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Social eCommerce Script and fancy clone

Fantacy - Features

Provides a stunning social eCommerce system with native mobile applications. Trusted by hundreds of customers who brought changes from their traditional eCommerce system.

Enough features to bring more buyers

There are features that will bring more buyers to the system.

  • Group Gifts
    Fantacy allows to create a gift for your friend where you can invite other friends to contribute a minimum fund on the whole product price.
  • Gift Cards
    It allows anyone to buy a gift card for their friends and families with the predefined price value. The same can be used for buying any items from fantacy.
  • Coupons
    Fantacy allows administrator to create coupon and share it among with the vendors. These coupons can be widely applied to items from any vendors.
  • Referral bonus
    Inviting friends is not just fun but it also earns money. These referral bonus will be transferred to the credits, that can be used on any items from the cart.

Complete social media friendly

Fantacy is a complete social media friendly system which allows the visitor to login via social networks and also allow them to share it via social media.

  • Facebook, twitter and Google logins
    Anyone can login with fantacy using their facebook, google or twitter accounts.
  • Add affiliate products
    Visitor can add affiliate products using bookmarklet or add to share option. They can share any affiliate product to the popular social network.
  • Bookmarklet options
    Fantacy allows bookmarklet shortcut tool to grab any items from any websites when you are browsing. Using the bookmarklet you can install the shortcut to post any items from any websites into fantacy website.
  • @mentions and #tags
    You can add or mention your friends in comments by using the @mention shortcut and also the #tags enables to make any tags or topic as trending.

Effective communication & more interactive

Fantacy is a complete social media friendly system which allows the visitor to login via social networks and also allow them to share it via social media.

  • Buyer and seller communication
    Buyer and seller can communicate by messaging system which also has instant notification mechanism for the mobile apps for quick responses.
  • Effective search of stores and products
    Fantacy provides effective and quick search on items and stores for the buyers. They can search stores, people and items with one search text with the easy tabs.
  • User fashion showcase
    Users can use the products purchased in fantacy and they can share their experience with photos in the user fashion section under each products.
  • Comments and Product Reviews
    Buyers are allowed to comment their thoughts on any products. They can also submit their reviews for the favourite sellers based on the item they bought.

Geo based products and reliability factors

Fantacy uses the advanced options available in the technologies and also cares more about the reliability factors between the buyers vendors.

  • Near me product listing
    Buyers can browse the products in the web and apps by filtering them based no their current locations. They can also filter them based on the distances in kilometres which can be changed to miles too.
  • Flagging inappropriate system
    Any registered user can flag the items from any vendor as inappropriate which makes the admin to be more attentive towards the content of the websites.
  • Dispute management system
    Disputes between the buyers and vendors are allowed to discuss between them and it can also be controlled and maintained by the admin.
  • Complete monitoring on products, vendor and buyers
    Admin can completely monitor the products added, new vendor and user signups and also admin can monitor the communications between the vendor and buyers.

Brings hassle free environment for the vendors

Signing up as a vendor in fantacy will make them more comfortable with the major portion of their works and involvements.

  • Shipping management
    Shipping method and charges can be defined while enter the item to the inventory. They can also manage the sales with necessary options to keep their buyers updated.
  • Alerts and push notification
    Both vendor and buyers are notified instantly with the all the updates on any orders.
  • COD or Cash on Delivery options
    For vendors who is interested in using the COD option for any particular products, they can choose this method as one of the option for buying.
  • Easy commission pay and invoice management
    On any approved orders, admin will deduct the commission and transfer the remaining fund to the vendors to make commission pay easy.

Referral bonus, credits and multilingual

Fantacy system comes with all the must have features that any buyers and vendors expecting from any eCommerce system.

  • Credit & Referral bonus
    For each the signup and their sale, the referral bonus will be given to the credits of the user who referred their friends. This credits can be applied in the system.
  • Multilingual and multiple currency
    Fantacy support multiple languages and currency. Currency and language can be changed easily at anytime while browsing the website.
  • Easy cart & whishlist management
    Buyers can add items instantly to the carts and they can buy them with lot of options. Items can also be added to list which is manageable under their profiles.

Smart admin control panel

Admin can control all the functions and modules of the fantacy system.

  • Manageable Landing Page
    Admin can manage the landing page layout templates and can control the sliders. All the important modules are easily controllable from admin panel
  • Quick dashboard informations
    Important statistic information are readily available on the dashboard with available approvals and actions required.
  • Easy payment configurations
    Admin can configure the PayPal payment details easily and also can manage the commission pay easily to the vendors.
  • Newsletter, Ad Banners and Modules
    All the contents are dynamic from admin, admin can also choose the places for ads banners and can manage newsletters

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Password: 123456


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