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Leveraging our AI-powered software which was built on top of our Craiglist clone script, you will be able to visualize a classifieds revolution where reach is enhanced, management is simplified and platform transformation starts taking place.

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Unlock Your Neighborhood's Potential: Craft a Craigslist Clone Script </>

Experience a revolution in the way people can buy and sell anything with our advanced buy-sell-anything application. Its superb performance with AI greatly outweighs that of its competitors. Our script delivers an outstanding user experience by maximizing reach and engagement via optimizing algorithmic precision. Provide your system with features that can be swapped out or added anytime to meet the demands of the competition.

White Label Integration:

What makes this Craiglist clone script unique is that it includes a complete customization and integration function alongside a smooth brand integration.

Device Compatibility:

Browse seamlessly, across a variety of devices, with our Craiglist clone script. The platform provides all users, regardless of the devices they have (desktops, tablets, or smartphones), with accessibility.

Multi-Language Support:

Make use of our Craiglist clone multilingual capabilities to attract all users. Localize and translate the app for the ease of participation of people around the globe.

From Idea to Reality: Create Your Own Craigslist Clone App in No Time. </>

We provide a Craigslist clone app service that you need to turn your dream into reality. Our adaptable script brings a dynamic online marketplace that meets your particular needs and your development process will be easy. Jump on the strong features and user-friendly interface for improved user engagement and experience

Emphasize expansion and automate management tasks to boost efficiency. Flexible and scalable features that can be changed according to your business can help you to stay competent. Start a Craigslist clone platform today to turn your online business idea into a real business

Product Management

Check out the many product management options of our Craiglist clone app script. Your listings can be easily organized, displayed, and managed with the help of a user-friendly interface that will make the marketplace more convenient for your visitors.


Our craiglist clone software has a notification system that is reliable and keeps you up to date. Regularly receive emails on new listings, messages, and quick alerts to ensure that you do not miss any crucial chances. Use the panel to connect and communicate in a snap.

Appealing UI & UX

Surf from our craiglist clone script to unite customers in a unique consumer experience. The user interface, which is beautiful to look at, has both style and convenience, making browsing simple but enriching the experience. Make your marketplace stand out with an amazing UI/UX.

User Management

Better manage the actions of the users on the clone site of yours. Our platform will guarantee easy community management for your marketplace where users can create customized profiles, register faster, and have moderation tools at hand.

Multi-currency Support

Utilize the clone script’s multi-currency support and increase your target audience. Facilitate trade in many different currencies effortlessly, which expands the number of people who can participate in the international market. Take the plunge into new opportunities and markets with all your might.

Your Local Hub Awaits:Start Your Craigslist Clone </>

Find your local online shopping zone by starting the Craigslist clone mission. Our practical and effective solution allows you to advance your platform to the needs and demands of your community. Our user-friendly platform aims to simplify product management, smooth communication, and enhance user experience.

Offer new ways of local shopping and trading and allow effortless communication between neighbors. Track customer activity in a breeze and efficiently supervise the community of your marketplace. Start a Craigslist clone website today and become the most convenient online marketplace for local exchange and trade. Your community center is ready for you; it’s time to write your success story; start today!

Buyer-Seller Chat:

Using our craiglist script chat function you will be able to assist people who are purchasing and selling to communicate conveniently. Facilitate contract negotiations, expose transaction transparency, and set up a dynamic trading environment for all customers.


Employ robust analytics solutions to enhance your market competitiveness. Study market trends, listing efficiency, and user behavior to make decision-making for improvement purposes data-driven.

Advanced Filters:

Use specific filters for narrowing the search process. To provide consumers with nothing but what they need and at the same time to make their browsing experience better, customize searches based on price range, location, and other factors.

Social Media Sharing:

You may easily reach a broader audience by using integrated social media sharing. Listings can be easily spread across different platforms promoting more traffic and engagement.

Exchange & Returns:

Use our craiglist clone application to simplify exchange and return processes. Extend the marketplace with convenient policies that allow quick transactions and ensure customer satisfaction. This will improve trust and faith in the marketplace.

