fancy clone

fancy clone Social Ecommerce Script

fancy clone Social Ecommerce Script

Fancy clone Give your e-Commerce site a brand new look. Enjoy interacting with buyers and sellers alike with this social eCommerce platform that combines multi-vendor features in its clone script and native apps.

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Password: 123456


Password: 123456

Top Features

User-friendly Features

  • Easily share affiliate links
  • Create and share group gift
  • Buy and share coupons with friends
  • Manage orders and wish list
  • Log in to social media and near me stores
  • Receive alerts and notifications
  • social features like #tags and @mentions

Seller-friendly Features

  • Post to sale from web and apps
  • Efficient store management features
  • Product description video upload
  • Notify store followers by news feeds
  • Easily communicate with store buyers
  • Keep track of shipped items
  • Manage disputes easily and effectively

Admin-friendly Features

  • Screen and approve sellers and products
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • Order management and monitoring
  • Discount and coupon management
  • Sales-based commission approval
  • Product inventory and moderation
  • Monitoring customer feedback and messages
  • Simplified website management

How it works

social ecommerce script

How Fantacy Multivendor Ecommerce script works ?

Seller and Product Approval:

Fantacy is a multi-vendor eCommerce web and/or mobile platform. It creates a marketplace where users can sign up to become a seller by filling up a seller form. This will be subject to the approval of the site administrator. Once approved, the seller can now post their products, which will then be screened by the admin for quality control. All approved products are published immediately and will appear in the appropriate page and search engine.

Enlarged Client Base and Multiple Payment Options:

Products posted on the website are published immediately to reach the maximum number of potential buyers around the world. They can also be shared through popular social media sites to further enlarge your client base. Fantacy also offers multiple payment options such as cash on delivery, online payment, gift cards and coupons.

Effective Admin Moderation and Dispute Management:

All products and sellers are monitored by site administrators. More moderators can be added by the admin to help maintain efficiency of the site. Orders are not completed unless confirmed by the buyer within a specified number of days. Effective dispute management policies are set in place to protect both buyer and seller from system misuse.

Mobile Apps


Fantacy ensures your success by providing the complete package. Your eCommerce platform includes a native iOS application to provide users with an elegant and smooth shopping experience. Aside from being user-friendly, the Fantacy mobile app allows your users to

  • Find nearby stores and products using their location
  • Easily add products to seller’s stores using their phone camera
  • Order and sales management
  • Keeps users updated and connected thru notification alerts
  • Instant push notifications
  • Log-in and share on social media sites

Our team provides end to end solution for your app. We provide all necessary support to see your app launched on the AppStore. Turn-around time is from 12 to 20 working days. Your application will be developed following all the terms and conditions set forth by Apple for their AppStore submissions.
Demo available on app store: app-store


Fantacy provides android users with the same excellent mobile shopping experiences. This platform is specifically designed for Google’s Play Store. As with the IOS app, it allows users to:

  • Find stores and products by location
  • Easily add products to seller’s stores using phone camera
  • Order and Sales management
  • Use Google and Cloud Messaging (GCM) for push notifications
  • Update both buyer and seller thru alerts
  • Simple cart and wishlist management
  • Log-in and share on social media sites

All apps are developed under the terms and conditions set forth by Google Play Store. We will provide all the instructions and graphics for white labelling. Turn-around time is 24 hours. We will help you launch this native app to Google Play Store.
Demo available on play store: google-play-store

Grab Your Package

Fantacy is an advanced multivendor eCommerce with all must have features like group gift, referral points, multiple language, multiple currencies, gift card, advanced product search, social network login, notification and alerts, push notifications on apps, coupons and much more.

for small scale Business
99% Source code
No mobile apps
Free installation *
3 Months free support
3 Months free update
No upgrade with apps
Single domain licensing
for massive business
99% Source code
No mobile apps
Free installation *
6 Months free support
6 Months free update
Upgrade with apps
Single domain licensing

What is the latest version and recent updates?

The recent version is 3.1.1 with some major improvements in the apps and minor issues fixes.

What is the recommended hosting?

We recommend scalable cloud servers from amazon AWS, digitalocean or others. The script can be installed in apache or nginx.

