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The consumer guide for finding the best selling Airbnb clone open source


26 Dec 2018 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 16 min read

best selling airbnb clone

16 min read

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The analysts forecast the global vacation rental market to grow at a CAGR of 7.07% during the period 2018 – 2022. And to top that there are a staggering 115,000 vacation rental companies worldwide.

Truth is with the demand for holiday and vacation rental platforms growing each and every day, the supply is inadequate to satisfy every user need. Food & Lodging based business found one of the growing segment in the current global business trends.

reservation business grows

So don’t worry, you still have your pace to prove in this ginormous industry.

Whether you’re a developer, marketer, entrepreneur there’s a vague idea in the back of your mind that keeps on lurking while selecting the best selling Airbnb clone open source for your business.

It’s not an unjustified fear. The prescription to success in the vacation and holiday rental industry in today’s economy are fugacious, at best. Everything keeps reshaping, and the best of the best is having to be able to pivot- quickly and competently.

I am one hundred percent sure that every open source script providers label themselves as the “BEST”.

All these best scripts lose its significant notion before hitting the market.

Because there are only a very few providers who don’t just stop with labelling their product as best, but they work for it. Every day. Consistently to make it “THE” best in the market.

And if you’re unable to find those right providers of best selling Airbnb clone open source, don’t worry.

I believe that I can guide you to find the best one. 

Still, I am not here to justify why you should buy a clone, for instance, X. But to educate you about the convincing factors that kick in before you label clone X as the best selling  Airbnb clone.

Let’s dive in.

Identifying the best selling Airbnb Clone

It is every day that I see new entrepreneurs coming out with mostly basic but common vacation script issues. Few very relevant questions are

  1. How do I find the best selling Airbnb clone?
  2. Should I do trend research?
  3. The number of downloads/sales is really matters?

The answers,

You know it is the best selling Airbnb clone script when the customers are talking about it. You can check this from the service provider’s customer stories.

Be cautious, if they’re their potential customers. This process is popularly known as, WOMM (Word of mouth) marketing which is different and better than the referral marketing.

word of mouth marketing

Usually I don’t recommend you to trust a script with its number of downloads. As of now, downloading comes with no algorithm or trackers. Which makes everyone can download an app script and it will be counted.

Also, check their customers business online presence before taking it into consideration.

Though these are things you have to account about the provider, I have curated a list about what characteristics to look for in the script that is branded as the “BEST”.

Far-reaching traits of a best selling Airbnb clone should include:

  • Captivating and elegant UI for better new user retention. And check if the apps are device portable.
  • Make sure the service provider quote apps for your targeted platforms like Android and Ios.
  • Finding the working efficiency of the script can be done using many upgraded free online tools.
  • A booking and reservation system that allows you to manage hourly and daily bookings, track the calendars and block off any necessary periods, approve bookings and create customised quotes, answer inquiries, process small payments.
  • The script should include a dynamic currency conversion manager for a better in-app experience.
  • Get to know if the provider is having recognised Play store and App store accounts with no or minimal spammed report. This will come in hand when you want your apps to be published in those platforms.
  • It’s about giving almost all the controls of the system to admin through the admin panel so that he does not need a developer to complete the primary tasks all the time.


If they can do this for themselves, trust me they can do it for you too.

Other factors you have to ask and get clarified  before investing your money

  1. What you want versus what the script has?
  2. Are you compromising any important feature?
  3. Have you analysed the codes technical strength?
  4. Does the backend of the script is versatile and strong?
  5. What are all the communication &  support terms of the service provider?
  6. At what intervals can you expect technical updates and maintenance?
  7. Finally, what about the trust measurements of the service provider?

Let’s break this down one by one.

1. What you want versus what the script has?

As a customer, you have to understand one big difference between buying a product Vs buying values.

This can be also put under the products most needed and wanted features.

The needed features in a product have a direct impact on the product’s productivity. On the other hand, the wanted features are something that is subjected to constant changes.

Which keeps on evolving over the time.  And then comes the demands. These are things that attract your end customer or satisfies his emergency need.

airbnb clone customisation

While all the three has their own contribution towards a products building. So don’t get ‘em confused with the priorities.

You’re in need to build a product that satisfies your users’ demands. Only focus on the features and functions that make the building blocks of your product.

You can include the wanted features slowly during every update. This will not be too-over-to-ask and your service provider’s will don’t find them hard. Plus, you’ll sound like a responsible customer for them. Do not forget to make them feel so.  

Another thing you and me have in common: Obsessed with cheap price. While they are satisfying for ears, I after all these years understood that they won’t do anything good for you.

As simple as that.!

