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Business model of Car Rental Script business


30 May 2019 on Our Products · 6 min read

car rental script

6 min read

Vehicle rental platforms have emerged as an interesting startup option, and are building their footprints across the world. If you are also planning to clone a successful rental apps like airbnb, here is the business model, tips, car rental script features and related details that you must keep in mind:

Let’s start with the business model of an car rental script, and learn how people earn money from it.

Business Model for starting a car rental business

Businesses like Expedia, LYFT, and Orbitz offer a platform where you can easily rent your vehicle, Vehicle when it is lying free. The implicit online business of vehicles is made from the vehicle owners who charge a fee to rent out their vehicle using a platform.

The renters can easily access a vehicle and pay only for the time they are using the vehicle. Such businesses provide a platform for Vehicle bookings, boat bookings, bike bookings and so while charging a fixed percentage of the fee as commission to the platform owner.

buisness model of vehicle rental script

The revenue model of businesses built using car rental script

Commission on the booking fee

The vehicle platform owner can charge a nominal booking fee on every vehicle booking made using the platform from the renter.

Banner Ads and On-Site vehicle promotion

Banner Advertising or Featured Listing for vehicle owners who are willing to pay some extra money to get more bookings.

Subscription Packages for vehicle owners

Yearly/Monthly subscription to vehicle spare products or regular bookings to users that helps them to manage instant & secure vehicle sharing (with features like GPS tracking, tamper detection, & engine lock) through smartphones.

Types of users who’ll be using your vehicle renting platform

Vehicle Renter

Users who are looking to book a vehicle on rent. They can search for a vehicle as per their requirement and get them on rent after providing necessary details and make payment either before or after their ride.

Vehicle owner

Users who list their vehicles on your platform with features and cost. When renter books a vehicle, the respective vehicle owner is notified.


From content management to users and listings management, the platform administrator has complete control of the vehicle renting platform. The admin can also manage bookings and generate reports.

Vehicle Renter Features


user panel car rental1. Registration

  • Via Email-ID
  • Email-ID Verification via verification link on Email
  • Via Google+
  • Via Facebook
  • Phone Number Verification (For all types of Registration)

2. Login

3. Forgot Password

4. Manage Account

  • Manage Profile Details
  • Change Password
  • Trip History
  • Past Bookings
  • View Details
  • Give Reviews to Vehicle Owner
  • View Past Ratings and Reviews
  • Upcoming Bookings
  • Booking Details
  • Booking Status
  • Cancel Booking
    • Cancelled Bookings
    • Cancellation Status

5. Vehicle Search Tool

  • Location
  • Pickup Date & Time
  • Return Date & Time

6. Search Result Listings Page

  • Categories and Search Filters
  • Price
  • Pickup/delivery
  • No of passengers
  • Booking Availability
  • Instant Booking
  • Normal Booking
  • Mileage limit
  • Vehicle type
  • Make & features

7. Page View

  • List View (Brief detail of Vehicles with an image)
  • Map View (Pointed Markers for available Vehicles Location)
  • Highlight Listing on Map on Hover Listing

8. Vehicle Detail Page

  • Vehicle Name and Model
  • Vehicle Features and Specifications
  • Photographs
  • Interiors
  • Exteriors
  • Vehicle Renting Cost Details
    • Hourly Rate
    • Daily Rate
    • Weekly Rate
    • Mileage Cap
  • Vehicle Cost Calculator
    • Availability Chart
    • Pickup Date & Time
    • Return Date & Time
    • Total Cost
  • Vehicle Owner Details
  • Vehicle Usage and Maintenance Instructions
  • Pick-Up Location Information
  • Available Booking Options
  • Share with People
  • Email
  • Social Media Channels
  • Reviews and Ratings

9. Vehicle Booking

  • Booking Details Confirmation
  • Personal Information
  • Driver Details
  • Payment Gateways
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal
  • Payment Confirmation & Booking Receipt