What are the packages Fantacy offers?

1.Premium package

Premium package is the best for the starters. This comes with 99% open source which allows editing the script possible. This package does not include any native mobile apps and does not comes with upgrade option to mobile apps later. This package comes with 3 months support where all the urgent queries and issues will be solved and answered. This package comes with 3 months software update too where customer can download any update released within this duration. Free installation will be done within 48 hours. This package allows customer to install the script only on one domain.

2.Elite Package

Elite package is the best option for existing business owners who can try the script first with their existing website data and further they can upgrade to mobile apps by paying the difference of ultimate package. This is also 99% open source and editable. It comes with 6 months free support and update. This package allows customer to install the package on only one server.

3.Ultimate Package

This package is the best for the customers who want to start the eCommerce website with apps from the day one. This package allows 1 year free support and updates. The apps and script source codes are 99% open source and editable. Free installation includes web script and mobile apps in the stores.

What are the possible option to upgrade to mobiles apps after buying the script alone?

Only bundle package allows you to upgrade later with mobile apps and extended support and updates. This support and update duration will be considered from the date of purchase of the script.

Is Paypal the only mode of payment gateway?

Paypal is our default payment gateway, also you can integrate other gateways too as add-on or customization.

How to become a Seller in Fantacy?

Seller Signup form to be filled and that should be approved by the admin.

Which platform or framework used in Fantacy?

Fantacy uses the CakePHP framework which is a MVC design patterned framework. CakePHP written in PHP and database is MySQL.

What is 99% open source?

Some files are encrypted for single domain licensing system. Those files are not necessary for customization works.

Does Fantacy is a Multi-Lingual Script?

Yes, Fantacy supports Multi-Language.

Does Fantacy Supports COD?

Yes, When the seller opt the product eligible for COD.

Do we provide Server hosting?

No, but we do recommend cloud servers from Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean

Software, libraries & Server requirements

  • Framework CakePHP v2.3 and later
  • Apache server
  • MySQL 5.5.x Server
  • PHP 5.6 and greater
  • Ion Cube PHP Extension
  • SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers
  • PHP Configuration “mod_rewrite” should be enabled in the Apache server
  • Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)

Fantacy v3.1.1

Front end updates:

  1. Claim option for seller after delivery, if buyer didn’t mark the order as received.
  2. Following stores updates on live feeds.
  3. Cart page updated with variants selecting option.

Admin panel updates:

  1. Product Properties setting on admin.
  2. Mobile page setting on admin.
  3. Dashboard Changes.

Fantacy v3.1

Front end updates:

  1. Mobile version language update
  2. Major and Minor Fixes

Admin panel updates:

  1. Major and Minor Fixes
  2. Admin add item deprecated

Fantacy v3.0

Front end updates:

  1. SEO Optimization
  2. COD
  3. Report Product System
  4. My store option for each seller
  5. Option to Follow the Stores
  6. Individual unread count for the Notification and Live feeds
  7. Updated UI for the Add product page.
  8. Edit and Delete option for the List in profile page

Admin panel updates:

  1. Control of Gender and Recipients in Admin
  2. Control of changing default currency in Admin
  3. Manage group gift option in Admin
  4. Controlling the default shipment country from Admin

Fantacy v2.0

Front end updates:

  1. Live feeds feature added
  2. Hashtags implemented in the comments
  3. Hashtag based trending page added
  4. User ID based gift and group gift selection using @mention
  5. Product color detection by automatic or manual
  6. Multiple image upload option for products
  7. Who to follow suggestions
  8. New User signup wizard
  9. Recent activities box at trending page
  10. Tax calculation for products
  11. UI changes and improvements
  12. Alert for notification and shopping cart
  13. Seller based rating system
  14. One time use restriction for Coupons
  15. Additional Banner Managements
  16. Additional controls at Site Management page
  17. Nearme feature deprecated
  18. Minor issue fixes

Admin panel updates:

  1. More quick widget added in the dashboard
  2. Moderator creation
  3. Tax Rate Management
  4. View Inactive users management

Fantacy v1.3.5b

Front end updates:

