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Solanart Clone: Your Keepsake to NFT Success.

By our Solanart Clone, the NFT trading will be completely transformed into a simple and reliable way to render such achievement possible. By this means, owners and operators of NFT marketplaces could easily access the highly active NFT ecosystem and find new perspectives for their future successful trading on the web.

Secured Wallet System

We invest in a strong wallet system which, in turn, uses advanced security measures to guard all the assets from any possible threat, therefore creating trust and peace of mind in each transaction.

Multi-Chain Interoperability

Effortlessly conduct cross-chain operations, which extend market reach and availability for customers. The platform fills the void of different chains, thus providing users with an opportunity to engage without having to follow specific blockchain choices only.

SEO-Friendly Script

Improve platform visibility and drive organic traffic with an SEO-optimized script that we offer. Improve search engine rankings to increase the number of users who visit your NFT marketplace which in turn will amplify your growth possibilities.

Try Out Our Flexible Solanart Clone to Scale Your Business.

Our Solanart Clone gives our NFT enthusiasts a variety of growth opportunities due to innate flexibility and development. Our clone, which is uniquely tailored to address the evolving needs of NFT market administrators, has unprecedented flexibility, enabling seamless growth and scalability for the projects.

Whether you are just starting your NFT platform or approaching a more advanced stage, our Solanart Clone is set to guide you through the rising changes in the NFT market. Your marketplace will easily scale with the help of its user-friendly design and strong infrastructure that will help you cope with the ever-changing environment of the NFT ecosystem and strengthen your chances of success.

Front-End Display

 Entice users with an eye-catching interface that should be easy to navigate and bring satisfaction browsing through it. The effect is sustained engagement and enhanced user pleasure, hence improving the experience of the platform.

NFT Listing & Filtering

Simplify the exploring process by classifying NFTs methodically, which makes the search for a certain asset easier. It avoids waste of energy and time, enabling users to have longer browsing sessions.

Notification Options

Using customizable alerts, offer timely notifications to users, be they on new listings, bids, or interactions. It raises the level of user engagement and retention, making it a very active community.

List, Sell & Buy NFTs

Provide hassle-free transactions, allowing users to easily display, swap, or adopt such digital assets. This leads to enhanced liquidity and revenue generation in the platform hence driving the growth and success of the platform.

Metamask Login

Increase convenience and confidence for users, mediated through access to preferred Ethereum wallets. This decreases the friction level in the login process along with improving user satisfaction and platform accessibility.

Change Your NFTs Trading with Our Solanart Clone Script.

Our system, which is uniquely creative and efficient, changes forever the way NFTs are bought. Utilizing the latest technology and intuitive interface, we let NFT marketplace owners achieve their dreams of building a platform that sets new standards in the market.

As the Solanart Clone Solution introduces the unlimited user experience of non-fungible tokens that surpasses the common trading limitations, the world of the amazing world of NFTs creates endless possibilities.

IPFS Storage

Preserve NFT assets by decentralized storage enforcing data security and robustness. Safeguard from loss, censorship, or unauthorized access to build trust and confidence between the users and the integrity of the platform.

Watch List

Provide a personal touch by letting users customize collections and record their favorite NFTs. Even deeper engagement and loyalty, for more satisfaction and retention.

Report Option

Preserve platform integrity empowering users to flag any suspicious or inappropriate content. Provide a safe and trustworthy atmosphere, suitable for all the users, guaranteeing a good user experience.

Social Share

Expand platform exposure and community engagement by enabling smooth sharing across social media channels. Attract visits to the marketplace and spread the word about it, which accelerates new user acquisition and community growth.

Dark Theme Support

Make users comfortable and accessible by using the display optimized for dark environments. Decreases eye strain with prolonged browsing sessions, in turn, increases usability and user experience satisfaction.

Revenue Streams

Chart Your Course to Success: Let’s consider our Revenue Roadmap.

Listing Fees

Make money by charging users to display their NFTs on your marketplace. Such an approach is both profitable and motivating to high-quality content creators but discourages the spread of spammy or low-quality items.

Minting Fees

Get the money from creators who will pay to mint new NFTs on your platform. This monetization model is designed to sustain the platform growth and creation of new features as well as UX improvements.

Promotion Fees

Provide users with premium ad services so they can have higher listing visibility for their NFTs. Charging for advanced promotion features may lead to an increase in engagement and sales for the creators, and extra income for your platform.

Sales Fees

Create income from fees on sold NFTs. This financial method enables you to gain a share of the value traded on your platform, the earnings growing with the success of the marketplace.

Banner Ads

Generate revenue by selling banner ad space to advertisers. Apply contextual advertising to display ads that are contextually relevant and targeted, thus creating a new income source and an opportunity for advertisement targeting within an engaged and niche audience.

Private Sale

It guarantees rights of first refusal to a pre-determined group of customers, hence inducing a feeling of exclusivity and urgency. Through private sales, you can get a higher income by using premium pricing, in addition to fostering relationships with high-grade clients


See Our Admin Capabilities at Work.