Revenue Channels

Find out what your earning capacity is. Transformative income tools await!

Seller Commission:

Our cariglist clone script provides the flexibility of customizing commission plans, increasing revenue potential, simplifying administration, and also motivating sellers to work harder.

Ad promos:

Take your listings to the next level with the customized ad promos from our craiglist clone app. Boost the website’s attractiveness, draw in more users, and make it run smoothly.

Google AdSense Integration:

By methodical monetization, embed Google AdSense into our craigslist clone script. Increase earnings through targeted advertisement, higher user engagement, and quick withdrawal.

Banner Ads:

Our clone script’s free banner ad program will assist you to quickly monetize your platform. Boost revenue by placing ads that are advantageous for sponsors and users in strategic locations.

Data Driven Insights:

Administrators can use transaction fees to boost their revenue. Get the help of AI to analyze user behavior and optimize pricing strategies to maximize profits in your craigslist clone.

Transparent Fee

Earn revenue by collecting a percentage of successful transactions. Increase profits as your users succeed by making the best use of the built-in commission system to maximize revenue.

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Try Our Admin Demo to See Admin Features for Free! </>

The admin demo will make it possible to learn all the main business functions, including revenue generation, sales statistics, top-selling goods, and vendor performance reports. Go into the demo to be able to get a hands-on experience with multiple administrator tools.


Worry about Customer Experience? Have a Look at Our User Demo! </>

Go for our craiglist clone software just because of the simplicity and the excellent user interface design. Try out our demo and you will be convinced by the smooth functionality, user-friendly design, and overall efficiency.

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Go beyond basic features by including special add-ons to your script.

Website Banner Designs

Branded banners on websites may draw the attention of millions of visitors, which is a very good PR and marketing tool. Have one banner advert when you opt for this upgrade to make your online presence more attractive.

Mobile App Preview Designs

On-going product selling requires that your product preview on the App Store and Play Store looks appealing enough to attract and sustain consumers’ interest. Skyrocket your website traffic and raise interest.

'Buy Now' Button

Facilitate single click buying for uninterrupted shopping. Through a buy now button, user can go through the buying phase and will be forwarded to the payment page. Moreover, admin also take a share of every transaction.

Reviews & Ratings

Use testimonials from happy customers to demonstrate the credibility of your products. The purchasing decision is affected by the customer feedback which bolsters the faith of the potential customers in the brand.

Effective Image Moderation

Our Advanced craigslist Clone App Script has the latest image moderation technologies as addon. Identify and remove inappropriate photos shared by users or those that may harm your platform’s reputation.

Map Box Integration

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative to Google Maps – you might try Map Box for your platfrom. It has custom-designed, flexible maps. Spend less while taking good care of your clients’ needs for routing orders at the same time.

Plans for Personalized Pricing to Make Your Needs. </>

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Questions & Answers

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What is the latest version and framework used in Joysale?

Latest version of Joysale is v4.4 and framework is Yii

What is the payment gateway integrated in Joysale?

By default we have Stripe for managing the buynow and serving the promotion payments for both web and app.

Can I able to integrate other payment gateway?

Yes, we can integrate any payment gateway in Joysale.
If you prefer Digital Ocean for Hosting service, you can use the link below to sign up quickly. Also you can get free $100 which will be automatically credited to your account and you can use it for 60 days. Billing will be applicable only after this time period.

What is instant chatting?

Instant chatting feature will help you to chat with the seller instantly about the product.We use Nodejs for this module.It includes image and location sharing features too

What is single domain licensing?

Joysale a Classified Script will work based on single domain licensing, we provide you the license for your specified domain name. This is to avoid the unauthorized usage of code in other domains.

Do your script supports multi language?

