Why should you go for a flipkart clone?

In this digital world, everything has become much easier. Especially the buying and selling of products has been simplified with the ecommerce platforms. People find it more convenient to make use of ideal ecommerce platforms to buy and sell their desired products immediately across the globe. So, nowadays, ecommerce businesses are facing massive growth all around the world. Seeing this blooming face of the ecommerce sector, many proprietors show a great interest in launching their own ecommerce businesses. But, as an aspiring entrepreneur among them, you should keep in mind that you cannot stand unique from others and taste success in this flourishing sector unless you succeed in building your own attention-grabbing ecommerce platform with innovative features. Only such a comprehensive ecommerce platform can fulfill the buying and selling needs of people worldwide.

But, how to build such a complete ecommerce platform quickly and within the budget? A readymade and dynamically adaptable flipkart clone solution will be the right choice to build an impressive, multivendor ecommerce platform. This is because a ready to use flipkart clone will include significant features and functions to build an eye-catching ecommerce platform. So, get a best-in-class flipkart clone to give life to your ecommerce business dreams.

flipkart clone

Remarkable features of our flipkart clone

Some stunning features of our flipkart clone to arouse interest among
the users on the ecommerce platform are listed below

Product insights

This interesting feature of our flipkart clone enables the users on the ecommerce platform to gain valuable insights into the products that are available on the platform. So, this will eventually ease the purchasing process of the users.

  • flipkart clone

    Know more about a product by getting answers for product
    related queries

  • flipkart clone

    Post selfies with the product

  • flipkart clone

    Get discounts by sharing the product on social media platforms

flipkart clone
flipkart clone

Multivendor ecommerce system

With this feature of our flipkart clone solution, you can allow the users to purchase different types of products instantly without any hassles. This will surely impress users to a greater extent

  • flipkart clone

    Provide daily deals

  • flipkart clone

    Display popular stores and products

  • flipkart clone

    Multi-level product category to ease the purchasing process of users

Advanced filter option

This exciting feature of our flipkart clone solution enables the users on the ecommerce platform to look for their desired products quickly without any troubles. This option will grab more eyeballs on the ecommerce platform

  • flipkart clone

    Search products based on color and preference

  • flipkart clone

    Search and filter items depending on base price

  • flipkart clone

    Search for products with barcode

flipkart clone
flipkart clone

Follow, alerts, and live feeds

With this surprising feature, users can stay updated with all the activities occurring on the ecommerce platform and can also follow other users and sellers of their own personal choice.

  • flipkart clone

    Know new arrivals and latest activities

  • flipkart clone

    Create and share posts in feeds

  • flipkart clone

    Alerts regarding order status and other important happenings
    on the platform

Peek into every single enticing inclusion
of our flipkart clone

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Everything is designed, only a few are mastered well, Our script is entirely crafted using the latest technologies.

  • flipkart clone
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  • flipkart clone

Web & App Demo

Take a quick glance at the demo of our flipkart clone solution to understand its working process and the advanced features and functionalities that are pre-built to arrive at a world-class online ecommerce platform.

flipkart clone


Try this demo
as you are a user


Try This Demo
as you are an Admin

flipkart clone

Create your pricing form

Generate a pricing form that suits your ecommerce business type and requirements. So, without any delay, set a suitable pricing plan right away!


Lucrative revenue-generating factors of our flipkart clone

Some successful revenue factors of our flipkart clone to make a profit on the ecommerce platform are listed below

flipkart clone

Running Google ads

With this revenue factor of our flipkart clone, Admin can generate revenue by running Google ads on the ecommerce platform. When those ads get more views and clicks with more visitors to the site, Admin can make a huge profit from it.

flipkart clone

Transaction fees

With this revenue factor, Admin can earn more whenever there are any new transactions occurring on the platform. So, for every new purchase on the ecommerce site, Admin can get a certain commission percentage from it.

Spellbinding addons to amaze users on the ecommerce platform

Some enthralling features of our flipkart clone to surprise users on the ecommerce platform are listed below

flipkart clone

Splash screen

By including an appealing splash screen feature in the flipkart clone, you can give a modern and unique look to your ecommerce app. This, in turn, will make your app stand out from all other standard ecommerce apps available outside.

flipkart clone

Mobile login with OTP

With the inclusion of this feature in the flipkart clone solution, you can provide a secure way for the users to log into the platform with their mobile numbers along with the OTP verification process. With this, fake orders can be avoided on the platform.

flipkart clone

Security solution

By including highly advanced security solution like Google Recaptcha, you can secure your platform from malicious traffic. This will eventually improve the reliability of the ecommerce platform.


Website banner design

Amaze millions of users with an eye-catching banner in your website. You can also utilize the captivating website banner for your effective advertisement and promotional activities. We will provide 1 banner when the user purchases this Addon.

Why you can choose our flipkart clone for your ecommerce business?