You have to understand that it is very difficult to build a sustainable and profitable company.

Yes, many Airbnb clone open source script providers sell costs comparison end up losing at the end of the day. Not the established ones.

Did you know why?

Just look into the price and quality matrix that clearly shows, why good work ain’t cheap!

That is the thing with established company’s pricing. They will build brands for you. Not just a cheap commodity. They know what it is like to be left with nickel and dime.

They also understand what it takes to build a product that undercuts the competition with its quality. Not with compromises.

Now, it is up to you again, to decide what you need. This can be anything in between. My sincere advice is not to go with the cheaper options, cause again you’ve to put on your investments to reshape them. While you can already get a great product, why go for the other?

Once you are determined to spend more, never forget to ask for more (reasonably more). Get all your customizations done before nodding yes.

See the pattern?

Many startups logic in generating a product is working in the wrong direction. They’re always looking for the most trendy features first in hopes of becoming rich. Not famous.

And there is this BIG line between them.

When their plan doesn’t work out at the end of the day, startups blame everything else except their half-researched feature ideas or lazy action plan.

Now the most underused ingredient while selecting the best Airbnb open source seller is that many business owners tend to analyze if the provider is capable of customization.

Why I call it underused is because many of the investors just forget the bottom line of their investment. When you invest a LOT of money in your product, you have to utilize the open source provider to the fullest.

Even if they take their time and slow down a bit, do not compromise till you get at least 90% of the features done from them.

This saves you a huge bunch of time from finding a freelancer or any other developer to do so.

2. Are you compromising any important feature?

✔ Understand each and every features incorporated in your script before buying. This will save your spendings and you can avoid certain fancy features in the early stage.

✔ Always trust service providers with “open demo”. These people are the branded providers whom we discussed earlier.

✔ While using Open demo’s you don’t provide disclose any personally sensitive information. These people respect your privacy and are confident about their business. They won’t ask you to proffer this information unless you want to. This also comes with a few bonuses. That is,

airbnb clone

You can be able to experiment all the modules in the demo

You can collect the real-time proofs about the app’s functionality

Now don’t leave just with the demo. Keeping nagging with their support or service team. Whoever you’re provided access with. Learn the ins and outs of the script. Again, this will save each and every dollar you spend.

And also, you will understand if this particular script provider can bring all your business needs or not.

Get to know about the Unique Selling Point of that product. You’re investing in your future, don’t compromise for anything that is nothing but a shot of ordinary.

Every user sees hundreds of websites each day. Copying the exact look of what Airbnb is not what cloning is all about.

And if your service provider ever mentions this as the signature of the clone, back from them.

Research about the best UI and UX practices and compare how much effort they can incorporate for building that one addictive vacation rental marketplace.

Most importantly don’t follow the crowd. You cannot bring all the features that Airbnb has today. That too, in the first version of your app. That’s time-consuming and costs high.

There are many features you can avoid or add more to make your business stand out. Focus only the must-have functionalities. At least in the first version.

Agile service providers pin-point and remove all the unwanted features to give you a quality service. Enquiring about these attention-grabbing features will eliminate future pitfalls.

Have a copy on the time-frame and app version updates for your Airbnb product.

FYI, and cross-checking.

3. Have you analysed the codes technical strength?

Now you probably can see where this is going.

You really want a persistent code structure (without annoying lines). You would find many Airbnb clone open source providers online and many more who do not get the idea of clean code process.


“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler 

They just stuff everything, EVERYTHING!

Test the code whether it has the ability to work properly during maximum traffic loads.

You don’t want something that stands still for 3 minutes just because you tapped that explore button thrice. Would you?

I guess no.

You have to now research about the technology your product is built with. Many fraudsters are developing Airbnb clones using very, very outdated technologies. Investing your everything in that trash is nothing but a pitfall.

Don’t be blind!

Open your eyes and analyze the coding platforms clearly.

If you’re thinking, “wait, how will I never know this now?”

Here’s my answer: You don’t have to know it all by yourself!

There is a tool to do that scrutinization process for you. The code quality is assessed with an automated static code analysis process. The tool notifies you about security issues, duplicate codes, and complexity for every commit and pulls request made.

Then don’t change any of the source code we upload and that is a plus point.

Codacy grading metrix using static code algorithm - open source Airbnb clone

Codacy also grades your project from A to F in different categories like Code Complexity, Compatibility, security, code style, error-prone etc. Grade A is the highest rank.

And It is absolutely FREE to use.

You’re in your very first business. You don’t need to be that know it all guy. Just focus and validate whatever your service provider said he has.

