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Open the Way to the Infinite with OpenSea Clone

Our opensea clone script allows business owners to capitalize on the unlimited potential of digital assets by creating their own NFT marketplace. Creators can reap profit from their creations and collectors are exposed to an array of unique jewels which have adjustable features that function flawlessly. Embracing the numerous alternatives provided by the NFT ecosystem and being part of the revolution of digital ownership.

P2P Security

By integrating cutting-edge peer-to-peer security protocols, which secure transactions and guarantee reliable and transparent relationships between buyers and sellers, we can maintain the marketplace’s integrity and reputation.


We have a support team that can give you complete assistance from setup to maintenance whenever you need it. You can be sure of smooth operations and most issues will be fixed in time which allows you to focus on growth and success.

High ROI

With the inclusion of strong functionalities that attract both makers and collectors and push more transactions and revenue streams, our OpenSea copy script gives a high return on investment.

Build Your NFT Empire with an OpenSea Clone Script.

Turn your idea into a profitable reality using our platform to build a growing online marketplace. Effortlessly trade your non-fungible tokens, stimulate creativity, and govern the group of creators and enthusiasts.

With our scalable products, you will drive the fluctuating NFT market, dictating the possible trends. Be among many growing OpenSea marketplace NFT entrepreneurs who earned wealth with our opensea clone script. Start putting together yours today.

Approval-Free Monetization

Our opensea clone app can be used to instantly monetize a creator’s work bypassing approval processes, therefore creativity is brought forth and also fast revenue generation, empowering creators to unleash their full potential.

Multi-Wallet Support

Our platform offers different wallet support features that make it possible for users to conveniently and easily manage multiple crypto assets. This increases accessibility and appeal to people with different needs and interests.

Stats & Rankings

By providing detailed performance metrics and rankings, the marketplace will enable users to make educated decisions and create healthy competition internally, thus, the creators will have the opportunity to improve their strategies and perform the best they can.

NFT Promotion

Dedicated promotion aspects are provided by our platform to maximize the visibility and reach of NFTs, which leads to more engagement and greater sales opportunities for the creators, thus ensuring that their work gets exposed to a larger audience and realization of its full potential.


Dynamic bidding processes are facilitated via our auction feature, which in turn contributes to the development of a competitive bidding environment and thereby maximizes the value of NFTs through competitive auctions, which in turn creates an exciting and engaging interaction for both the creators and the collectors.

Launch, Customize, Succeed: White Label OpenSea Clone Script

With our platform, you can quickly launch your marketplace and have it tailored to meet your objectives. By using our service, you can utilize the potential, reach your goals, and navigate the complexity of the NFT environment. Our clone script gives you a team that can assist you even if it is your first experience as a business owner.

Join the community of cutting-edge NFT pioneers who have successfully used this technology to foster diverse digital ecosystems and open up new possibilities for property ownership. This is the starting point of your success.

Dark-Theme Support

Make the user experience more customizable by adding a dark theme to the website, decreasing eye strain and fatigue, and accommodating different user preferences allowing every user to have a pleasant and comfortable browsing experience.

Dashboard Insights

Our easy-to-use dashboards provide a comprehensive overview and analytics to all users, making an informed decision about how to improve and refine the marketplace possible.

Full-Access Control

Managers can efficiently manage the platform settings and permissions to ensure security as well as with the flexibility to meet all the required settings for satisfactory market management.


R/T tracking of activity history and transactions allows the users not only transparency and trust but accountability as well, creating a safe and secure environment for all marketplace participants.

Content Management

 Automate content creation, curation, and organization using efficient content management tools. Thus, it allows administrators to run a flawless NFT platform that creators and collectors can enjoy.

Revenue Streams

Profit Powerhouse: Earn with Every Chance You Get with Us.

Listing Fees

Generate revenue through fees charged from users who list their NFTs in your marketplace. Thus, there will be a continuous flow of income as well as an encouragement of decent content creation and quality control of your market by removing the low-quality or spammy commodities.

Minting Fees

Generate money by having creators pay for minting new NFTs on your website. This model of monetization ensures continuous development of the platform and expansion, giving you a chance to invest in upgrading user experience and feature development.

Promotion Fees

Provide premium promotional services to users to enhance the listing visibility of their NFTs on your platform. Through charging fees for advanced promotion features, creators can generate more engagement and sales for their NFTs, and at the same time, your platform will generate additional revenue.

Sales Fees

Generate income from commission fees that are charged on successful NFT sales. This financial method enables you to earn a commission off the value traded on your platform, this commission will grow with the success and scale of your marketplace.

Banner Ads

Monetize your platform by selling space for banner ads to advertisers. Through contextual advertising in which only relevant and targeted ads are shown to your users, you can create new revenue channels while enabling advertisers to access your audience which is engaged and niche.

Google Ads Placement

Drive up revenue by the incorporation of Google ads in your platform. Google’s excellent advertising network can be utilized to generate income through CPC and CPM models, diversify revenue streams, and optimize ad campaigns via targeted marketing.


Experience the ultimate control today! Access our demo

Be the commander-in-chief with our demo. Try out our platform yourself and find out how you can customize your NFT marketplace in a way that you have not experienced before!