10. Help

11. Blog

Vehicle Owner Features of  car rental script


vehicle owner of car rental script

1. Registration

  • Via Email-ID
  • Email-ID Verification via verification link on Email
  • Via Google+
  • Via Facebook
  • Phone Number Verification (For all types of Registration)
  • Subscription Package

2. Login

  • Forgot Password
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Profile Details
  • Change Password

3. View all Bookings

  • Past Bookings
  • View Details
  • Give Reviews to Vehicle Renter
  • View Received Ratings and Reviews

4. New Bookings

  • Booking Details
  • Confirm Booking
  • Reject Booking

5. Cancelled Bookings

  • Search Filters
  • By Date Range
  • By Listing Name

6. View Vehicle Listings

  • Listing Details
  • Average Ratings
  • Number of Bookings
  • Search Filters
  • By Date Range
  • By Vehicle Name

7. Create Vehicle Listing

  • Vehicle Basic Details
  • Vehicle Features and Specifications
  • Photographs
  • Interiors
  • Exteriors

8. Vehicle Renting Cost Details

  • Hourly Rate
  • Daily Rate
  • Weekly Rate

9. Availability Details

  • Mileage calculation
  • Vehicle Usage and Maintenance Instructions
  • Pick-Up Location Information

10. Available Booking Options

  • Instant Booking(Immediate Approval)
  • Normal Booking (Approval/Cancellation in specified hours)

11. Insurance Options

12. Paid Promotions

Admin Features


Admin panel of vehicle rental

1. Manage Users (Vehicle Owners and Renters)

2. Manage Listings

  • Create/Edit/Delete Listing
  • Approve Listing
  • Reject Listing
  • Manage Country/State/City
  • Manage Vehicles/Brand Name/Model Feature List

3. Manage Bookings

  • Manage Payments and Transactions
  • Manage Reviews and Ratings
  • Manage Payment Gateways

4. Manage Blogs

  • Blog Posts
  • User Comments

5. Manage Featured Rides

6. Manage Banner Advertisements

7. Privacy Policy etc.

8. Manage Subscription Packages

9. Reports

  • User Reports
  • Transaction Reports
  • Listings Reports

10. Email Notifications

  • Email notification for account confirmation
  • Email Notification for approval of listing from Admin

11. Payments received by Vehicle Owner

  • Trip Request by Renter
  • The trip confirmation status/cancelled by the Vehicle owner
  • Trip cancellation by Renter
  • Payment Receipt for Renter
  • Notification from Admin

NOTE: All of the email notifications will be sent on the basis of email settings preferred by renter and Vehicle owner.

Detailed features and flow processes for car rental script

High-Level Flow Process for listing a Vehicle

business models

High-Level Flow Process for Hiring a Vehicle on Rent using a car rental script


renter workflow business model

Key metrics you should focus to make your vehicle rental business a successful one

The vehicle rental features discussed above are analytical in nature, and you invest in needs them all to get the design and functionality perfect. Also, add to this the below mentioned key metrics that’ll help you grow your vehicle rental script.

  1. Verify Renters and their license carefully.
  2. Tying up with good insurance agency and roadside service provider will be a great thing for Renters and vehicle owners.
  3. Ensure Booking confirmation timings. Delay in booking won’t do any good for a Renters business.
  4. Make process convenient, both online and on-road as both are part of your successful business.
  5. Invest in a mobile app for both Android and IOS users. If possible consider having a web app too.
periscope clone
Note :

With in-depth market research and analysis, we have presented here the list of all beneficial inclusions that help your business to maintain a competitive edge. These above-mentioned features and functionalities may not be readily available in our versatile script. But, our scalable solution can be customized swiftly and effortlessly to include these additional features and thereby making your business stand out from the crowd. To know more about the cost and time frame for these inclusions in our script, you can contact our customer help desk.

Wrapping it up

If you haven’t started optimizing your business for today’s vehicle rental marketplace, then the time is ripe to start doing so.

Remember, the businesses who think ahead of their competitors and take efforts to keep their customers happy are able to generate maximum profits. Make use of the strategies discussed in this article to optimize your vehicle rental business and satisfy your customers, both now and into the future.

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