  1. Minor issue fixes on mobile version
  2. Banner ads are introduced
  3. All the contents are manageable

Admin panel updates:

  1. Admin UI is changed
  2. Admin dashboard added with additional information.
  3. Search criteria for orders and items improved with more filter in admin
  4. Admin has option to edit the user details
  5. New moderators can be created now with restriction of access
  6. Usability changes under Manage Orders in admin panel
  7. Option to filter the inactive user and remove them by admin
  8. Option to manage the shared items from URL by admin
  9. Product import using the CSV/XLS by admin
  10. Export the orders to CSV by admin
  11. One time use Coupon per user
  12. Improved gift card logs
  13. Newsletter using YMLP introduced
  14. Email communication for more actions are enabled
  15. Email newsletter template has been modified
  16. Email server settings were introduced
  17. Default banner settings are added at 5 different places
  18. Help contents and other pages contents are made dynamic
  19. Mobile app settings has been introduced
  20. News management was deprecated

Fantacy v1.3.4

  1. Fantacy mobile v1.1 integrated
  2. Optimization and issue fixes on API for mobile apps
  3. Minor issue fixes
  4. Update on documents.
  5. Hot fixes on beta 1.3.2

Fantacy v 1.3.2

  1. Buyer Dispute Management
  2. Contact Seller (Pre & Post sale communication)
  3. Social login and Invite friends easy configuration
  4. Common logo – default user profile picture and favicon
  5. Complete Language Translations
  6. Default language option
  7. Default currency
  8. Multi currency & Default currency option
  9. Order based Conversations between buyer & seller
  10. Overall issue fixes
  11. My orders
  12. My sales
  13. User delete and edit option for added item
  14. Admin push notification to mobile apps
  15. Credit Functionality
  16. Add Item functionality(seller login)
  17. Custom Landing page

Fantacy v1.3

  1. Track orders options
  2. User Fashion
  3. Seller News
  4. View option in Admin
  5. Onetime Checkout

Fantacy v1.2.1

  1. New theme integrated
  2. More from the same user widget added
  3. Near Me – (Finding product at near by locations)
  4. Advanced home views (Showing seller information too)
  5. Minor issue fixes with product’s social sharing
  6. Minor issue fixes with compact & classic views

Fantacy v1.2

  1. Multilingual
  2. Referral
  3. User credit for referring
  4. Invite friends (Social)
  5. Group Gift
  6. Gift card
  7. RSS Feeds
  8. Coupon Redemption
  9. Push notifications
  10. Product sizes (Options for T-shirts,shoes,…)

Fantacy v1.1

  1. PayPal Adaptive payment.
  2. Bookmark.
  3. User’s Recent activities and Friend’s activities.
  4. Admin commission settings.
  5. Admin options for adding the colors,price in header menu.
  6. User can see the purchased item history.
  7. Seller can view the orders history.

Fantacy v1.0

  1. Social media login.
  2. Social media sharing.
  3. Product search – Based on color, price, newest.
  4. Featured product – Featured a product on your profile.
  5. Product Comments.
  6. Add product to list.
  7. Followers – List of followers for a user.
  8. Following – List of users following you.
  9. Fantacy – Fancy the product.
  10. Recommendation – Search Products by Recommendation.
  11. Instant Search.
  12. Fantacy’d List – Add product to fancy’d collection.
  13. List – Creating user defined list.
  14. Manage Profile.
  15. Notification settings.
  16. Display Users.
  17. Fancy’d list.
  18. Added products list.
  19. Followers list.
  20. Following list.
  21. Listed products.

Version 2.1

  1. Remove coupon – You can remove the applied coupon code easily
  2. Push notification – for seller approval, product approval
  3. Edit Profile – Can edit profile from own profile page
  4. Edit Store – Can edit store details from store page
  5. Forgot Password – More secure to use now
  6. Near Me – Show 100+kilometers products/stores
  7. Notification – Notification for user following our store.
  8. Admin Messages – Old admin messages won’t display for new users.
  9. Add Product – Can add decimal prices too.