Yes, Our script supports multi language

Difference between Urgent and Ads

If a Seller selects, Urgent option in Promotion means, the product will labelled with urgent band and shown in home page. Once the product gets sold out, Urgent band get removed and it show sold out band. If a seller selects, Ads option in promotion means, the product will labelled with Ads band and shown randomly in Home page. The product goes to normal when the selected days for Ads get out dated.

What is used for Mobile Verification?

We use Facebook Account Kit for Mobile Number Verification.

Does the commission can be manage in Admin?

Yes as a website owner(Admin) can manage the commission in the Admin.

Web Server

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience



From MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 8.0,for its performance and scalability



From PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1 version


For Instant Chat

From Nodejs 8.x LTS to Nodejs 12.x LTS version


Backend Framework

Framework yii2.0, the high performed php framework exclusively used for developing large-scale web applications



Ioncube loader version 10 or above. Ion Cube PHP Extension decrypts the protected PHP files and optimizes their execution.

Joysale v4.4 – 18 March,2024
[Added] Freshly designed customizable home page.
[Added] Improved Ad shuffle logic managed through the admin interface.
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.
Joysale v4.3 – 30 June,2023
[Fixed] Bug fixes and Performance improvements
[Removed] Braintree payment gateway
[Updated] Android migrated to SDK 33
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvement
[Removed] Braintree payment
Joysale v4.2.3 – 16 December,2022
[Added] Delete option Implementation
[Updated] PHP framework update support upto 8.1
[Updated] Google-one-tab account sign in
[Removed] Facebook login
[Added] Account Delete Option Implementation
[Updated] Braintree payment sdk
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvement
[Removed] Facebook Login
Joysale v4.2.2 – 28 December,2021
[Added] JSON Web Token (JWT) Authentication
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Joysale v4.2.1 – 23 July,2021
[Added] Stripe SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) Compliant Support
[Added] Android 11 Support
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Joysale v4.2 – 05 March,2021

