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Build your OTT App with 100% Customizable Hulu clone Script </>

Many entertainment start-ups capture the on-demand craze of the present audience like to start an effective video streaming business. Are you searching for a source to develop a Hulu clone-like app that offers live video streaming? Your task for building personalized applications becomes easy and profitable with us !! Read to know more!

Highly Customizable and Scalable

Twerk the Video streaming Hulu clone app Customized and advanced as per prerequisites and create your own end-to-end secure platform.

AI Powered Recommendations

Grab the AI features towards your script each offers recommendations for the content of the video that seems to be relevant to the user, improving user experience.

Admin App’s Control

Avail with a secure login to control all the profile information, Subscriptions, membership plans, purchases, and channels in a single admin panel.

Why do you Want to Choose to Develop your Live Streaming App? </>

Understand the significance of your business that makes you take the last mile in ensuring your video streaming app meets all your business demands. The ideas similar to this Hulu-like platform are implemented seamlessly with our amazing script merits like having efficient and optimized code, end-to-end customization support, user-friendly interface, and other supreme features.

Our Hulu Clone script offers a short way to rapidly build an OTT video-on-demand platform with many screens. With our VOD platform, you can now deliver, communicate, and make money. We are prepared to offer streaming solutions for audio and video to various businesses. Use the astonishing features of our Hulu Clone Script to Deliver to Your Audience the Best Online Video Streaming Experience!!

Platform Optimized With m3u8

Get your clone optimized with our Script features using M3u8 Format, dependent on the availability of the network, and users no longer have to adjust video ratio manually.

Homepage Features

Depending on your company’s requirements, create a live video streaming player with a customized homepage, monitored from the admin panel, and enhance user experience.

Video Files Upload

Permits users to search and find necessary videos on the streaming service platform by classifying videos by language, genre, and titles with intriguing Script features.

Detailed Movie Page

Enable users to add an in-depth movie page with all of the details about a specific film with our Hulu Clone Script while making use of social sharing options, watch lists, etc.,

Classified Videos

Different kinds of videos on the video-on-demand platform would tremendously impress customers that they can enjoy a broad range of videos on a single platform.

On-demand Video Streaming Platform for Rich User Experience </>

Our cutting-edge Hulu Clone helps in bringing out the on-demand robust streaming app to life. Why wait for another choice? Here is your best option and get started on streaming videos today. Develop an industry-leading streaming video platform with our white-labeled, unique Hulu clone script, including films, TV series, and much more.

With our robust and sophisticated Hulu clone script features, you can serve the millions of people who enjoy video streaming on the Hulu app. The finest feature of our pre-written script is its ability to elevate your video streaming platform above the competition with features like AI-powered suggestions, video file management, a system for ratings and reviews, an admin interface, and more.

Intuitive User Interface

Incorporate an impressive user-intuitve interface for comfortable tracking and overseeing the streaming service platform’s operations and covering user preferences.

Privacy and Settings

Ennroll privacy options for your video platform letting features manage privacy settings, like who may and can’t post comments, and manage the language options.

Streamline Homepage

Hulu clone script’s amazing feature takes charge of the banners on the homepage and generates multiple categories, genres, and language-specific videos.

Live Streaming Perks

Promote a real-time conversation between users and provide artists with an immersive and rapid way to connect with their audience by encouraging live streaming events.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Get an Easy-to-use administrative panel that lets you regulate all of your users, pricing, inventory, payment methods, shipping, and discounts and manage every system autonomously.

Revenue-Generating Aspects

Different sources of revenue from video streaming services can turn a sizable profit for your business if you incorporate features keenly.

Google Adsense

Your Script features monetize the video-sharing platform by inserting advertisements in between videos. If those ads receive more views, the administrator can easily profit.

Payment Link-Sharing

Induce distinct payment-sharing features in your Hulu clone app and get the benefits of sharing a payment link, to make instant revenue for your business from video-watching users.

Commission-Based Pay Per Streaming

Get some percentage of money every time when the users watch or click the videos, by tailoring the Hulu Clone script based on the subscription of the video platform.


Generate effective costs from the live streaming videos and extend their channels with the help of monetization features like merchandise shelves, channel memberships, and ads.

Premium Memberships

Bring some tier-based membership plans with more features for premium customers for longer subscription sessions to your staggering video platform and gain high income.

In-App Purchase

In-app Purchase add-ons are put forth to enable specific features in your platform, based on the purchase plan, and offer superior and customized ad-free services.

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Procure Your Top-Tier Video Streaming App with Advanced Hulu Clone Script Features </>

Use our Hulu Clone Script to offer a tonne of competitive features that draw a sizable audience to your platform to remain unique and maintain an honorable share of this market.


Showcase your Revolutionary, User-Friendly Hulu Clone App Tailored for your Users! Test Drive the Demo Today! </>

Entrepreneurs hoping to break into the rapidly expanding app industry for streaming media may comfortably develop their own (OTT) app by using this script.. Take a Quick Demo!

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Alluring Addons

Hulu Clone script add-on will satisfy your business demands with seamless usage and get a sophisticated platform

Multi-Language Support

Place this supreme functionality of language support into the Hulu clone app with multi-language support leading to increased user engagement substantially.

Intro Screen Background Video

Bring this Hulu clone script feature to engage users and add a visually appealing background video to the login page of your video-watching app.

Splash Screen

Ease your users with a distinctive appearance, by encompassing this appealing animated splash screen feature from your Hulu Clone script.

Amazon S3 Bucket Integration

Accompany your Hulu Clone Script by integrating the Amazon S3 bucket so that users can safely store and retrieve data while blocking unauthorized access.

Attractive Banner Design

Grasp the user’s attention to your site with a captivating banner. Beneficial use of the enchanting website banner focussed on promotional plans of action.

Video Translator

Bring an amazing wow to users to view the video subtitles in your app with your desired language translations and subtitles by facilitating your script with this.

Embark your Own Venture and Personalize it Like the Hulu App! Get started Now! </>

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What are the languages used for implementation in mobile apps?

We have used Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android

Is the app native ?

Yes. This app is in Native Platform

What are the Web Technologies used?

We used the below-mentioned web technologies to facilitate faster development and efficient management of more advanced websites. Web frontend – Python Django Framework. Web backend – PHP Laravel Framework.

Where will the videos be stored?

Videos are processed and stored securely on fast and highly durable cloud storage.

Which software is used to process videos?

Videos are converted to m3u8 format using an open-source tool called FFMPEG.

What are the supported cloud storage providers?

We have used the s3 library to access the cloud storage for data reading and writing, so all the cloud storage providers with the s3 library are supported.

Mongo db version 3.4 or higher


FFmpeg 1.4



PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1


Laravel 8.15



Ioncube loader version 10. Ion Cube PHP Extension decrypts the protected PHP files and optimizes their execution.


Python 3

Flieck v1.0 – September 05,2022

[Added] User Login, Sign Up, and Social/Mobile Login
[Added] Profile page
[Added] Home page with Custom group and banner based on the Admin panel
[Added] Channel, Movies, Sports tab with Custom Sections
[Added] News and Series with Custom Sections
[Added] Genre, Language, TV List
[Added] Search Video based on Genre, language, and user-entered keywords
[Added] Sports, Movies, channels, Series, and News details with the most watched list.
[Added] Player View with controls like forwarding, backward, brightness options, etc.
[Added] Player View with various quality, Report, and subtitle options
[Added] Add to WatchList and access easily
[Added] Subscription and become a prime members
[Added] Help & Terms content.
[Added] Contact page.


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