Why there is a need to go for Ebay clone solution?

The online classified industry is definitely a booming sector in this digital era as people nowadays are in search of an ideal online classified platform to buy and sell different categories of products and services without any hassles. But, it is a hard known fact that all the online classified marketplaces that are available today do not fulfill the buying and selling demands of users across the globe. If you are an aspiring proprietor interested in plunging into this thriving sector, then you must develop a full-fledged online classified platform with contemporary features and functions. Only then you can satisfy the buying and selling needs of global users.

But, have you ever wondered that a single, comprehensive online solution will help you in launching your own feature-rich online classified platform within your budget and a short time span? With a readymade and easily customizable ebay clone solution, you can succeed in building an impressive classified platform satisfying your online classified business model and requirements. So, it will be really a smart move for entrepreneurs like you to utilize a readymade and versatile ebay clone solution to build an awe-inspiring online classified platform.

Ebay clone

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Notable features of our ebay clone

Listed below are the interesting inclusions of our ebay clone to
amaze users on the classified site.

Dynamic filtering option

This feature of our ebay clone allows sellers to set up required categories and filter options for their products comfortably. This will enhance the shopping experience of the users on the online classified platform.

  • Ebay clone

    Filter by price range

  • Ebay clone

    Filter by category

  • Ebay clone

    Filter by attributes

Ebay clone
Ebay clone

Product insights

Our ebay clone allows sellers on the online classified platform to gain valuable insights into their product reach, likes and comments for their products. This in turn will help the sellers to take further steps on promotional activities.

  • Ebay clone

    Product popularity

  • Ebay clone

    Product views

  • Ebay clone

    User engagement

Internal messaging channel

This exciting feature of our ebay clone facilitates communication between the users on the online classified platform. So, buyers and sellers can have instant chat whenever required. This feature will surely impress many users on the platform.

  • Ebay clone

    Chat block option

  • Ebay clone

    Default Chat templates

  • Ebay clone

    Image and location share feature

Ebay clone
Ebay clone

Manage product listing

Our ebay clone solution allows the sellers to include and effectively manage their product listings on the classified platform. Thereby, clear-cut product listings can be shown to the users on the classified site.

  • Ebay clone

    Create listing based on the product need

  • Ebay clone

    Describe product listing

  • Ebay clone

    Add/Edit product listing

Peek into every single enticing inclusion
of our ebay clone

  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone
  • Ebay clone


Everything is designed, only a few are mastered well, Our script is entirely crafted using the latest technologies.

  • ebay clone
  • ebay clone
  • ebay clone
  • ebay clone
  • ebay clone
  • ebay clone
  • ebay clone
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  • ebay clone

Web & App Demo

Take a quick glance at the demo of our ebay clone solution to understand its working process and the advanced features and functionalities that are pre-built to arrive at a world-class online classified platform.

Ebay clone


Try this demo
as you are a user


Try This Demo
as you are an Admin

Ebay clone

Generate your own pricing form

Generate a pricing form that well suits your business plan and budget. Pay less and set a flexible pricing plan now!


Beneficial Revenue factors to earn more with the online classified platform

Successful revenue factors of our ebay clone to make an immense profit on the online classified platform are listed below

Ebay clone

Google ads placement

With this revenue factor of our ebay clone Admin can make a profit by running Google advertisements on the classified site. Admin can earn easily and quickly when those placed ads get more views and clicks.

Ebay clone

Transaction fees

For every transaction happening on the classified site, Admin can get a certain commission from the sellers. So, this revenue factor of our ebay clone allows Admin to generate revenue whenever the buyers make their purchase on the online classified platform.

Ebay clone

Running Banner ads

This remarkable revenue factor of our ebay clone allows Admin to earn more by running banner advertisements on the classified platform. Banner ads capture user’s attention easily and so many sellers will prefer to go for banner ads. Thereby, Admin can make a profit from it.

Ebay clone

Featured promotions

Admin can earn easily by allowing the sellers on the classified platform to list their various categories of products on featured positions. The featured promotions put products in limelight and thereby can grab more eyeballs within a very short span of time.

Engrossing Addons to amaze users on
the classified platform

Include these awe-inspiring addons in the ebay clone to impress millions of users on the online classified platform.

Ebay clone

Splash screen

With the incorporation of this interesting animated splash screen feature into the ebay clone, you can give a unique look to your classified app. This will kindle interest among the users to utilize the platform frequently.

Ebay clone

Restrict ad posts

With the inclusion of this feature in the ebay clone, the number of ads that can be posted by users on the classified platform can be limited. Therefore, users will prefer to go for premium plans to post multiple ads, and thereby Admin can make a profit from it.

