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With Kik Clone , Release the Most Enjoyable Instant Messaging Platform! </>

How can one make an app like that so quickly? By propelling your vision to create your own instant messaging platform, our crafted Kik Clone Script packed with astonishingly sophisticated features, is here to help you outperform your competition! use our next-generation, highly-customized Kik clone app to help users stay in touch with everyone on the planet !!

High-End Customization

Customization options in the Kik clone Script with additional add-on support, to build a potent business and user-preferred prerequisites.

100% Source code

Clone scripts offer proper source code, empowering you to start your application and add features as needed.

Admin App’s Control

A robust admin dashboard that houses all of the user’s profiles in one place, evaluating and approving messages and group chats.

Together with our team, Shape your Kik Clone app and intensify your business vision! </>

Establishing an instant messaging platform is an excellent strategy to enter the communication industry. However, how do you give users access to a messaging app with all the features included in the Kik App that is both dependable and safe? And that too in a short amount of money and time? Cloning a ready-made app is the fundamental concept!

With the aid of our cutting-edge, versatile, high-definition voice and video call features in our Kik Clone script, you can bring the entire world closer together. Build a quality Kik-like app to take advantage of a plethora of diverse end-to-end security features like voice over IP, private communities, picture sharing, media sharing, location sharing, and many more.

Responsive Messaging Platform

Instant messaging capabilities via the Kik Clone program allow you to communicate with anyone via text, audio, or video depending on your needs.

Admin Panel

Strong admin panel with a monitoring system with secure login to control user groups in your chat app, as well as payments for seamless operation

Status Upload

Display your daily activities as media files, and set your status to be accessible to all of your contacts or only a select group of people for a full day.

Contact Synchronization

Eliminate the entire tedious process of connecting contacts to your platform. Synchronize contacts from your SIM card address book, or mail backups.

Theme Customization

Enhance your application’s appearance and user experience by adding a Dark Theme background, which will also help to increase visibility.

Launch Your Customized Kik Clone App with Cutting-Edge Script Features </>

Our Kik Clone Script accredits you in carving your niche in the messaging sphere. Our, feature-rich and endlessly customizable Script, empowers you to design a unique chatting experience that draws in and sustains users. Elevate above the competition with our Cutting-edge Kik Clone script.

Packed with attractive features, an intuitive interface, notable chat features, multi-platform support, End-to-end encryption, and responsive design with state-of-the-art technologies launch your Instant messaging Application. Use Our Viber Clone Script to Create Your Ideal Chat App.

End-to-end Encryption

End-to-end encrypted messaging platform, established by the features of Kik clone offers added security layers verified by the legal owner.

Video/Voice Calls

Take advantage of HD-based calling services and use this feature to easily switch between voice and video and get face-to-face chats.

Push Notification

Effortlessly customize and promptly receive messages, videos, images, and documents with Push notification alert features during voice or video chats.

Control Data Usage

Enabling or disabling data usage, allows the admin or the app users to get to know the application media file space occupied in the app and the way to manage them.

Documents and Multimedia sharing

Users can simply share videos or audio and share documents in a specific format, leading to a remarkably high level of customer satisfaction.

Revenue Generating Facets

Evey, businesses prioritize developing consistent revenue sources, and Kik Clone Script is not an exceptional one.

Google Adsense

By simply placing advertisements to earn good profits based on views and clicks, cheers to our Viber clone’s surprising revenue facet.

Subscription Schemes

Distinct subscription plans give out many benefits to your Kik Clone app and earn profit with multiple features and preferences of the business.

Payment Link-sharing

Kik clone apps built by our script, exhibit instant payment streams by sharing a payment link with anyone using the app in any location.

In-App Purchases

Benefit different costs from different users, by offering superior and customized stickers, filters, effects, and so on with correct options for constant revenue.

Advertisement Cost

Earn Advertisement prices from third-party brands to showcase products or services depending on user views, impressions, and so on.

Value-added Services

Embed Chat Business API as the Kik clone script features and charges business based on messages, limits of users, and Tiered plans.

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First, glance at our demo! Are You Prepared to Keep with Your Fully Working App? </>

Employing our Kik clone, Your Dream application is quickly launched with our ready-made Script that is instantaneous, comprehensive, and comfortable.


Launch Your Instant Messaging App With Our Pre-made, Feature-Rich Kik Clone! </>

Endow an advanced feature-rich instant Messaging application with our Kik Clone Script to stay connected with your Business ideas and achieve your vision!

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Add-ons Credits

An appealing add-on is developed with an intuitive interface with staggered features to support user preferences and enable the exploration of an efficient clone app.

Arabic RTL

Integrate this Arabic RTL support feature into the Kik clone so that users search the site in Arabic and the app’s user interface will be in Arabic.

Smart Reply Option

Employ this Smart chat replying feature for app users when a user receives a message on the chat page, and reply right away to hold the user’s interests.

Digital Splash Screen

Bring your Kik Clone app with an astonishing and distinct appearance with our script feature and gain user impressions to use it constantly.

