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With engaging and accessible video content your platform is ready to draw a remarkable rise in the audience. Through our encouraging scripts, users will have a personalized exploration with a high level of customization and flexibility.

From a random pairing to intuitive interface control, we have features that differentiate your app from others. With our reliable and scalable approach, you can improve user engagement and retention. Integrate our potent script into your chat app in a breeze and take it to a higher level.


Exceptional scalability would provide room for solid growth as your user base expands. Efficiently expand services in response to growing demand while maintaining high standards. Keeping your lead and scaling your business with certainty.


Discover the world of customizing possibilities to adapt our azar clone script to your specific needs. Customize every detail, of feature functionalities and with your branding, to make sure it perfectly meets your goals and audience’s preferences.


With us, you can depend on our dedicated maintenance and support team to always keep your product in good shape. Our group strives to provide important updates in time, efficient problem-solving, professional support, and perfect systems performance.

Break Communication Barriers: Get started With Our Azar Clone Script </>

Discover what our Azar clone script can do to take your video chat business to the next level. Utilize our feature-rich platform and experience greater engagement and better user networking. You will be able to create a custom experience that will help you stand out from the rest with features that are easy to adjust and user-friendly.

Utilize our reliable support services which provide users with the utmost satisfaction and enable perpetual expansion. Our creative idea will not only help you to dominate the market but also outrun your competitors. It is now possible to raise your online video chatting experience to new levels of success with our Azar clone script. Take the sound choice for your company today!

Voice/Video Chat

Give our script a go for a natural sound and video chat as well. Join in lively talks that bridge the gap between people. You can directly take part in real-time interactions to strengthen connection and pleasure. Give your profile an immediate lift.

Discover and Connect Option

What makes our script stand out is find and connect functionality which makes it easier to explore and connect. Find compatible people with no time and effort, use your location and interests. Encourage meaningful interpersonal interactions and enhance the user experience.

One-Hand Feature

Leverage your connectivity through our single-handed function. For example, one hand will point to the screen and will smoothly use the menu, which will undoubtedly make interactions useful. Optimal your user interface design and communication.

Referral Program

Get the incentives with our referral programs. Obtain benefits as friends’ exposure by inviting them. Continue to develop your network, benefit from special deals, and grow user engagement. Commence the referral process at this point to gather incentives.

Video Moderation Option

Our video moderation option is integrated with the security of your conversations. Keep the atmosphere light and forbid everything that may offend people. Grant administrators the resources they need to observe accurately. Prioritize trustworthiness and safety on your platform at all levels.

Empower Your Audience: Amplify Engagement Through 1-on-1 Chats </>

Leveraging our Azar clone script, you will find out the power of communication. Take advantage of the cutting-edge features that are designed to be engaging and provide your video chatting online venture with a next-level experience. Enrich your acquaintances through video chats with high-quality, smart search engines and instant messages.

Our script guarantees that your platform stands out in the menacing sea of competitors by providing superb customization, scalability, and maintenance. With our innovative product, you are sure to lead the market and also satisfy the needs of your clients, leaving them with an ideal solution and a highly loyal customer base.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Go for our azar clone script and let us invest in your success today.

Admin Notification

With our admin notification feature, you remain in the loop and on top of things. Get alerts about users’ activity in real time to maintain effective platform administration and moderation. Quickly make the user experience better and safer.

Advanced Settings

Make use of our advanced tools to set up in a few clicks. Personalize the controls, features, and settings to suit you. Amplify the usability and functionality of your platform.

Web Application

Our online azar clone script is easily accessible. Explore and utilize all features offered by mobile and desktop browsers. Tap into the flexibility and user-friendliness of features that make communication possible at any place and at any time.


Effortlessly personalize your platform by choosing any available option. Customize the interface, brand, and feature sets to match your goals and particular brand identity. Increase the popularity and number of users visiting your website.


After entering the random video chat room, new users are gifted with the first set of gems. Get extra gems by watching promotional videos or via various payment methods. Apply the use of gems for in-app purchases to unlock special features.

Revenue Factor

Top approaches to incorporate monetization that would make money collection convenient and user delightful with the Azar clone app.

Gem Purchase

Our Azar clone’s unique revenue model helps the admin to make a profit from transactions in the Gems store. Users use their gems for premium features and connection with matches, generating in-app sales and quick revenue for admin.

Premium Membership Plans

Admin will be able to generate substantial revenue from the azar clone platform as long as customers stay subscribed to the premium membership plans due to this revenue model. Use live video chats, gift card discounts, and in-app purchases for premium features.

Placing Google Ads

Enables a network administrator to earn money through Google Adsense being delivered on the azar clone app script platform. Admin’s income escalates due to more views. Thus, it is a great monetization method from a long-term perspective.

Promotional In-App Videos

The admin should take money from advertisement that are displayed on the azar clone script. The users get the free gems from the videos they watch, while the admin gets paid a commission per advertisement view.

Converting Gifts Into Gems

The admin generates revenue via the exchange of tips or tokens between the users on the random video chat site. Every single conversion generates commission for the admin thereby providing a pool of earnings.

