Premium users

Our concise and efficient video application caters to premium users, facilitating the seamless upload of both audio and video files. Once uploaded, users can effortlessly edit and share their videos on our video sharing platform. This feature is a time-saving solution that significantly enhances user engagement.

Short video app development

Make fun videos

Access a vast array of audio files to create captivating videos that truly express your creativity. So, don't wait any longer, join our platform, and let your unique voice resonate far and wide!.

Camera swap

With our innovative camera swap option, users can dynamically switch the camera view from front face to rear face and vice versa during video recording, significantly enhancing the video capture process.


Transform your videos into captivating masterpieces with our innovative filter options. Add spectacular special effects and customize color palettes to deliver stunning content that will captivate and entertain your audience on the video sharing platform.

Capture video with the timer

To enhance the video recording experience, our short video app offers a default timer option with a precisely set 5-second delay before initiating the recording.

Add Flash

With just a simple touch, your videos will come to life with an extra spark, making them stand out from the crowd.

List videos

Our app algorithm considers user interests during login to showcase videos shared by others on the homepage. This personalized feature ensures relevant content recommendations. For a complete list of related videos, a simple upward swipe will do the trick!.

Short video app development

Captivating features and more


Within our platform, users have the option to express their enthusiasm for a video by using the heart feature, which allows them to give hearts to that specific video, showcasing their interest and appreciation.


Engage and connect with others by leaving comments on the incredible videos shared by our users..


Within just a few clicks, users could take advantage of this wonderful feature, allowing them to share videos with the people who hold a special place in their hearts.

Use audio of other videos

Utilize the audio from other users' videos and elevate your own content to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on your audience

Following videos

dive into captivating video content from the awesome creators you follow on our platform!.

For you videos

This feature exhibits an inclusive compilation of videos, determined by users' individual preferences, as previously stated within the application.

Short video app development



Utilizing this feature, the application user gains access to a comprehensive list of individuals who have chosen to follow them.


Explore the list of users you are currently following. Edit your following list effortlessly to suit your preferences.

Short video app development


Our platform allows users to purchase coins, a virtual currency that empowers them to choose from a wide range of gifts to send to others. This unique and exciting feature will undoubtedly leave recipients pleasantly surprised.

Short video app development

Referral programs

Invite friends

Invite your friends and family to join the app and watch our community flourish!.

Earn coins

Users have the opportunity to earn coins by inviting their friends to join the app or by watching promotional videos. Subsequently, these earned coins can be utilized for the purpose of sending gifts and enjoying various additional features offered by the app.

Short video app development

Privacy and settings

Take charge of your privacy with the ability to choose who can comment and receive tailored notifications. Plus, explore different languages to suit your preferences!

Short video app development



Users can now enjoy the convenience of initiating instant chat conversations with their desired contacts on the video sharing platform.

Image sharing

Engage with other users, sharing stunning images and having fun-filled conversations on our video sharing platform.

Block chat

If the user desires to prevent interactions with a particular user on the platform, they can effortlessly do so by utilizing this option.

Short video app development


Maximize your video app experience with real-time, significant notifications – try it now!

Short video app development

Web application

Attractive landing page

Discover the magic of our short video app development and its captivating landing page that draws visitors like a magnet.

Video View page

Even if you're not a platform member, you can effortlessly open and enjoy watching the shared videos.

Short video app development


Within the platform, the Admin holds a plethora of responsibilities. This includes overseeing video uploads, optimizing storage usage, ensuring sound quality, managing user accounts, collaborating with advertisers, configuring platform settings, monitoring subscription plans, handling gift and coin transactions, and analyzing user interests.

Short video app development

Video storage

Local server storage

With utmost dedication, our highly skilled short video app developers direct their attention to building a robust local server storage infrastructure. Rest assured, all your precious videos will find their secure abode within the confines of the local server.

Cloud storage (AWS and Wasabi)

Experience the benefits of AWS S3 and Wasabi integration, allowing the Admin to securely save videos in the Cloud. By combining the power of AWS S3, renowned for high-quality video storage, and Wasabi, known for its cost-effectiveness, you get the best of both worlds.

Short video app development