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How Joysale Online Classifieds script works ?

Joysale – Buy sell script is a fully functional PHP solution that allows to create infinite pages for listings, easily modify data fields, and customize your services to suit your needs. This PHP based classifieds system and inventory script is endlessly customizable and easy to maintain.

Carousell, Joysale Clone script comes with a readymade application based on iOS and Android platforms which can be immediately used by entrepreneurs who have a thought of creating income by facilitating nearby purchasing and offering of products.

Joysale clone is an innovative process that entails “buying and selling of products through websites on the internet” instead of the normal shopping-at-the-store offline. We have built a Carousell Clone Script – Joysale which is a leading Classified ads script to provide a platform for sellers and buyers to post their preloved items, rare finds, collectors’ items, etc.

Buy and sell concepts are rocking the online world, even used goods and products can sell or buy easily with Joysale clone script. The Joysale – online classified script is developed from a base of most popular classified scripts which keeps your business, ropes with online shopping world.

  • Being one of the easiest and quickest revenue in Joysale Ad promotions for each product will be displayed at the top of the page in search result.
  • Admins may provide Ad Promotions by assigning a specific cost for a specific number of days to avail for the sellers.
  • Ad Promotions provide higher visibility in search results by listing the ads stand out from regular posts which makes sellers to get more buyers.
  • The Next quickest promotion to sell the products much faster than ever in Joysale script is Urgent Promotions.
  • Admin may provide Urgent promotions to the sellers to those product which has to sell immediately by assigning his own specified cost.
  • By using this feature, the product will be displayed at higher frequency of listing placement and the buyer gets more opportunities to see the product.
Instant live chat
  • Discussions are now made easier & better between the buyer and seller through the Instant Live chat feature.
  • Either seller or buyer will be notified with the push notifications if any other texts one another about any product discussions.
  • Instant Live Chat makes the sale or purchase between buyer and seller simple with online indications, typing texts etc.
  • Users can choose different languages to go international or target specific country of your wish with the multilingual support.
  • Joysale script can be translated in to any language. You can easily change all the content in the site and in admin panel.
  • With many languages to choose from you can start your own classifieds site in your own native language or the language you would actually want to.
Exchange To Buy
  • Exchange to buy is one of the interesting feature which any other script may never avail or provide.
  • Here, if any user is about to buy a product from other user but couldn’t afford to buy it. He may product swap by using this feature.
  • Product Swapping in the sense the users may exchange their products in return to the product they need. By choosing the product you want to exchange you can send an “exchange request” to the other seller quickly.
Make an Offer
  • Buyers now may request for offers from the sellers using this Make an Offer feature. Once the offer is requested it will be notified to the Seller.
  • Sellers may now avail buyers more and more offers by using make an offer feature. Make an offer can also be used to provide offers to a buyer individually.
  • Our team have also have a vision of roadmap in building up this feature as Accept/Decline which makes easy to the sellers to accept or decline an offer.
  • Users may easily identify the Seller using this Verification feature.
  • Verification feature is highly recommended for the buyers to find and get to identify the Trusted Seller.
  • The Verifications may done by Emails-Confirming email by clicking the link sent, Facebook-logging in using the user account or Mobile-by using the OTP sent.
Social Activities
  • Make the process of registering and logging in as easy as possible with social profile login and the users may also like and comment on products.
  • Follow any seller you trust or you are interested in buying a specified seller’s product.
  • Users will receive push notifications about the invite sent from social media in the Joysale Mobile App.
Currency Management
Currency Management
  • Joysale supports many number of currency which might only be added by the Admin of his own wish.
  • Buyers may purchase the product only by the currency which is provided and allowed by the seller.
  • Admin may also provide currencies based on their native location.
Advanced Search Filters
  • Category based search provides users to search for products based on the category they required and provides quick results on the category.
  • Location based search provides users to search for products based on the location they wish and it provides effective results around the location.
  • Distance based search provides users to search for products based on a particular location and the miles of distance which has to be covered on search.
Product Conditions
  • Product conditions feature provides the dusk to dawn details of the products such as Name, Category, Upload time, Views etc.
  • Report Inappropriate feature is available to the users where he/she may report any product which is inappropriate to the category.
  • Admin may control the products condition in which it was either new or old brand for the better understanding of the product by the buyers.
  • Joysale is built with an attractive design, yet it can be modified to your requirements like UI or custom design.
  • Our well experienced Coders developed Joysale script like an Art though the speed and performance of the website will be extremely powerful.
  • Our script is safe, well secured and error-free to use. Our Security options will protect your website from unwanted attacks. You will get 100% secured website.
  • Joysale script is developed with ultimate monitoring of every coding which makes the script completely a bug free.
Joysale is built with an attractive design, yet it can be modified to your requirements like UI or custom design.
Our well experienced Coders developed Joysale script like an Art though the speed and performance of the website will be extremely powerful.
Our script is safe, well secured and error-free to use. Our Security options will protect your website from unwanted attacks. You will get 100% secured website.
Joysale script is developed with ultimate monitoring of every coding which makes the script completely a bug free.