We, as one of the most notable online solution providers, clearly understand what people of today will expect from an ecommerce platform. And so, we have carefully designed an impeccable flipkart clone solution with modern features and cutting-edge technologies.

Our flipkart clone is put through several, strict testing steps to show unsurpassable performance across various platforms. Also, our phenomenal flipkart clone is readily customizable to include required functionalities based on your ecommerce business model and concepts. Therefore, impressing users with many trendiest features in your ecommerce platform will be just a piece of cake with our flipkart clone.

So, get ready to give wings to your ecommerce business dreams with our deftly crafted flipkart clone solution.

flipkart clone
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    FAQ and Update History

    Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

    Frequently asked questions

    Our Latest Version is Version 5.0.1 and We use cakePHP technology in Fantacy for all the features including cart .
    Yes, we can manage the tax rates in admin panel (under Payment tab).
    By default we have Brain tree payment gateway for both web and app.
    Yes, Admin can give his moderator access to any user and also he can restrict some of the access too.
    You can create a gift voucher for specified price for one specified recipient. This voucher can be utilized by the recipient user in purchasing the product.
    A Group of people joined together virtually to send the gift to single user is called as group gift. One user will create a group gift card and ask the other people to get contribute in gifting. Once the contribution is over then the recipient user will receive the gift.

    Software and Server requirements


    Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience


    From MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 8.0,for its performance and scalability


    PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1  (Extension ‘intl’ and ‘mbstring’)


    Framework CakePHP v3.4.5


    Ioncube loader version 6 or above. Ion Cube PHP Extension decrypts the protected PHP files and optimizes their execution.


    SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers


    Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)