Ebay clone

Image moderation solution

The inclusion of an image moderation solution in the ebay clone will help in detecting and filtering offensive images on the platform. This in turn will boost the reliability of your online classified platform.

Ebay clone

Chat translator

Include an advanced chat translator in the ebay clone to enable the users on the classified platform to view the chat conversations in their most desired language. This will help to get rid of language barriers on the platform.

What benefit can you get from our ebay clone solution?

We know that just a typical online classified marketplace cannot meet the selling and buying requirements of people all around the world. We also clearly understand that people will flock only to the full-featured classified platform with the trendiest and innovative inclusions.

So, our team of experts focuses on crafting a comprehensive ebay clone solution with responsive design and modern functionalities. Our felicitous ebay clone solution is also subjected to rigorous testing steps in order to ensure unparalleled performance across diverse platforms and screen sizes. This will eventually enrich the user experience on the online classified platform.

Also, our ebay clone solution is readily customizable to include features and functions to suit multitudinous online classified business models. So, you can give life to your online classified business dreams immediately with this fully-integrated ebay clone solution.

Ebay clone
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    FAQ and Update History

    Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

    Frequently asked questions

    Latest version of Joysale is v4.3 and framework is Yii
    By default we have Stripe for managing the buynow and serving the promotion payments for both web and app.
    Yes, we can integrate any payment gateway in Joysale.
    Instant chatting feature will help you to chat with the seller instantly about the product.We use Nodejs for this module.It includes image and location sharing features too
    Joysale will work based on single domain licensing, we provide you the license for your specified domain name. This is to avoid the unauthorized usage of code in other domains.
    Yes, Our script supports multi language

    Software and Server requirements


    Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience


    From MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 8.0,for its performance and scalability


    From PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1 version


    From Nodejs 8.x LTS to Nodejs 12.x LTS version


    Framework yii2.0, the high performed php framework exclusively used for developing large-scale web applications


    Ioncube loader version 10 or above. Ion Cube PHP Extension decrypts the protected PHP files and optimizes their execution.


    SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers

    Change Log

    [Fixed] Bug fixes and Performance improvements
    [Removed] Braintree payment gateway
    [Updated] Android migrated to SDK 33
    [Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvement
    [Removed] Braintree payment
    [Added] Delete option Implementation
    [Updated] PHP framework update support upto 8.1
    [Updated] Google-one-tab account sign in
    [Removed] Facebook login
    [Added] Account Delete Option Implementation
    [Updated] Braintree payment sdk
    [Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvement
    [Removed] Facebook Login
    [Added] JSON Web Token (JWT) Authentication
    [Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
    [Added] Stripe SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) Compliant Support
    [Added] Android 11 Support
    [Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
    [Added] More SEO friendly options
    [Added] Home page products in current location with Maximum distance manageable by admin
    [Added] View all option in category & subcategories for apps
    [Added] Session token maintain to reduce google map billing in mobile apps
    [Updated] iOS app updated to Swift language
    [Updated] PHP Framework update support upto 7.4
    [Fixed] Bug fixes and Performance improvements.
    [Added] Third level category
    [Updated] Language changes in Advanced filters
    [Added] Stripe payment gateway implementation
    [Added] Price length manageable option in admin panel
    [Added] Currency symbol before or after change option in admin panel
    [Added] Dynamic filters based on category
    [Added] Product Insight for seller's
    [Added] Banner advertise option
    [Added] Moderator (Sub-Admin) option in admin
    [Added] Seller allowed to add one youtube video link to his product
    [Added] Phone call option in chat (Sim carrier)
    [Added] Related products on every product view page
    [Added] Apps promotion algorithm changed like site
    [Added] Some missed app filters are added in website
    [Added] More statistical information in Admin dashboard
    [Added] Revenue section in admin provides a complete revenue information
    [Added] Watermark on product images
    [Updated] Category swipe option in website home page and removed the header category limitation
    [Updated] Shareable options in product view page
    [Updated] Admin Panel User Interface
    [Fixed] Bugs Fixes and Improvements on apps
    [Fixed] UI fixes and Performance improvements for Android and iOS mobiles
    [Fixed] UI and Bug fixes for web
    [Updated] Location sharing functionality made easy in chat for web
    [Added] Notch support for Android and iOS mobiles
    [Updated] Upgraded to latest release of Yii2 framework
    [Added] Make an offer accept & deny option
    [Added] Price Range Filter
    [Added] Allow products to add & buy it as Giving Away
    [Added] Image & Location share in chat
    [Added] Chat templates instead of typing frequent things
    [Added] Multiple image selection from gallery for apps
    [Added] Chat block option
    [Added] Safety tips in chat for buyer and seller
    [Added] Facebook Account Kit - SMS Verification
    [Updated] Rest API change instead of Soap
    [Updated] FCM push notification update for both android and ios
    [Updated] Node.js update to latest version
    [Updated] Update braintree to web front end and version update to apps
    [Fixed] Like & follow status change delay
    [Fixed] Bug fixes and Performance improvements
    [Removed] Twilio SMS Verification
    [Removed] Paypal Payment Gateway for web front end
    [Added] Signup Email verification Enable/Disable
    [Added] Category name Translations based on adding translations in languages files
    [Added] Video Banner & Terms and Conditions management
    [Fixed] Hot Fixes
    [Updated] UI Update
    [Updated] Allowed decimal points for price (based on customer queries)
    [Removed] Twitter Login
    [Added] Category Language change
    [Added] KM/Miles Manageable From Admin
    [Added] Category search on Home Page
    [Added] Signup Mail manageable on Admin
    [Added] Accept Decimal Values in Price
    [Removed] Twitter Login
    [Updated] User Interface Update
    [Added] Language changes
    [Added] Review
    [Added] Promotion Enable/Disable
    [Added] Item Auto Approval/ Manual Approval
    [Added] Home page banner
    [Added] Delete comment
    [Added] Call by phone number for apps only. Site should show the phone number in profile page
    [Added] Invite Friends (Apps only)
    [Added] Social sharing (Apps only)
    [Added] Notification and Chat unread count like website (Apps only & Api works)
    [Updated] Font changes in apps
    [Added] Buy Now (Add-on)
    [Added] Arabic Language support (Add-on)
    [Added] Chat should be more stable in all platforms
    [Added] Make an Offer
    [Added] Promotion ads lifted in home page for Apps
    [Updated] Twilio update for phone number OTP verification
    [Added] Social sharing (Facebook & Twitter)
    [Added] Share option for Apps
    Front End:
    [Updated] UI Update
    [Added] Category based product property
    [Added] Promotion System
    [Added] Various User Verification Modules
    [Added] User Following option
    [Added] Instant Notification
    [Added] User Location Based Product Listing
    [Added] Facebook Sharing on Add Product
    [Added] Chat Module with typing status
    [Added] Chat Module with Instant notification
    [Added] Homepage Priority Category
    [Fixed] Issue Fixes
    Admin Panel:
    [Updated] UI Update
    [Added] Advanced Category Property Management
    [Added] Promotion Management
    [Added] SEO Settings
    [Added] Google Analytics Configuration
    [Added] Google Maps Configuration
    [Added] Braintree Payment gateway Configuration for Mobile Apps
    Front End:
    [Added] Live chat
    [Added] Social Media Login and Sharing
    [Added] Exchange to buy
    [Added] Instant Buy
    [Added] Chat and buy
    [Added] CC Payment option using Paypal
    [Added] Normal Paypal payment option
    [Added] Instant Product search option
    [Added] Multilingual options
    [Added] Each product added with different currency option
    [Added] Multi image upload option for product
    [Added] Product location view option
    [Added] My offer feature
    [Added] Product Comments
    [Added] Product By category
    [Added] Like and Dislike option for Product
    [Added] Social like and dislike options (FB, Twitter, Pinterest) for Product
    [Added] Product variants and it’s price option
    [Added] Manage Profile
    [Added] Order Management
    [Added] Sales Management
    [Added] Coupon Option for General and Items and its Management for sellers
    [Added] Exchanges Management
    [Added] Live chat option in each exchanges
    [Added] Unread message count indicator
    Admin Panel:
    [Added] Dashboard with analytics and graphs
    [Added] User Management
    [Added] Item Management
    [Added] Product Condition Management
    [Added] Category Management
    [Added] Currency Management
    [Added] Top Currency Setting
    [Added] Commission Setup
    [Added] Payment settings
    [Added] Order and Invoice Management
    [Added] API credential Management
    [Added] Social login Management
    [Added] Footer Management
    [Added] Site Management with Default settings
    [Added] Email settings with SMTP configuration
    [Added] Help Management
    [Added] Dynamic Help page creation


    The views and opinions included about Carousel/Letgo/ebay or any other Clone are solely for our product’s marketing and promotional purpose. Which does not necessarily mirror the views and opinions of the official Carousel/Letgo/ebay company. The design and code elements of the product are fully-protected under AppKodes liabilities. AppKodes is not dealing with any promotional activities (both direct and indirect) for Carousel/Letgo/ebay. AppKodes is obliged not to make any defamatory clauses, infringe, or authorize infringement of any legal right from Carousel/Letgo/ebay.

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