Customize, Optimize, Maximize: Try Our Top Add-Ons Now

Polygon Matic-based OpenSea Clone

Conveniently integrate the Polygon network to take advantage of its scalability and low transaction fees, giving users a cheaper and faster way to trade their NFTs while increasing the popularity of your platform.

OpenSea Clone for Solana Network

Utilizing the fast and low-cost Solana blockchain, users can expect an enjoyable NFT marketplace experience where transactions are performed with lighting speed and low gas fees, attracting more participation and making use more enjoyable.

Binance Smart Chain Integration

Extend your platform’s interoperability by linking with Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain network that ensures fast and inexpensive transactions for NFT operations between all users.

TRON NFT Support

Have native support for TRON NFTs so users can choose from one of the largest blockchain networks, as well as greater liquidity and accessibility for TRON fans and creators.

Informative Videos

Fuel user engagement and education through a video series on NFT trading, blockchain technology, and how to navigate our platform. The videos will be a source of info and knowledge to help users gain the insight they need to make informed decisions and maximize their NFT experience.

Social Media Cover Banner

Enhance your platform’s branding and visibility, especially on social media using creative social media banner covers that grab attention and drive traffic to your marketplace, this will increase user acquisition and social community engagement.

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How can I launch an NFT marketplace like Opensea within a short span of time?

The time to build Opensea like NFT marketplace will depend on various factors like features and blockchain technologies that need to be included, addon integrations, customization required, and so on. However, by approaching a prominent NFT marketplace development company like Appkodes that has rich expertise in developing feature-packed NFT marketplaces over the years, you can get your NFT marketplace built within a short span of time

What are the notable features of Opensea clone script?

Some of the remarkable features of our Opensea clone are Filter, wallet system, Single and multiple minting, front-end display, multi-chain interoperability, NFT stats, and notification option.

How can I make money with my NFT marketplace?

Our Opensea clone includes remunerative revenue factors like transaction fees, listing fees, minting fees, initial setup fee, and private sale option. So, you can easily make a great profit with the NFT marketplace built with our Opensea clone

How would you confidently maintain my innovative Opensea-like NFT marketplace development idea?

We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to completely assure you that your business ideas will be fully protected and will never leave our place

How to build my NFT marketplace on different blockchain platforms?

With our Opensea clone, you can build an NFT marketplace on various blockchain networks like Polygon Matic, Solana, Binance smart chain, and TRON.

Web Server

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience


Mongodb 4.x


For Instant Chat

Node.js 12.x

DropCraze v1.4.1 – May 27th, 2023
[Added] Email Integration for WatchList
[Added] Additional Blockchain Event Validations on Frontend
[Added] Additional Transaction Information shown in Admin Panel
[Fixed] Updating Solidity Contract to Latest Version
[Fixed] Minor Contract Related Fixes
[Fixed] Package Related Fixes
DropCraze v1.4.0 – September 21st, 2022
[Added] Polygon blockchain Integrated.
[Added] Add Funds-Wyre payment gateway in the profile section.
[Added] Advanced Traits/Properties module for the NFTs.
[Added] Option to report users, NFTs, and collections.
[Added] NFT Preview option included in the NFT create page.
[Added] Social Links for users & collections.
[Added] Social Share for users & collections.
[Added] Listed Traits in Property section on NFT Detail Page
[Added] Additional Filters like Properties & Blockchain in collection, search & profile pages
[Added] Activity Filters in Users & Collection Pages
[Fixed] Featured Drops design changed in home page
[Fixed] Test Network Migrated from Rinkeby to Goerli network.
[Fixed] Minor UI Fixes
[Fixed] Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements
[Added] Additional information like blockchain and traits is included in all modules.
[Added] Report Management enhancements
[Fixed] Minor UI Fixes
[Fixed] Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements
DropCraze v1.4.0 – September 21st, 2022
[Added] Coinbase & WalletConnect Sign in
[Added] Collection Creation Page on user profile
[Fixed] Minor UI Fixes
[Fixed] Minor Text Changes
DropCraze v1.3.0 – August 24th, 2022
[Added] Promotion Module to allow users to promote their NFTs.
[Added] The Stats & Ranking Module to display the top collections and ranks them by volume.
[Added] The Promotion section in the user’s profile to review their promoted NFTS.
[Added] The option to promote the NFT from the NFT listing page
[Added] The Dynamic Home Banner Layout for organising the NFTs.
[Added] The Statistics Section on the Collection Page.
[Added] On the NFT page, unique user views are shown.
[Added] The Expand icon has been added to the top right corner of the NFT image to preview NFT.
[Added] On the collection and NFT pages, the items and activities sections have been converted to tabs.
[Added] Thumbnail for NFT added to the Activities section of the Navigation Bar.
[Fixed] For media file storage and access, a self-hosted IPFS server is integrated.
[Fixed] Like Mismatch issue
[Added] Promotion module to list the promotions made by users.
[Added] A new module for managing promotion packages has been added.
[Fixed] Minor UI Fixes
[Fixed] Minor Text Changes & Hyperlink issues