Track your earnings:

Including the feature in our azar clone script to track earning revenue is crucial for managing the marketplace and observing your profit yielding. This helps you come up with a appropriate revenue strategy.


Take A Look At Our Live Demo To Try Out The Admin Features In Action. </>

Study our azar clone script which serves as a comprehensive control mechanism with which app operations can be efficiently supervised. Try the demo to get a hands-on experience with the administrator panel.


Pat Our Interactive Demo To Test The User Functionality Yourself. </>

Our Azar clone script has a user-friendly interface and a fast login process in just a few steps. Individuals develop gorgeous profiles and quickly connect to their favorite matches through video chat. To get an idea of its flawless performance, check out our demo video.

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Entertaining Add-ons to hold the audience on the platform for a while.

Text Translator

Easily communicate across languages with our text translate function. Impeccably translate messages in real-time enabling cross-cultural relations and user engagement. Overcome language hurdles and communicate seamlessly on our channel.

Smart Reply Option

Interact with our intelligent chatbot promptly. Instantly recommend constructive ideas which will improve the communication process and save time. Boost engagement and faster conversations on our azar clone script platform.

Animated Stickers

Engage users more by providing them with the animated stickers. Enable your customers to narrate a lively story with the help of visual elements. Enhance the user touch and engagement with the amazing animated stickers that we have provided.

Arabic RTL

Enjoy complete Arabic RTL support. Thus, our script provides effortless readability and easy navigation for users and, thereby, helps to improve accessibility, as well as user experience. Be global with audiences and extend your platform’s space with no big deal.

App and Play Store preview designs

Create impressive previews specifically for the App Store and Play Store. Increase your platform’s reputation with this valuable option to maintain user interest. Grab users and retain them using attractive preview designs.

Social media cover banner

Impress a diverse audience with impactful cover banners that earns long-term trust and retention. Display your banners on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Retaining viewers and leaving them awestruck of your style.

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What are the languages are implemented for both apps?

We used Swift V4 for iOS and Java for Android

Is this apps are in Native Platform?

Yes,This app is in Native Platform

Where does the messages store ?

Messages are stored in the local database only.The undelivered messages are stored in Redis and it will be cleared when the messages are delivered.

What is the technology used for video calls?

We use webRTC for video and calls.It’s a free open source from google.

Web Server

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience


Mongo db version 3.4 or higher



PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1


For Instant Chat

Nodejs 10.x


Redis 4.x Stable (Secure installation preferable)

redis ser

Go Lang (1.x or later)




Ioncube loader version 10 or above. Ion Cube PHP Extension decrypts the protected PHP files and optimizes their execution.


Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)


Python Webtest (2.7.*)


SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers

smtp 1
Randou v2.0.4 – 17 November,2022
[Added] Delete Account
[Removed] Facebook login
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements
Randou v2.0.3 – 04 January,2022
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Randou v2.0.2 – 15 September, 2021
[Added] Android Migrated to API 30 and Scoped storage enforcement.
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Randou V2.0.1 – 05 April, 2021
[Added] Dark theme support
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Randou V2.0 – 27 April, 2020
[Added] Swipe nearby users & filters.
[Added] Interest and find who’s interested in me.
[Added] Friends.
[Added] New Matches.
[Added] User unique username & its search by QR Code
[Added] Random voice chat
[Added] Passcode option.
[Added] Face Masking & Blur Option.
[Added] Rate us Option.
[Removed] Followings / Followers.
[Fixed] Bug fixes and improvements
Randou v1.0 – 23 May, 2019
Mobile Changes:
[Added] Signin & Signup with Facebook & Phonenumber.
[Added] Touch to do random live video chats
[Added] Search & find partners with age & location & gender filters.
[Added] Easy swipe navigation & animations.
[Added] Tap to send Stickers.
[Added] Purchase & Send Gifts.
[Added] Follow & Unfollow Users.
[Added] Report inappropriate Video chats.
[Added] Recent chat history page.
[Added] Gems store to purchase gems.
[Added] Instant Chats.
[Added] Share instant snaps & images with friends.
[Added] Make a Video calls.
[Added] Block and Unblock Users.
[Added] Subscribe & became a Prime Member.
[Added] Convert Gifts to gems.
[Added] Invite friends & earn gems.
[Added] Watch video ads & earn gems.
[Added] View Own & Other’s profile.
[Added] Google ads integrated.
[Added] Notification Controls & Privacy Options
[Added] View Followings & Followers List.
[Added] Help & Terms content.
Front End Changes:
[Added] Landing Page.
[Added] Help & Terms Page.
[Added] Contact-us Page.
Admin Panel Changes:
[Added] Email Login.
[Added] Instant Dashboard.
[Added] App statistics (Charts)..
[Added] Settings Controls.
[Added] Accounts Management.
[Added] Payment Transactions.
[Added] Subscription Management.
[Added] Gems Management.
[Added] Gifts Management.
[Added] Sliders Management.
[Added] Users’s Report Management.
[Added] Admin Notifications.
[Added] Help & Terms Management.
[Added] Language translation (English & French).


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