And yes, you won’t get it right for the first time. But you’ll surely when you validate thrice.

There will come a crucial part for your product when you have to discontinue the service from your open source script provider. This may be due to many many reasons. Maybe you won’t be discontinuing.

Sometimes, a recently outdated technology will also put you in a state where you ‘ll find it hard for upgradations. Hence, another benefit of choosing an Airbnb open source clone built with the latest technology is that it will be easy to find developers to enhance the products quality further.

However, check the standards they’ve maintained so far. And while migrating reload your gun and start from step 1.

Technically speaking about the technical updates, do not leave that company without incorporating all the features you need.

As long as they’re in service for you.

4. Does the backend of the script is versatile and strong?

To find this rightly, find what are all the places where you can’t perceive the codes versatility and strength. Make a list of it.

Pull that support developer and keep on repeating your doubts till you get clarified.

No, you’re not trying to show that you’re too brilliant to come up with this idea. Neither of this will bring your billion of dollars right away. But this will save you and your billion dollar business. So go for it.

Do you know what makes a clean and complete code?

Neither did I, when I started.

But now, I can tell you that it is the ability to have the complete access to your product even after migrating from a service provider or while initiating a stand-alone portal.

This is a critical place where many open source providers fail. The point is, yes you’ll have an admin panel or a CMS or control panel, you name it for your end Airbnb apps.

script server load

Where the best sellers will nail it by providing you full control over your product without limitations. 

If you’re still not sure about the strength, do not be shy to get help from popular code performance testers online.

Become a detective to find if they’ve built something that is secure and sound.

5. What are all the communication &  support terms of the service provider?

I had to work with different providers when I was an employee. You know what was the difference between the excellent and the ordinary. They communicate. 

No matter what it was about, they will not be someone who will do anything that is not going to turn out well. They’ll speak up. And this has impressed and saved my business a whole lot of time.

This is the key aspect that every best selling Airbnb clone source providers have in common. Check if you at least get one technical guy who speaks human English.

Why human English?

Because not all business owners are a geek to understand the techie talks. So get yourself a guy from the company. He can work for your product and communicate you the technical aspects in simple terms.  

Chances are there that your service provider can be from other parts of the world. And their working timings may vary. For better response time, ask your partner about this factor.

In case of any urgent issues, they should get back to you at least within 10 hours. And the support duration differs from each service providers, as far as my research.

Try to picturize of what the support period covers and not. Because this is the key that any service provider can easily surprise you at the end.

You should make a note of about service period commencements and expiration with renewals. 

Do you know what type of support mediums your service provider use?

Email is great, But not when you need direct communication. There are many reasons why email is inefficient at support periods due to its long threads.

You might even not know if your email was opened or not. This just takes the nice right out of you. Have you experienced one such situation?

I have.

? Nowadays many service providers are using WhatsApp and Skype for instant response and quick support. Don’t be careless with your team communications.

? Maintenance & extended support are also equally important and make sure if you’re investing in a script that has got such flexible plans.

6. At what intervals can you expect technical updates and maintenance?

When you choose to invest for a script from the direct seller, consider

If they are providing regular updates for their products. You can get help for this using the Changelog of the product.

Annual maintenance can is essential for a hassle-free business. Most of the service providers do not take this into account. This doesn’t label Annual maintenance as any less important.

7. What about the trust measurements of the service provider?

Reviewing a company’s reputation over the internet and social media will do.

Check their client portfolio and their product’s success.

Refer other business websites who manage and review online businesses. Just like and so.

Seriously, go of the wall that crazy. It’s your business. Don’t act bling or dumb for cheap practices. It is your product and your investment. You have every right to ask for what’s being added and removed from your product.

reputation of open source providers

If you don’t really mind skipping the important updates and maintenance for your business for a cheaper tag, you can buy your Airbnb scripts from Codester, Codecanyon.

As they provide you scripts for a cheaper price with limitations.

If you really want to value your business in the place of a cheaper product, the direct sellers are people who will become your products backbone.

Most commonly, read every open source service provider support and technical documents for better clarification. Therefore, don’t be judgmental with a company’s pricing. Great brands always a reason for doing so. Get to roots and dig ‘em deep.

Wrapping it up:

By doing this you’ll get every single thing fall in place. You’ve to measure, track and analyze it. We all don’t always know what we want. That’s okay. After planning or putting them all in a spreadsheet will help you understand the relevant preference.

Alright. I have given you how to find the best seller of best selling Airbnb clone. It’s now your turn to catch the big fish.

The good news is that it’s not too late to start investing in the stuff that really matters to you. The bad news is you’ve to be ready to take the long road without skipping the speed breakers.

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