations within the chat window.

Car Classified Script

Product promotions

This feature of our auto classified script allows sellers to effortlessly promote their car products, making it easier to capture the attention of users on the auto classifieds software.

Urgent promotions

Through urgent promotions, car sellers can display their products in prominent areas where they are more likely to be seen by a large number of buyers on the online auto classified software.

Ad promotions

This feature provides sellers with a means to swiftly sell their cars and auto spare parts. These promotions will pique the interest of users and encourage them to make purchases on the platform.

Auto Classified Script

Exchange and giving away option

Our auto classified script enables buyers to initiate exchange requests with car sellers if they wish to exchange their products for other items available on the platform. Sellers also have the option to utilize the ‘Giving away’ section to list any auto parts they wish to offer free of charge.

Auto Classified Software

Social activities

Our auto classified script offers buyers the ability to follow their preferred sellers on the auto classified software. Users can also log in to the app through their social media accounts, share ‘Invite links’ on social networks to invite friends to join the platform, share products on various social media platforms, and engage with products by liking and commenting on them. This enhances social interaction and engagement on the platform.

Auto Classified Script

Multi-currency function

Our car classified script features a multi-currency option designed to streamline the payment process for users on the auto classified software. Administrators have the flexibility to set their preferred default currency and maintain full control over adding or removing supported currencies on the platform. This versatility enhances the user experience by accommodating various currencies for transactions.

Auto Classified Script

Request offer

Buyers have the capability to request offers for cars and other auto spare parts from the respective sellers. Sellers can easily accept or reject these offer requests with just a single click, simplifying the negotiation process on the platform.

Auto Classified Software

Product details

Through this feature in our auto classified script, buyers can access essential details about cars and auto parts, including brand name, model, price, and more, providing them with comprehensive information for their purchasing decisions.

Video promotion

Sellers have the capability to incorporate videos for their cars and auto spare parts by using YouTube links. This feature enhances the promotion of products on the platform, offering a dynamic and engaging way to showcase their offerings to potential buyers.

Report option

If a user deems a specific product to be inappropriate within a category, they have the option to report that product. This reporting feature ensures that the platform maintains its integrity and appropriateness for all users.


When sellers upload their car products onto the platform, the system will automatically apply watermarking to the product images. This helps protect the images and maintain the integrity of the sellers’ offerings.

Car Classified Script


Through this feature in our auto classified script, both buyers and sellers on the auto classifieds software will receive immediate notifications about platform activities. This ensures that users remain informed about all events and updates on the platform in real-time.

Auto Classified Script

Web design

Our car classified script incorporates a responsive and visually appealing web design, featuring state-of-the-art technologies and security options. These elements are designed to enhance the overall user experience on the online auto classified software while ensuring a secure and enjoyable browsing and purchasing experience.

Auto Classified Script

Admin dashboard

Utilizing a robust dashboard within the Admin panel, administrators can efficiently oversee and manage various app operations and modules such as exchange to buy, giving away, and more. Additionally, moderators with specific roles can be added to the auto classifieds to effectively assist in managing the day-to-day operations of the platform, ensuring smooth and efficient functionality.

Auto Classified Script

Customization services

If you find the need to add or remove features or are seeking innovative concepts for the product, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Simply make a request, and you’ll receive prompt customization support from our dedicated team to tailor the product to your specific requirements.

Auto Classified Script