Earn revenue by setting up flexible Commissions to sellers depending on their hierarchy or product categories. Add fixed or percentage wise commission rules. Add tax rules and easily calculate total commission on every order. Admin may earn commission on each order without investing in inventory and earn commissions effortlessly on each sale.

gle_ad_sen_icon copy

Joysale script provides Google Adsense as an additional revenue factor where any seller may promote his product by advertising in the banners by requesting admin. Admin may earn more revenue by availing banners to promote seller products and improve their sales.


Two types of promotions namely Ad and Urgent promotions which brings a huge revenue to the admins. Admins may provide Ad Promotions by assigning a specific cost for a specific number of days and also may provide Urgent promotions to the sellers to those product which has to sell immediately.

Buy Now button let your customers; buy one item at a time, put a “PayPal Buy Now” button on your script. Your customers then are able to buy an item just with one click and make the payment using paypal credit card. contact now.
Buy Now Addons
New Popup of products and information including System, Word Processing, Fonts, and Desktop Publishing are now in Arabic Language, Appkodes language resources supports RTL(Right – to -Left) alignments for this Arabic Language popups. contact now.
Arabic Language
Tap into Google adsense of online advertisers who are bidding for your ad space so you get the most for your ads viewed on smartphones and tablets. Block ads you don’t like, customize where ads appear, and choose which types fit your site now.
Google Adsense
For users convenience, our script is designed with Stripe payment option. Stripe’s meticulously-designed APIs and unmatched functionality help you create the best possible product for your now.
Payment Gateways
Joysale Script – Admin Demo
Admin or the business owner gets a complete overview of everyday business by logging in the admin panel. Get the fine details of every aspect of your business like sales, revenue, vendor performance, best selling products etc. to help you better business management.
Admin login
Password: 123456
Joysale Script – User Demo
The technologies like CakePhp, Braintree for adaptive marketplace payments, Mailchimp API for transactional emails, FCM for advanced Push services. The mobile application is completely built on MySQL, this ensures that the app can manage a large volume of data which is normally associated with e-commerce applications.
User login
Password: 123456
99% Open Source
Limited Features only * ?
Free Installation*
Single domain licensing
1 Month Free Support
Native iOS & Android apps
No Free Update
99% Open Source
No mobile apps
Free installation *
Single domain licensing
2 Months free support
Upgrade to mobile apps
2 Months Update *
99% Open Source
Include mobile apps
Professional installation *
App Submission *
Single domain licensing
3 Months free support
Native iOS & Android apps
3 Months Update *
99% Open Source
Payment Integration * ?
Professional Installation *
App Submission *
Single domain licensing
1 Year Tech support
Web & App Promotion
6 Months Update *
Rebranding or White label
3 Months SEO and SEM
Meramaal is an Online Classifieds services provider. For more than 10 years we have helped seekers and people offering services and products to be shared with internet users. Our goal is to provide the most helpful, personal and convenient online service possible to our customers.

Recently, we thought of providing our customers with a free classifieds website to post free job postings, buy & sell used & new stuff, real estate postings, business postings, local ads postings, etc & get a great response for all the ads posted. So, We needed a classified website which offers free services across multiple areas with a new look & rich UI with customers. That’s when we came to know about Joysale Classified script provided by Hitasoft. Thanks to its amazing features and intellectual designs, available in the script which we believed will create deeper and more personal relationships with customers.

So, Finally we got in touch with the team and asked for our requirements and they have delivered all my requirements on time. So, that’s how we successfully started our another venture website which begins with a very simple and modest design to use and serve our customers better!

What is the latest version?

The latest official version is 2.3

What is the recommended hosting?

We recommend scalable cloud servers from amazon AWS, digitalocean or others. The script can be installed in apache or nginx

What are the packages Joysale offers?

1.Premium package

Premium package is the best for the starters. This comes with 99% open source which allows editing the script possible. This package does not include any native mobile apps and does not comes with upgrade option to mobile apps later. This package comes with 1 months support where all the urgent queries and issues will be solved and answered. This package comes with 3 months software update too where customer can download any update released within this duration. Free installation will be done within 48 hours. This package allows customer to install the script only on one domain.

2.Bundle Package

Bundle package is the best option for existing business owners who can try the script first with their existing website data and further they can upgrade to mobile apps by paying the difference of ultimate package. This is also 99% open source and editable. It comes with 2 months free support and update. This package allows customer to install the package on only one server.