App intro Background

Delineate captivating background video about your app intro to your login page, attracting users and interests once you launch the app.

Platform Promotion Banners

For your social media platform profiles, five promotion banners are available to help you advertise your Services and attract a large audience.

Live Streaming

With the Kik Clone app’s live video streaming feature, conveniently share incredible moments and gain a thrilling chat experience.

Establish your Platform with Kik Clone! Select Your Opt Pricing Package! </>

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What are the languages are implemented for both apps?

We used Swift V4 for iOS and Java for Android

Is this apps are in Native Platform?

Yes,Our Chat App Script is in Native Platform

Where does the messages store ?

Messages are stored in the local database only.The undelivered messages are stored in Redis and it will be cleared when the messages are delivered.

If we get access to DB, Do the message can be read that stored in the db?

Yes..but we can’t simply read it.. It will stored in json format.. also you can’t find the messages by user name..it will be stored by UUID

Where do image, video clip, and audio clip being stored?

Media files will be stored in the server.

How does the channel works?

Channel can be created by every user there he can post texts video and audio files from the mobile.

Do subscribers in the channel can post?

No, Only the channel creator can share the text, media files and subscribers can only listen.

Is there any privacy for channels?

Yes, there are two types of channels one is Public and other one is Private If you click the public anyone can join as subscribers and if you click the private invited people only to become a subscribers.

What is the technology used for video and audio calls?

We use webRTC for video and audio calls.It’s a free open source from google.

For Instant Chat

Nodejs 8.x LTS version


Mongo db version 3.4 or higher


Redis 4.x Stable (Secure installation preferable)

redis ser

Go Lang (1.x or later)



Java JDK Version (1.8)



Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)


Python Webtest (2.7.*)

Hiddy v2.3 – May 16, 2023
[Added] Android migrated to SDK 33.
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Hiddy v2.2 – October 05, 2021
[Added] Android Migrated to API 30 and Scoped storage enforcement.
[Added] OneSignal Messaging Service Implemented
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Hiddy v2.1.1 – Jan11, 2021
[Added] Dark theme
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Hiddy v2.1 – Aug 14, 2020
[Fixed] Mute Notification Fixes
[Fixed] Call Fixes
[Fixed] UIWebView changes in iOS
[Fixed] Update the libraries in Mobile Apps
[Fixed] Bugs Fixes and Improvements
Hiddy v2.0 – 1 Oct, 2019
[Added] Status/Stories
[Added] End to End Encryption
[Added] Voice recording
[Added] Delete message for Everyone
[Added] Group Notification like messaging style
[Added] Allow other app media sharing to Hiddy chat
[Added] Forwarding multiple messages to multiple users
[Added] Firebase Phone auth for OTP verification
[Added] Zoom image from attachments
[Added] Channel Report & block option
[Added] Media options on User info
[Added] RTL support
[Added] Clear Call log option
[Added] More user & channel info in admin panel
[Added] More Insights in admin dashboard
[Added] Default About status manageable from admin
[Fixed] Server side Pagination
[Fixed] Deprecation and Frame work update
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvement
Hiddy v1.1 – 11 Oct, 2018
[Added] Delete single message
[Added] Video call pause when app is in background
[Fixed] Bugs fixes and performance improvements
Hiddy v1.0 – 1 Sep, 2018
Mobile Changes:
[Added] One to One chats
[Added] Group chats
[Added] Mark favourite chats & access easily
[Added] Instant live & last seen status
[Added] Block & Unblock facilities
[Added] Clear chats
[Added] Share instant snaps & location,attachments & your contacts
[Added] Get back your both private & group chats when you’re in offline
[Added] Get back your notifications when you’re in offline
[Added] Get back your friend’s activities within chats & groups,when you’re in offline
[Added] Built-in voice & audio call support
[Added] Do voice calls with clear calls quality
[Added] Make video calls with good resolution quality
[Added] Create your own Channels ( Private or Public)
[Added] Send Invite notifications to friends to join channels
[Added] Subscribe / Unsubscribe channels
[Added] Post instant snaps & live location,attachments & your contacts to your channels
[Added] OTP verification with Facebook Account Kit
[Added] Sync your smartphone contacts
[Added] Multiform Notifications (Tab Notifications, Push Notifications, Count Notifications,Call Notifications,Tag Notifications)
[Added] Notified with controls (Mute & unmute notifications)
[Added]Wide message forwarding from channels to chats,groups and vice versa
[Added]Smart search filter (Search users & groups & channels at once)
[Added] Delete your account
[Added] Change your number
[Added] More Privacy options. ( Show / hide profile,last seen & about status)
[Added] Multilingual support
Front End Changes:
[Added] Landing Page
[Added] Help & Terms
Admin Panel Changes:
[Added] Admin Dashboar
[Added] Users list
[Added] Channel list
[Added] channels (Admin’s Channels)
[Added] Profile management
[Added] Site settings
[Added] App update
[Added] Landing page settings
[Added] Notification
[Added] SEO management
[Added] Help & Terms
[Added] Language translation (English & French).


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