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Is it the right time to build a profitable rental platform similar to Airbnb?

Shivani Suryakandan

01 Dec 2021 on Our Products · 4 min read

airbnb clone script

4 min read

Of all online businesses, there is a handful of sectors that emerged successful even after an unexpected drastic downfall. In that list of the worst-hit online businesses, the travel industry is at the top. It’s obvious how the monstrous COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown made it difficult for all online rental businesses like Airbnb.

This was mainly due to the measures taken to confine the entire globe into their respective homes. For an online rental business like Airbnb, it for sure had an unfavorable effect especially on its hotel and travel bookings across the world.

You must be an ambitious entrepreneur and so you’ve admired the growth of the online rental business once. And, must have made you dream of building an amazing online rental platform. Being an entrepreneur who awed at Airbnb’s comeback, have you ever wondered how Airbnb managed to do this?

Despite being a trustworthy and notable renowned marketplace for lodging, rental, and tourism bookings in 2020, Airbnb got pushed far too below the level where it had to start things from scratch. Slowly, hosts and travelers started claiming refunds on all the bookings that got canceled due to lockdown.

And, this sudden act of its users pushed them even far, making them cancel their Million dollar marketing budget. Yet, Airbnb didn’t vanish. Instead, it remained dormant and made a remarkable comeback. Though, as an entrepreneur, you aren’t alien to the rise and fall of an online business, you have to know how a popular Online rental business survived its hard times.
Thus, stick with me till the end of this blog to find out how an online rental business made ends meet during an unexpected crisis? And, how to arrive at an innovative online rental platform similar to Airbnb?

How to make ends meet in an online rental business during an unexpected crisis?

Unexpected events either turn you down or set you up. It is all a matter of perspective.

In the same way, you need to get ready to face every tide and its ebb in the online rental business sector. If entrepreneurs should be grateful to the covid 19 crisis, then they all have to be grateful for teaching them to be prepared to withstand whatever is in store shortly.

Let me explain this with an example. The popular online rental business Airbnb was put through difficult situations that even lead the app to lose all its progress. They were left with a billion-dollar debt too. But, Airbnb took a smart turn.

It made a wise move by launching its innovative “Online Experiences” amidst its losing battle. Online experiences served as a platform that was hosted by users of over 30 countries. And, the platform was aimed at providing access to people about all cultures and traditions from around the world. This was achieved by offering lessons to viewers such as portrait sketching lessons, cooking classes, mentoring on meditations, and much more through the Zoom app.

So, this teaches a very valuable lesson. To succeed in the long run, an online rental business needs to be flexible. Thus, while developing your desired online rental platform like Airbnb, be cautious that you build one with the same trait. But, do you think it is possible?

Of course, it is! Anything is possible if you are smart enough to find how to achieve it. Are you puzzled? I know that building a new app from scratch is for sure a herculean task. This would require all of your time and will also deplete most of your hard-earned money. Yet, when I suggested it is possible to arrive at an eminent online rental platform like Airbnb, I meant creating such an amazing online rental platform using an authentic Airbnb clone script.

Yes! Opting for an eminent and perfect Airbnb clone script is the key to arrive at your desired online rental platforms within a short while and at an affordable price. In addition to this, by choosing a clone solution of such an existing popular app, your sustainability becomes unquestionable. Therefore, all you need to do is find the right place to get such an amazing Airbnb clone script

Wrapping up

Hope you are clear about how Airbnb retained its form by being flexible. Apart from this, you are also aware of the fact that opting for a perfect Airbnb clone script is the only smartest way to arrive at your desired online rental platform. And, you are yet to know where to look for such an excellent and all-inclusive Airbnb clone script.

Appkodes is the one-stop that can provide you with an authentic and scalable Airbnb clone script. Appkodes team of intellectual developers have got more than a decade of experience in giving wings to the dream of aspiring entrepreneurs like you. So, just stop pondering and click on this link to get a glimpse of the working demo of their Airbnb clone script, Appkodes Airfinch.

Thus, developing your dream online rental business is just a pushover. So, Be quick! Get in touch with the Appkodes team to make the impossible happen. Best Wishes on your upcoming venture.

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