Check out admin features live, focusing on their functionality, practicality, and efficiency in real-time live demos.


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Polygon Matic-Based Solanart Clone

Integrate the Polygon network in the background for improved scalability and lower transaction fees. People take advantage of cheap and fast NFT trading, users become loyal to the platform and satisfied.

Solanart Clone for Solana Network

Take advantage of Solana’s high speed and efficiency for instantaneous trading of NFTs with almost zero gas fees. Drive engagement and hence, enjoyment and ultimately attract more users.

Binance Smart Chain Integration

Integrate with the Binance Smart Chain platform for increased interoperability. NFT transactions are quick and economical for the users, enabling easier and straight interactions on the network.

TRON NFT Support

Make TRON NFTs natively supported, allowing users access to a large blockchain network. Grow liquidity and accessibility for TRON holders and developers; this will provide the platform ecosystem with additional benefits.

Informative Videos

Engage people with video content that is instructive about NFT trading and blockchain technology. Empower your customers with information to facilitate informed decision-making and enhance their NFT experience.

Social Media Banner Covers

Step up the platform branding presence by using attractive social media banner covers. Attract traffic to your site, drive user acquisition, and build an active community of social followers.

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How can I launch an NFT marketplace like Opensea within a short span of time?

The time to build Opensea like NFT marketplace will depend on various factors like features and blockchain technologies that need to be included, addon integrations, customization required, and so on. However, by approaching a prominent NFT marketplace development company like Appkodes that has rich expertise in developing feature-packed NFT marketplaces over the years, you can get your NFT marketplace built within a short span of time

What are the notable features of Opensea clone script?

Some of the remarkable features of our Opensea clone are Filter, wallet system, Single and multiple minting, front-end display, multi-chain interoperability, NFT stats, and notification option.

How can I make money with my NFT marketplace?

Our Opensea clone includes remunerative revenue factors like transaction fees, listing fees, minting fees, initial setup fee, and private sale option. So, you can easily make a great profit with the NFT marketplace built with our Opensea clone

How would you confidently maintain my innovative Opensea-like NFT marketplace development idea?

We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to completely assure you that your business ideas will be fully protected and will never leave our place

How to build my NFT marketplace on different blockchain platforms?

With our Opensea clone, you can build an NFT marketplace on various blockchain networks like Polygon Matic, Solana, Binance smart chain, and TRON.

Web Server

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience


Mongodb 4.x


For Instant Chat

Node.js 12.x

DropCraze v1.4.1 – May 27th, 2023
[Added] Email Integration for WatchList
[Added] Additional Blockchain Event Validations on Frontend
[Added] Additional Transaction Information shown in Admin Panel
[Fixed] Updating Solidity Contract to Latest Version
[Fixed] Minor Contract Related Fixes
[Fixed] Package Related Fixes
DropCraze v1.4.0 – September 21st, 2022
[Added] Polygon blockchain Integrated.
[Added] Add Funds-Wyre payment gateway in the profile section.
[Added] Advanced Traits/Properties module for the NFTs.
[Added] Option to report users, NFTs, and collections.
[Added] NFT Preview option included in the NFT create page.
[Added] Social Links for users & collections.
[Added] Social Share for users & collections.
[Added] Listed Traits in Property section on NFT Detail Page
[Added] Additional Filters like Properties & Blockchain in collection, search & profile pages
[Added] Activity Filters in Users & Collection Pages
[Fixed] Featured Drops design changed in home page
[Fixed] Test Network Migrated from Rinkeby to Goerli network.
[Fixed] Minor UI Fixes
[Fixed] Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements
[Added] Additional information like blockchain and traits is included in all modules.
[Added] Report Management enhancements
[Fixed] Minor UI Fixes
[Fixed] Minor Bug Fixes and Improvements
DropCraze v1.4.0 – September 21st, 2022
[Added] Coinbase & WalletConnect Sign in
[Added] Collection Creation Page on user profile
[Fixed] Minor UI Fixes
[Fixed] Minor Text Changes
DropCraze v1.3.0 – August 24th, 2022
[Added] Promotion Module to allow users to promote their NFTs.
[Added] The Stats & Ranking Module to display the top collections and ranks them by volume.
[Added] The Promotion section in the user’s profile to review their promoted NFTS.
[Added] The option to promote the NFT from the NFT listing page
[Added] The Dynamic Home Banner Layout for organising the NFTs.
[Added] The Statistics Section on the Collection Page.
[Added] On the NFT page, unique user views are shown.
[Added] The Expand icon has been added to the top right corner of the NFT image to preview NFT.
[Added] On the collection and NFT pages, the items and activities sections have been converted to tabs.
[Added] Thumbnail for NFT added to the Activities section of the Navigation Bar.
[Fixed] For media file storage and access, a self-hosted IPFS server is integrated.
[Fixed] Like Mismatch issue
[Added] Promotion module to list the promotions made by users.
[Added] A new module for managing promotion packages has been added.
[Fixed] Minor UI Fixes
[Fixed] Minor Text Changes & Hyperlink issues