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Whatsapp clone – For building successful marketing strategies

Whatsapp clone - For building successful marketing strategies

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Have you ever thought why most businesses fail in spite of setting clear-cut goals and strategic plans? The reason for the failure is mainly due to the lack of a strong marketing strategy. This is because you may be offering the best services and products in your industry but you cannot shine in your business unless you educate your potential customers about your products.

Therefore, any product or service or whatever a business provides must be introduced and promoted efficiently among prospective customers. With such strong promotional activities, you can provide a golden opportunity for your business to be discovered by your customers. Also, it is essential to reinforce the bond with your customers. Only then, you can face the cutthroat competition and attain success

Product promotional activities of a business

So, each and every entrepreneur like you must realize that the heart of the business growth lies in marketing. But, how to do such effective marketing to beat the competition in your business sector?

Without any surprise, the messaging app like Whatsapp will be the perfect choice to meet the marketing needs of businesses. To say it simply, people nowadays widely use messenger apps. And so, there is no doubt that they will expect to find your business there.

So, if you still think that messaging apps are just for chatting with friends, then you are wrong. Apart from serving as a messaging solution, the Whatsapp clone app can act as an apt marketing solution for businesses.

As a striving entrepreneur, do you want to know about the crucial role of the messaging app in marketing activities? Then, continue to read the blog to know how a Whatsapp clone app can act as a powerful marketing solution; how to get the most out of Whatsapp clone in marketing

Whatsapp clone – as an integral part of a powerful marketing strategy

Let us now see how an instant messaging app can act as a comprehensive marketing solution for business promotional activities

Quality Two-way messaging

Customers of today prefer to have real-time conversations with the businesses to know about their products and services better. The instant messaging app can satisfy these user needs by acting as a reliable two-way messaging platform for the customers around the globe.

Customer communication with instant messaging app

So, businesses can directly chat and take orders from the users and can provide a personalized service to them. This will surely boost user engagement and will make them feel important and valued. Eventually, the customer bond will be intensified and customer buying pattern will be changed in favor of the business

Leverage enhanced functionalities

Businesses can update app status with relevant ads, quotes, and links of videos that were published on social media platforms. This can also serve as the best way to announce offers and flash sales to customers.

The right usage of status space with creative content will draw the attention of users and will boost curiosity among the customers. Also, owners can include multiple payment gateways in the messaging app in order to ease the payment process of the users. Similarly, advanced functionalities can be added to the messaging app to grab more eyeballs

Sending custom messages

People will tend to approach the service again and again where they felt more valued and wanted. So, businesses can kindle interest in the minds of customers by sending them personalized messages on festivals, on other occasions, etc through messaging app.

Whatsapp clone app for sending personalized content

Unlike an announcement to everyone, personal messages can amaze users to a greater extent.

Group targeting

You can engage your target customers by creating groups in the messaging app. It is also the best way to segment and target your potential customers. You can create a group for your business and add clients to it who are most likely to buy your service or product. You can then update users in that group regularly with useful and relevant content, media, and so on.

Thereby, you can reach the right customers easily and interact with them seamlessly. Another noticeable benefit of this feature is that when any participant shares the content with their family or friends, then there is an increased possibility for your message to go viral.

How to get most out of Whatsapp clone in marketing

Let us now see how businesses can get most out of the Whatsapp clone app for marketing tasks

Running campaigns

Business owners must understand that there are thousands of brands out there. And so, they must do something innovative in their marketing campaigns. So, entrepreneurs can create and run marketing campaigns through instant messaging apps.

Whatsapp clone app for running marketing campaigns

It is also essential to add a personal touch to the campaigns to give a pleasant experience for the customers. Users can also be kept engaged by carrying out contests and other similar activities through messaging apps

Personal customer service experience

Almost all users want a better way to get quick solutions for their requests. With instant messaging apps, businesses can provide quality customer support which each and every user will be looking for.

Quality customer support through messaging app

As the app supports rich media, any text, video, or audio can be used to reach out to the customers and solve their issues swiftly.

Create and run impressive ads

Is there any user who doesn’t want any excitement or fun? The answer is obviously no. So, as a proprietor, you can create attractive ads for any new product. You can also create teasers or sneak peek for any unannounced service or a product, etc.

You can then run those ads in your messaging app. This will impress users greatly and will make them expect more from you in the future. Thereby, you can easily popularize your product or service among your target customers

Collecting customer feedback

An instant messaging app like Whatsapp can provide a convenient way to do customer research and to collect feedback. So, instead of following a tedious process of calling customers individually for feedback, you can create a questionnaire and post it in the user group to get the required answers for your business. With this, market research can be done effectively for your business.

Instant messaging app for getting product feedback

Also, with the feedback collected, you can enhance the services and products you render. So, messaging apps provide a non-intrusive way to interact with your customers.

Building a modern and better messaging app

From the above sections, now you can understand how instant messaging app can serve as a marketing solution for businesses to promote their products and services in a better way. I hope now you will have an idea of developing a top-notch messaging app to streamline your business promotional activities

To build a robust Whatsapp clone app, you must carry out the below processes

  • Select the platform based on your business needs (Android, iOS, or both)
  • Decide on the features that need to be included
  • Choose the app development team that can satisfy all your quality, time and cost requirements

When we speak about the features of the messaging app, there are some significant and business-friendly inclusions. Listed below are some of the key features of the messaging app, so take a quick look at it

  • A dedicated business profile that allows you to add necessary data such as a physical address, email address, a short description of your business, etc. This will surely add a professional touch to your account
  • To secure the chat messages and other confidential data from unauthorized people, the messaging app must include modern cryptography technology
  • The app must support multimedia file transmission to launch or promote the products with rich media content
  • Save and send frequently used messages with Quick replies. As every business has some standard set of questions, those most asked queries can be quickly answered with this feature
  • The messaging app should allow for the inclusion of prominent payment gateways to impress users
  • With Labels, you can organize your chats or contacts and streamline the operations
Instant messaging app with advanced features

Like the above-mentioned functions, there are several other features that are needed to be considered when you want to build a messaging app. You can also refer the communication business blog in order to know more about the incredible features of the instant messaging app and different aspects of the messaging app development process

From the above sections, I hope you understand the vital role of instant messaging apps in the business marketing activities. So, it is a must for entrepreneurs like you to develop an impeccable messaging app that can serve as an ideal marketing solution to promote your products and services among your prospective and loyal customers.

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