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Kickstart your online classified platform with our most-sought after clone script, JoySale Classified, featuring both website and mobile applications to build a classifieds platform like Letgo. Get your own unique customized marketplace.

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JoySale - LetGo Clone Script

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JoySale - LetGo Clone Script

Launching an App like Letgo Today

Looking to shake up the classifieds niche? Our meticulously crafted Letgo clone is your golden ticket to effortless user experiences across any device. With advanced AI at its core, our customizable white-label solution lets your brand rule. The right pick to boost your revenue while offering multiple languages, simple category management, and sleek Android and iOS app. And, rest easy with our secure payment gateway. Lay back and relax. Watch the app automate tasks, making your operations a breeze.

Global Solution

Connect buyers and sellers globally, allow seamless transactions, and expand online classifieds reach.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Provide multiple payment gateways for global convenience and establish security in the Letgo clone script.

Best Customer Support

Deliver exceptional customer support by ensuring instant responses and building unshakeable trust.

Benefits of Our Letgo Clone App Solution

Our Letgo clone app boombs into a global market revolution, permitting seamless transactions worldwide. Built on C2C eCommerce functionalities for customers to collaborate efficiently. And, inspired by leading platforms like OLX, OfferUp, Dubizzle, and Carousell, 

Our flexible pre-built online script powers entrepreneurs to tailor business websites, feature simple interfaces and hassle-free transactions, and also drive success in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. Backed by innovative features, a user-friendly interface, and top-notch support, our platform fosters smooth transactions for buyers and sellers alike.

Order Management

 Streamline transactions, tracking orders, inventory management,trading experiences, and enhancing marketplace quality.

Crypto-Wallet Integration

Securely integrate a crypto-wallet to manage digital assets, promising convenience and flexibility to transactions while expanding  the reach of your marketplace app

Tracking Offers & Discounts

Track all offers and discounts to ensure users never miss a deal, enhancing the buying process and customer satisfaction.

Manage Commission

Manage commissions transparently and responsibly, guaranteeing fair payments to sellers through careful auditing and control.

Search & Filter

Employ search and filter options in our Letgo clone script to quickly find desired listings, expediting the buying process with tailored search criteria.

Joysale – Your Premier Letgo Clone Platform

Our Letgo Clone Script enables you to tap into the lucrative online classifieds industry, increase your profitability effortlessly. Save valuable time and resources on the development of app like letgo with  our clone. Enjoy unlimited listings through customizable front-end options and a user-friendly admin panel.

Ideal for multiple potential buyers to browse listings and for vendors offering diverse, new, and used goods across various categories. A peer-to-peer marketplace platform tailored for entrepreneurs of every stripe, whether you’re launching a startup or scaling up an established business, our customizable solutions are ruby on rails to propel your venture to new heights.

Multivendor System

Powerful ios to backup multiple vendors. Effortlessly handle orders, manage various product inventories, selling process, and competitiveness. Streamline operations and maximize profit with minimum efforts to dominate the multivendor marketplace.

Detailed Reporting

Observe your business performance with our customizable online solution. Track performance metrics, monitor trends, and optimize monetization strategies for better decision-making. Right technical expertise to power your classified marketplace with data analytics and insight-based action.

 Frequent Update

maintain a leading position with our up-to-date features. online marketplaces constantly evolve in their functionality, security, and user experience. Our clone scripts and their smooth updates ensure that your marketplace remains ever-relevant and advanced.

 Multiple Login

Gain convenience with the multi-login function of our letgo clone solution. Ease of navigation between accounts, giving flexibility and a convenient platform for users to access. Streamline the access process and user experience at the same time.

Admin Dashboard

Address your marketing purposes with One-Shot Screen of our Letgo clone script. Get access to crucial data and information quickly, leading to quicker and more consistent decision-making as well as management of your marketplace.

Explore Revenue Potential

Take advantage of our ever-growing  and diverse earning channels.

Commission For Sellers

Authorizes sellers to change the commission structure according to their preferences, thereby effectively negotiate for a commission rate that works for you, This potentially lowers your costs and has its impact on the product pricing

Ad Promotions

Hook consumers to achieve better platform or mobile apps performance with featured ads promo. Attract more buyers or sellers, and enhance the visibility of the goods locally as well as on the globaly.

Integration of Google AdSense

Implement Google AdSense for your online business to appropriately engage the users and income generation through targeted advertising, promoted ads, and systematic monetization.

Banner Ads

Free banner advertisements options is an ideal way for you to earn money. Both sponsors and users can strategically place targeted ad campaigns on the platform to generate additional income.

Data-driven Insights

Take your classifieds platform to great heights with our AI-powered insights. Employ artificial intelligence to track offers, analyzes user behavior, and optimize the transaction fee structure while ensuring user-friendly experience.

 Transaction fees

Earn a percentage each time your users complete a successful transaction. As they succeed, so do you! Our convenient  commission system simplifies the revenue generation process.

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One Solution for All Your Multi-Vendor Classified Business Problems!

Ready to take over the classified advertisement industry? Achieve market domination choosing the up-to-date Letgo clone app development team. A crew of experienced tech-master minds who can design and code the exact software solution with an exemplary admin web panel where the admin manages,


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Super admin? In-app Wallet? Are you looking for more such features ? Here’s our Demo! Discover the seamless integration of advanced features with categorized services to improve user experience.

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