3.Ultimate Package

This package is the best for the customers who want to start the eCommerce website with apps from the day one. This package allows 3 month free support and updates. The apps and script source codes are 99% open source and editable. Professional installation includes web script and mobile apps in the stores. It also comes with native ios and android applications with corresponding App submissions.

Which platform or framework used in joysale?

Joysale uses Yii framework with node js for live chat solution.

What is 99% open source?

Some files are encrypted for single domain licensing system. Those files are not necessary for customization works.

Does Joysale supports Multi-lingual?

Yes, Joysale supports Multi-Language.

Do we provide server hosting?

No, but we do recommend cloud servers from Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean

Software, libraries and server requirements:

  • Framework yii, the high performed php framework exclusively used for developing large-scale web applications
  • Node js, An asynchronous event driven framework which is mainly used in the applications development like real-time messaging apps. Where instant acknowledgement plays the big role.
  • Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience
  • MySQL 5.5.x Server,for its performance and scalability
  • PHP 5.6 and greater
  • Ion Cube PHP Extension
  • SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers
  • Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)


Joysale v2.3 – 04 December, 2017
[Added] Signup Email verification Enable/Disable
[Added] Category name Translations based on adding translations in languages files
[Added] Video Banner & Terms and Conditions management
[Fixed] Hot Fixes
[Updated] UI Update
[Updated] Allowed decimal points for price (based on customer queries)
[Removed] Twitter Login

[Added] Category Language change
[Added] KM/Miles Manageable From Admin
[Added] Category search on Home Page
[Added] Signup Mail manageable on Admin
[Added] Accept Decimal Values in Price
[Removed] Twitter Login
[Updated] User Interface Update

Joysale v2.2.1
[Added] Language changes 
[Added] Review 
[Added] Promotion Enable/Disable
[Added] Item Auto Approval/ Manual Approval

Joysale v2.2
[Added] Home page banner
[Added] Delete comment
[Added] Call by phone number for apps only. Site should show the phone number in profile page
[Added] Invite Friends (Apps only)
[Added] Social sharing (Apps only)
[Added] Notification and Chat unread count like website (Apps only & Api works)
[Updated] Font changes in apps

Joysale v2.1
[Added] Buy Now (Add-on)
[Added] Arabic Language support  (Add-on)
[Added] Chat should be more stable in all platforms
[Added] Make an Offer
[Added] Promotion ads lifted in home page for Apps
[Updated] Twilio update for phone number OTP verification
[Added] Social sharing (Facebook & Twitter)
[Added] Share option for Apps

Joysale v2.0
Front End:
[Updated] UI Update
[Added] Category based product property
[Added] Promotion System 
[Added] Various User Verification Modules
[Added] User Following option
[Added] Instant Notification
[Added] User Location Based Product Listing
[Added] Facebook Sharing on Add Product
[Added] Chat Module with typing status
[Added] Chat Module with Instant notification
[Added] Homepage Priority Category
[Fixed] Issue Fixes

Admin Panel:
[Updated] UI Update
[Added] Advanced Category Property Management
[Added] Promotion Management
[Added] SEO Settings
[Added] Google Analytics Configuration
[Added] Google Maps Configuration
[Added] Braintree Payment gateway Configuration for Mobile Apps

Joysale v1.0
Front End:
[Added] Live chat
[Added] Social Media Login and Sharing
[Added] Exchange to buy
[Added] Instant Buy
[Added] Chat and buy
[Added] CC Payment option using Paypal
[Added] Normal Paypal payment option
[Added] Instant Product search option
[Added] Multilingual options
[Added] Each product added with different currency option
[Added] Multi image upload option for product
[Added] Product location view option
[Added] My offer feature
[Added] Product Comments
[Added] Product By category
[Added] Like and Dislike option for Product
[Added] Social like and dislike options (FB, Twitter, Pinterest) for Product
[Added] Product variants and it’s price option
[Added] Manage Profile
[Added] Order Management
[Added] Sales Management
[Added] Coupon Option for General and Items and its Management for sellers
[Added] Exchanges Management
[Added] Live chat option in each exchanges
[Added] Unread message count indicator

Admin Panel:
[Added] Dashboard with analytics and graphs
[Added] User Management
[Added] Item Management
[Added] Product Condition Management.
[Added] Category Management
[Added] Currency Management
[Added] Top Currency Setting
[Added] Commission Setup
[Added] Payment settings
[Added] Order and Invoice Management
[Added] API credential Management
[Added] Social login Management
[Added] Footer Management
[Added] Site Management with Default settings
[Added] Email settings with SMTP configuration
[Added] Help Management
[Added] Dynamic Help page creation

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