    Change Log

    [Added] Android Migrated to API 30 and Scoped storage enforcement.
    [Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
    [Added] Customizable Home product Layouts
    [Added] Product FAQ options in product detail page
    [Added] Ratings & Reviews in products
    [Added] Discount and Offers in Products
    [Added] Apple Signin in iOS App
    [Updated] Banner have a option to link to other websites, product details page, and category pages.
    [Fixed] UIWebview issue fixes in iOS app.
    [Fixed] RTL related issues fixed.
    [Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements.
    [Fixed] Bug fixes for Android and iOS mobiles.
    [Fixed] Bug fixes for web.
    [Fixed] Hot fixes in Beta
    [Added] Admin can manage multiple merchant account id for Braintree multiple currency support
    [Added] Separate Merchant portal for sellers to manage the products, orders and more details
    [Updated] New UI update to all the platforms
    [Added] Braintree payment to replace old paypal
    [Added] Mail chimp was used for newsletter option
    [Added] Seller can add his product to Daily deal to offer the discounts
    [Updated] Multiple currency payment supportable
    [Added] Share a product to Facebook and get discount
    [Added] Product selfies from verified buyer's
    [Updated] Improved notification options
    [Updated] One time cart payment instead of grouping by seller
    [Added] Category with images in apps
    [Added] Seller news update to his followers
    [Removed] Twitter login removed
    [Added] Barcode search in apps
    [Added] Like, comment and share option in livefeeds
    [Added] Cancel orders
    [Added] Seller shipping offers (Free for seller selected postal codes and free shipping for max. purchases)
    [Added] Cart remainder notification to user and seller
    [Added] Seller can create coupon for discounts by particular item, category and cart
    [Added] Seller can send newsletter to his followers
    [Added] User claim option when user not received a product
    [Added] Admin Refund amounts to user credits.
    Front End :
    [Fixed] Major and Minor Fixes
    [Fixed] UI Fixes
    [Added] Claim option for seller after delivery, if buyer didn’t mark the order as received
    [Added] Following stores updates on live feeds
    [Added] Cart page updated with variants selecting option
    Admin Panel :
    [Fixed] Major and Minor Fixes
    [Fixed] UI Fixes
    [Added] Product Properties setting on admin
    [Added] Mobile page setting on admin
    [Added] Dashboard Changes
    Mobile Changes:
    [Fixed] Major and Minor Fixes
    [Fixed] UI Fixes
    Front End :
    [Updated] Mobile version language update
    [Fixed] Major and Minor Fixes
    Admin Panel:
    [Added] Control of Gender and Recipients in Admin
    [Added] Control of changing default currency in Admin
    [Added] Manage group gift option in Admin
    [Added] Controlling the default shipment country from Admin
    Front end:
    [Added] SEO Optimization
    [Added] COD
    [Added] Report Product System
    [Added] My store option for each seller
    [Added] Option to Follow the Stores
    [Added] Individual unread count for the Notification and Live feeds
    [Updated] Updated UI for the Add product page
    [Added] Edit and Delete option for the List in profile page
    Admin Panel:
    Added] More quick widget added in the dashboard
    [Added] Moderator creation
    [Added] Tax Rate Management
    [Added] View Inactive users management
    Front end:
    [Added] Live feeds feature added
    [Added] Hashtags implemented in the comments
    [Added] Hashtag based trending page added
    [Added] User ID based gift and group gift selection using @mention
    [Added] Product color detection by automatic or manual
    [Added] Multiple image upload option for products
    [Added] Who to follow suggestions
    [Added] New User signup wizard
    [Added] Recent activities box at trending page
    [Added] Tax calculation for products
    [Updated] UI changes and improvements
    [Added] Alert for notification and shopping cart
    [Added] Seller based rating system
    [Added] One time use restriction for Coupons
    [Added] Additional Banner Managements
    [Added] Additional controls at Site Management page
    [Updated] Nearme feature deprecated
    [Fixed] Minor issue fixes
    Admin Panel:
    [Updated] Admin UI is changed
    [Added] Admin dashboard added with additional information
    [Added] Search criteria for orders and items improved with more filter in admin
    [Added] Admin has option to edit the user details
    [Added] New moderators can be created now with restriction of access
    [Added] Usability changes under Manage Orders in admin panel
    [Added] Option to filter the inactive user and remove them by admin
    [Added] Option to manage the shared items from URL by admin
    [Added] Product import using the CSV/XLS by admin
    [Added] Export the orders to CSV by admin
    [Added] One time use Coupon per user
    [Added] Improved gift card logs
    [Added] Newsletter using YMLP introduced
    [Added] Email communication for more actions are enabled
    [Added] Email newsletter template has been modified
    [Added] Email server settings were introduced
    [Added] Default banner settings are added at 5 different places
    [Added] Help contents and other pages contents are made dynamic
    [Added] Mobile app settings has been introduced
    [Updated] News management was deprecated
    Front end:
    [Fixed] Minor issue fixes on mobile version
    [Added] Banner ads are introduced
    [Updated] All the contents are manageable
    [Added] Fantacy mobile v1.1 integrated
    [Fixed] Optimization and issue fixes on API for mobile apps
    [Fixed] Minor issue fixes
    [Updated] Update on documents
    [Fixed] hotfixes on beta 1.3.2
    [Added] Buyer Dispute Management
    [Added] Contact Seller (Pre & Post sale communication)
    [Added] Social login and Invite friends easy configuration
    [Added] Common logo - default user profile picture and favicon
    [Added] Complete Language Translations
    [Added] Default language option
    [Added] Default currency
    [Added] Multi currency & Default currency option
    [Added] Order based Conversations between buyer & seller
    [Fixed] Overall issue fixes
    [Added] My orders
    [Added] My sales
    [Added] User delete and edit option for added item
    [Added] Admin push notification to mobile apps
    [Added] Credit Functionality
    [Added] Add Item functionality(seller login)
    [Added] Custom Landing page
    [Added] Track orders options
    [Added] User Fashion
    [Added] Seller News
    [Added] View option in Admin
    [Added] Onetime Checkout
    [Added] New theme integrated
    [Added] More from the same user widget added
    [Added] Near Me - (Finding product at near by locations)
    [Added] Advanced home views (Showing seller information too)
    [Fixed] Minor issue fixes with product's social sharing
    [Fixed] Minor issue fixes with compact & classic views
    [Added] Multilingual
    [Added] Referral
    [Added] User credit for referring
    [Added] Invite friends (Social)
    [Added] Group Gift
    [Added] Gift card
    [Added] RSS Feeds
    [Added] Coupon Redemption
    [Added] Push notifications
    [Added] Product sizes (Options for T-shirts,shoes,...)
    [Added] PayPal Adaptive payment
    [Added] Bookmark
    [Added] User’s Recent activities and Friend’s activities
    [Added] Admin commission settings
    [Added] Admin options for adding the colors,price in header menu
    [Added] User can see the purchased item history
    [Added] Seller can view the orders history
    [Added] Social media login
    [Added] Social media sharing
    [Added] Product search - Based on color, price, newest
    [Added] Featured product - Featured a product on your profile
    [Added] Product Comments
    [Added] Add product to list
    [Added] Followers - List of followers for a user
    [Added] Following - List of users following you
    [Added] Fantacy - Fancy the product
    [Added] Recommendation - Search Products by Recommendation
    [Added] Instant Search
    [Added] Fantacy’d List - Add product to fancy’d collection
    [Added] List - Creating user defined list
    [Added] Manage Profile
    [Added] Notification settings
    [Added] Display Users
    [Added] Fancy’d list
    [Added] Added products list
    [Added] Following list
    [Added] Listed products


    The views and opinions included about amazon/flipkart/etsy/fancy or any other Clone are solely for our product’s marketing and promotional purpose. Which does not necessarily mirror the views and opinions of the official amazon/flipkart/etsy/fancy company. The design and code elements of the product are fully-protected under AppKodes liabilities. AppKodes is not dealing with any promotional activities (both direct and indirect) for amazon/flipkart/etsy/fancy. AppKodes is obliged not to make any defamatory clauses, infringe, or authorize infringement of any legal right from amazon/etsy/fancy.

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