Make Accept & Deny Offer

Make offer

Joysale have the special feature of “make an offer“ for buyers to request offers from sellers where they will receive notifications for every request.

Accept & Deny

Joysale enables the buyers to request offers from sellers and a seller can either accept or deny offer request each on a single click.

Instant chat

Instant live chat

Instant live chat feature on Joysale can help the interested buyer to directly have an instant chat with the product seller, without any mediators.

Chat block

Joysale has the option to block user on the chat window, to instant stop receiving updates/messages from any specific users.

Chat templates

Sellers/Buyers can make use of the default text templates on the chat window to show their intent, instantly.

Image & Location share

Sellers can best describe and share an image for their product and buyer can let know their location with location sharing feature, all on a chat window.



Urgent Promotions

On Urgent promotions, Seller will list the product on all available spaces on view for the buyers. This gives maximum probabilities to sell.

Ad Promotions

Ad promotion for a seller product can pull more interested buyers at a quick pace and boosts the sales of a seller and is completely controlled by Admin.


Exchange & Giving away

Exchange To Buy

When a seller wants a product and likes to swap his own with the other product can be done by initiating an exchange request to the seller.

Giving away

A seller on Joysale can list a product without mentioning its price, to provide it for free of cost will be listed out in the Giving Away section.


User Verifications


A new user to the joysale script will be requested to verify his authentication through the Facebook login to avoid fake users.


A new user to the joysale script will be requested to verify his authentication through the mobile OTP and make phone number visible/invisible.


A new user to the joysale script will be requested to verify his authentication through the confirmation email to avoid fake users.

Trusted Seller

Various Verification methods in Joysale is highly helpful for buyers in finding the trusted sellers in their purchase.

Social Activities

Follow & Follwing

Buyers on Joysale can follow their preferred sellers or best buy the products by following their trust owned sellers.

Invite Friends

Invite friends now easily to your website by sharing the Invite/join links on the social network and make your website crowded.

Social Login

Users on Joysale don’t need any separate account, It has an easy login just with their social media account, with options to like and comment on products.

Product Share

Joysale also has the feature for easy sharing of the product on the social platforms to assist on promotion for every product.


Currency Management

Multiple Currency

With multiple currency options on Joysale, Admin can choose a currency on use in their native location which can set to default by admin.


Admin has the complete access to add or remove supported currencies, and he may set the default currency which can be used for promotion purposes.


Admin may manage currencies which support through the integrated payment gateway.


Advanced Search Filters


Location-based search feature of Joysale provides quick results for products and sellers nearest to the user’s own location.


Price based search feature of Joysale allows users to set a minimum and maximum price they wish to shop for products.


Category based search feature of Joysale saves time and helps buyers to land straight on what exactly they need with categories.

Posted Within

Users may now search for newly arrived products by filtering using Posted within which allows to view products posted within last 24 hrs or last week or 30 days.


Product Details


Joysale’s product details features contain every grain of information regarding that listing such as name, category, views, uploaded time, etc to best help buyers.

Likes and Comments

Joysale users are availed with options to like and comment on products which is highly used for the other users to increase products trustability.

Contact seller

Problem with your order or need to bulk book a product or any other enquiries users may find the instant chat option and contact the seller.

Report Inappropriate

If a user finds any listed product inappropriate under the mentioned category, then he/she may report that product for not to be fitting under that category.

Product Condition

Sellers can manage the listings and describe the listed product is either new or old to best help buyers to make the purchasing decision.

Product Views

Joysale’s product details features contain every grain of information regarding that listing such as name, category, views, uploaded time, etc to best help buyers.




Texts messages sent over the chat window is best notified to either buyer/seller with a push notification feature.


Any activity regarding products or the site or product added is best notified with auto-generated notifications to sellers and users.


Web Application

Attractive Design

Joysale to provide a replica of Carousel was built as it is with attractive design, yet it can be modified to your requirements like UI or custom design.


Our classified script was developed like an Art by well-experienced coders through the speed and performance of the mobile app will be extremely powerful.


Our script is safe, well secured and error-free to use. Our Security options will protect your app from unwanted attacks. You will get 99% secured mobile app.

Bootstrap Responsive

Our classified script has the ability to access the app in a responsive design and easily adjusts to any mobile phones, tablets.





Dashboard available in the Admin panel provides a complete overview and fine details of the business to be managed by the owner.


Admin may manage the banners by Enable/Disable options and video banners will also be supported for the web end to improve the sales.

Manage Module

Various modules like Promotion-related, exchange to buy and giving away modules can be managed here by the Admin himself.


Joysale helps you in getting top on the search engine results by providing the eligible Meta titles, tags, and descriptions.