[Added] More SEO friendly options
[Added] Home page products in current location with Maximum distance manageable by admin
[Added] View all option in category & subcategories for apps
[Added] Session token maintain to reduce google map billing in mobile apps
[Updated] iOS app updated to Swift language
[Updated] PHP Framework update support upto 7.4
[Fixed] Bug fixes and Performance improvements.
Joysale v4.1 – 08 April,2020
[Added] Third level category
[Updated] Language changes in Advanced filters
[Added] Stripe payment gateway implementation
[Added] Price length manageable option in admin panel
[Added] Currency symbol before or after change option in admin panel
Joysale v4.0 – 19 August, 2019
[Added] Dynamic filters based on category
[Added] Product Insight for seller’s
[Added] Banner advertise option
[Added] Moderator (Sub-Admin) option in admin
[Added] Seller allowed to add one youtube video link to his product
[Added] Phone call option in chat (Sim carrier)
[Added] Related products on every product view page
[Added] Apps promotion algorithm changed like site
[Added] Some missed app filters are added in website
[Added] More statistical information in Admin dashboard
[Added] Revenue section in admin provides a complete revenue information
[Added] Watermark on product images
[Updated] Category swipe option in website home page and removed the header category limitation
[Updated] Shareable options in product view page
Joysale v3.3 – 4 July, 2019
[Updated] Admin Panel User Interface
[Fixed] Bugs Fixes and Improvements on apps
Joysale v3.2 – 1 December, 2018
[Fixed] UI fixes and Performance improvements for Android and iOS mobiles
[Fixed] UI and Bug fixes for web
[Updated] Location sharing functionality made easy in chat for web
Joysale v3.1 – 29 October, 2018
[Added] Notch support for Android and iOS mobiles
[Updated] Upgraded to latest release of Yii2 framework
Joysale v3.0 – 26 March, 2018
[Added] Make an offer accept & deny option
[Added] Price Range Filter
[Added] Allow products to add & buy it as Giving Away
[Added] Image & Location share in chat
[Added] Chat templates instead of typing frequent things
[Added] Multiple image selection from gallery for apps
[Added] Chat block option
[Added] Safety tips in chat for buyer and seller
[Added] Facebook Account Kit – SMS Verification
[Updated] Rest API change instead of Soap
[Updated] FCM push notification update for both android and ios
[Updated] Node.js update to latest version
[Updated] Update braintree to web front end and version update to apps
[Fixed] Like & follow status change delay
[Fixed] Bug fixes and Performance improvements
[Removed] Twilio SMS Verification
[Removed] Paypal Payment Gateway for web front end
Joysale v2.3 – 04 December, 2017
[Added] Signup Email verification Enable/Disable
[Added] Category name Translations based on adding translations in languages files
[Added] Video Banner & Terms and Conditions management
[Fixed] Hot Fixes
[Updated] UI Update
[Updated] Allowed decimal points for price (based on customer queries)
[Removed] Twitter Login
[Added] Category Language change
[Added] KM/Miles Manageable From Admin
[Added] Category search on Home Page
[Added] Signup Mail manageable on Admin
[Added] Accept Decimal Values in Price
[Removed] Twitter Login
[Updated] User Interface Update
Joysale v2.2.1
[Added] Language changes
[Added] Review
[Added] Promotion Enable/Disable
[Added] Item Auto Approval/ Manual Approval
Joysale v2.2
[Added] Home page banner
[Added] Delete comment
[Added] Call by phone number for apps only. Site should show the phone number in profile page
[Added] Invite Friends (Apps only)
[Added] Social sharing (Apps only)
[Added] Notification and Chat unread count like website (Apps only & Api works)
[Updated] Font changes in apps
Joysale v2.1
[Added] Buy Now (Add-on)
[Added] Arabic Language support (Add-on)
[Added] Chat should be more stable in all platforms
[Added] Make an Offer
[Added] Promotion ads lifted in home page for Apps
[Updated] Twilio update for phone number OTP verification
[Added] Social sharing (Facebook & Twitter)
[Added] Share option for Apps
Joysale v2.0
Front End:
[Updated] UI Update
[Added] Category based product property
[Added] Promotion System
[Added] Various User Verification Modules
[Added] User Following option
[Added] Instant Notification
[Added] User Location Based Product Listing
[Added] Facebook Sharing on Add Product
[Added] Chat Module with typing status
[Added] Chat Module with Instant notification
[Added] Homepage Priority Category
[Fixed] Issue Fixes
Admin Panel:
[Updated] UI Update
[Added] Advanced Category Property Management
[Added] Promotion Management
[Added] SEO Settings
[Added] Google Analytics Configuration
[Added] Google Maps Configuration
[Added] Braintree Payment gateway Configuration for Mobile Apps
Joysale v1.0
Front End:
[Added] Live chat
[Added] Social Media Login and Sharing
[Added] Exchange to buy
[Added] Instant Buy
[Added] Chat and buy
[Added] CC Payment option using Paypal
[Added] Normal Paypal payment option
[Added] Instant Product search option
[Added] Multilingual options
[Added] Each product added with different currency option
[Added] Multi image upload option for product
[Added] Product location view option
[Added] My offer feature
[Added] Product Comments
[Added] Product By category
[Added] Like and Dislike option for Product
[Added] Social like and dislike options (FB, Twitter, Pinterest) for Product
[Added] Product variants and it’s price option
[Added] Manage Profile
[Added] Order Management
[Added] Sales Management
[Added] Coupon Option for General and Items and its Management for sellers
[Added] Exchanges Management
[Added] Live chat option in each exchanges
[Added] Unread message count indicator
Admin Panel:
[Added] Dashboard with analytics and graphs
[Added] User Management
[Added] Item Management
[Added] Product Condition Management
[Added] Category Management
[Added] Currency Management
[Added] Top Currency Setting
[Added] Commission Setup
[Added] Payment settings
[Added] Order and Invoice Management
[Added] API credential Management
[Added] Social login Management
[Added] Footer Management
[Added] Site Management with Default settings
[Added] Email settings with SMTP configuration
[Added] Help Management
[Added] Dynamic Help page creation


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