Version 2.0

  1. Find Friends – You can find a friends within a app.
  2. My Store – You can see trending products, reviews and ratings
  3. Merchant Information – Edit your store information
  4. Custom Font – Now app use custom font for rich look
  5. Popular now – Find popular products in app
  6. Recent Searches – Easily find your recent search keywords
  7. Terms & Policy – You can see the terms and privacy policy of product
  8. Filter with multiple color – Filter the listings with multiple colors.

Version 1.5

  1. Store – You can see all stores and their products
  2. Follow and unfollow store – Allows you to follow and unfollow the stores
  3. Cod – Allows you to purchase in cod
  4. Store Followers – Can see the followers of your store
  5. Store Trending – Can see the top rated products from your store
  6. Forgot password – Easily recover your password
  7. Referral Link  – Refer you friends to get credit.
  8. Invite Email – Invite friends via email
  9. Report Item – Report the spam products
  10. Add product multiple size – Allows multiple sizes and variances
  11. Location Distance – Manage the distance to see near products and store
  12. Language Selection – Allows automatic and manual selection of your language.
  13. Issue fixes.

Version 1.3

  1. Live Feeds – Allows you to post the status and receive from followers.
  2. Seller Ratings & Reviews – Can see the ratings and reviews of seller.
  3. Add product multiple Image upload – Seller can upload multiple images for same product
  4. Add product item color – Seller can choose the color for listings.
  5. Apply coupon – You can apply coupon code for discounts.
  6. Contact seller – Can easily contact the seller for queries.
  7. Liked users -Deprecated
  8. More Information -Deprecated
  9. User Fashion – Deprecated

Version 1.2

  1. Liked Users – See users who liked the product
  2. User Fashion – You can add your fashion for any products
  3. More Information – Can see more information about the seller
  4. User Added Items – You can see the add items in your profile
  5. Notification – Redesigned
  6. Track Orders – Manage the tracking orders easily
  7. Shipping Address – You can add multiple shipping address.
  8. HashTag – Lets you create a hashtag for any product
  9. Find Friends – Deprecated

Version 1.1

  1. My orders and My sales – Buyers and sellers can see the orders
  2. Currency Updates – Admin can update the currency of the App.
  3. One time checkout – Allows paypal Adaptive payment
  4. Push Notification – Push notification for admin messages
  5. Location – Can see near by products and stores.
  6. Add Product – Sellers can easily add the product from app
  7. Notification – Notifies you from each activity of your product.
  8. Search – Redesigned

Version 1.0

  1. Home – User can see all products in one place
  2. Search – User can search product
  3. Shop – Browse all the items available for sale
  4. Cart – Use your paypal account to complete the purchase.
  5. Profile – Can see your profile.
  6. Settings – You can control your display and listings.
  7. Find Friends – Can easily your find friends
  8. Invite Friends – You can invite your friends
  9. Login – Create your login using social networks
  10. Signup – Easy signup via email
  11. My Orders – Allows you to see the orders.
  12. Followers & Followings – You can see your followers and followings
  13. My Collections – You can see your liked products
  14. Comments – You can comment to any item



Dedicated Store App

Fantacy offers separate seller apps for IOS and Android, allowing store owners to launch their own store apps for a wider customer reach.

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Stripe Payment Gateway

The Stripe Payment Gateway add on allows user to set Paypal and Stripe Payment as the preferred payment option for purchases made on the website or app.

clone scripts

Payu Payment Gateway

The PayU Payment gateway add on allows the user to set PayU as the preferred payment option for purchases made on the website or app.

BrainTree app development

BrainTree Payment Gateway

BrainTree adds more power to the apps by supporting ApplePay and Google Wallet. This plugins helps adding more payment options to the Fantacy apps.


All our codes are 99% open source codes and can easily be customized. All products are highly scalable and are designed to perform consistently regardless of growth or scale.

However, as the product inventors, allow us to make all your customization needs for a smoother and faster processing. We are always one step ahead of our products and will readily help you achieve your desired results.

We can customize a theme and user interface for your native mobile apps, together with your preferred add-ons available  contact now
We can integrate your choice of payment gateways in the scripts and native apps available contact now
We can add, remove, or customize any modules for you on a per project/per day basis
We can assist you in integrating this system with your existing eCommerce website available contact now