Multi-Vendor System

Daily Deals

Grab people attention boosts sales by availing best offers and deal of the day using daily deals and make them more interested in purchasing products.

Popular product

Space to engross end users with the popularity of products and influence them to buy the products which are most wanted and highly needed.

Popular Stores

Space to fascinate end users with the popular stores and show users the products of those popular stores to buy the products.

Multi level category

Fantacy script consists of three levels of category which allows buyers to select their required products from the listed suitable category.


Product Details

Share & Comments

End users can share and comment their view about products which they think might be useful to other users.

Product Selfie

Users now may post the selfies of the product they received from the sellers which exhibit the seller to stand unique from other buyers.

Share Discount

End users of Fantacy app can now earn exciting discounts on products by simply just sharing it on their social network.

Video Play

Integrated video play feature for sellers to demo the best way in which that product works/helps the end users.


Cart and Buynow

Shopping Cart

E-commerce site needs a cart for placing products into the cart so that the buyer may choose what he wants and what not at the payment process.

Buy now

Buy Now feature available in Fantacy allows buyers to purchase the products instantly without having to add any products in the cart.


Shipping and Orders

Multiple Shipping Address

For buyers convenience, a buyer May add more shipping addresses and choose the required destination to ship the products at the end of a purchase.

Orders and Tracking

Orders and Tracking feature provides the exact status of the placed orders and the user might track where their products are before the arrival.


Search & Filter

Barcode search

Finding the products made much easier with Fantacy script, Buyers may now search for the products much more efficiently with Barcode Search feature.

Price Filter

Fantacy allows the customer to filter price and provides the users with a collection of products sorted from high to low or vice versa in the Price Filter option.

Color Filter

Buyers may search the product by their wish on color with using custom filter search option like Color Filter.

Sort By

Fantacy gives the opportunity to customers to sort the products based on their own decision of purchasing.


Multiple Payment Options

Credit Cards

Fantacy’s integrated payment system allows users to pay money straight to the provider’s bank account and accept all of the major credit cards.

Cash on Delivery

Purchasing can also be done using Cash on delivery for only the products which are specified by the seller to collect cash on product delivery.


Fantacy’s integrated payment system allows users to pay their bills via PayPal to the admin later will be transferred after the product delivery to the owner.

One Click Checkout

Gift card and Coupons redemption are available to purchase through One Click checkout for multiple merchants.


Follow , Live Feeds & Alerts


Each seller has their own profile in Fantacy with the list of products provided by them. A user may follow any Seller to look & avail the products they offer.

Finding Friends

Finding Friend feature available for the users to find peoples with mutual interests on products and may follow them to know their activities.

Live feeds

Fantacy users may get to know about the recent activities, new arrivals, posts from his followers and updates with the Live Feeds option.

Create Feeds

Fantacy users may now post what’s on their mind in the feeds section available, it could be a product or a picture whatever will be visible to their followers.


Order Status and follows & receive notifications of newly arrived products whatever happens with your product will be notified by alerts.


Seller Review & News

Seller Review

Seller review is a space for users to review the sellers from whom they have purchased a product. This review will be visible to every other user.

Contact Seller

Buyers can make conversation with the seller for knowing about their order status, shipment details and other product related queries.


Announcements and updates from any store or from any seller would be available to buyers from the News section.

Seller Coupons

Coupons may be provided on category-based or for the specific individual products those coupons might be used to purchase the products.


Group Gifts & Gift Cards

Group Gifts

Multiple users can contribute amount and send any product as a gift to their loved ones/friends using the group gift option available in the Fantacy Script.


Group gift contribution with any number of people can share their investment as a group to gift their loved ones/friends.

Gift Cards

Send gift cards as gifts to the recipient which can be personalized by typing the message of the occasion and recipient may purchase their own interest.


Vouchers are also known for Gift cards provided by the friends which can be used for purchasing any other products.


Invite & Credits


Any user may invite their friends from social media or by email using the referral link provided and can earn credits when they join and make a successful purchase.


In Shortage of funds, Buyers may use the credits as partial/full payment and the remaining as cash to pay for the products which they need.


Credits are available to the buyers. If not satisfied with a product, cost invested for paying will be refunded as credits which can be used for future purchase.


Web Application

Attractive Design

Fantacy to provide a replica of Fancy was built as it is with attractive design, yet it can be modified to your requirements like UI or custom design.


Our Multivendor Script was developed like an Art by well-experienced coders through the speed and performance of the mobile app will be extremely powerful.


Our script is safe, well secured and error-free to use. Our Security options will protect your app from unwanted attacks. You will get 99% secured mobile app.

Bootstrap Responsive

Our Ecommerce script has the ability to access the app in a responsive design and easily adjusts to any mobile phones, tablets.




Dashboard available in the Admin panel provides a complete overview and fine details of the business to be managed by the owner.

Custom Home page

Attract your users at first sight, Admin panel allows you to Customize your homepage with predefined wizards & gestures to bring stunning looks to your home page.


Disputes raised by the users can be accepted/denied by the Admin and may also act as an intermediate between buyer and seller to sort out the disputes.

Track Orders

Admin may able to view and track the status of every order takes place and may find the list of orders that newly came and orders shipped/delivered.


Abandon Cart & Coupons

Abandon cart

Abandon Cart option for the merchants to know about the products which are abandoned or been kept for a long time by the user.


The merchant may provide coupons to the specific users who had products on his cart and product which results in an increased sale.




For an easy and efficient way to stay in touch with your buyers - Mailchimp has been integrated to mail your subscribers regularly.

Increase Sales

Providing regular updates and more offers to the buyers by triggering emails to the subscribers at regular intervals result in increased sales.


Dispute & Message Buyer


Products received as damaged and complaints received from the buyer can be sorted out and resolved using the dispute section.

Message Buyer

E-commerce sites mostly don’t have an option to chat with buyers Fantacy does not limit sellers to improve their business, it allows to message buyers directly.


Manage Orders & Products

Manage Orders

Fantacy’s merchant app allows sellers to overlook and manage their orders in an effortless way to continuously deliver products.

Manage Products

Fantacy’s merchant app allows sellers to View all products in real time. Manage orders manually in case of any error.


Payments & Delivery


Find your earnings or the payments which you have received from a buyer for a product in the Payment section.

Braintree integration

Payment could be done through integrating payment gateway. By default, Braintree has been integrated for making payments.


Payment settings available in the Merchant panel helps set up their own default currency settings by entering Braintree ID public key & private key.


Merchants now get a clear detailed report on the transactions previously they had, History section provides all your payment histories.



Buyer Notifications

Sellers will now receive notifications on each and every buyer’s activity like while a product has been purchased or a buyer messaged, etc.

Product Notifications

Sellers will now receive notifications on each and every product’s status such as approval of new products by the admin and so on.


Detailed Profile


Verification section allows Admins to verify all the sellers in which verified sellers provide buyers a trustability to buy the products.


Reviews section provide every review provided by the buyers about the product or the seller.

Store profile

Store Profile section provides a Complete information about the Seller’s store.


News section will provide all updates related to the Merchants.