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Endow your Business With Our World-Class Telegram Clone Script! </>

If you are an entrepreneur dreaming of building a robust instant messaging app like Telegram fulfilling all the user’s business and personal needs. Our Telegram Clone strives as the permanent choice as the first step. Develop a User-friendly and efficient instant message app with our Pre-built ready-made script!

Customizable Options

With Admit Script features modify and twerk the telegram clone app as per prerequisites to create your own end-to-end secure messaging app.

100% Source code

Full-fledged Source code, to fabricate your messaging application and customize features based on business preferences.

Admin Control panel

Access the entire control of all the profile information, channels, and groups in a single admin panel by moving in with a secure login pace.

Secure andFully-Featured Messaging App with Sensational Telegram Clone Script! </>

Messenger apps turned out as the best possible way to communicate among individuals. But how is launching this competitive messenger app possible without expertise? Our Pre-built Telegram app clone enables you to fabricate your customized app in no time.

Developing such a Telegram Clone app calls for a deep familiarity with audience needs, and functionalities. No worries! Our Telegram clone embodies features to bring our highly scalable, and customizable AI-powered messaging platform, making it a supreme choice for entrepreneurs who wish to delve into the messaging app market. Why wait Still?

Responsive Messaging Platform

Spontaneous communication merits with an individual or a group of people with text, audio, or video as per needs designed in-app.

Admin Control

Effective admin Panel integrated with monitoring platform manages all your telegram clone app user groups and payments for hassle-free functioning.

Stories/status Uploads

Express your daily activities in the form of media files, and turn its visibility for 24 hours for specific people or to all contacts.

Contact Synchronization

Telegram clone Script features synchronize all your SIM Contacts contacts or push mail backup or perform editing processes from the cloud.

Theme Customization

Personalize Telegram app clone script with specific background Themes, propounding an immense user experience and benefit to magnify visibility.

An AffordableReady-made Solution To Ignite Your Messaging Business! </>

Our Telegram Clone Script provokes to build a robust Telegram clone entailing a user interface using real components and state management to replicate the functionalities and features of the original Telegram. Not the one you opt for? Do you need customization as per your references? Yes, We do a full-fledged customization as well.

Empower your messaging business with a tailor-made messaging Telegram clone script ensuring enhanced privacy, communication control panel, Multimedia sharing, locking, contact synchronization, profile management, Seamless chatting experience, and more, Get avail with our spectacular embedded chat script features designed by our team of top-notch developers.


End-to-end Encryption

Secure encrypted text, audio, and video messaging platform, made replica of features of Telegram app with pouring customization if needed to your app.

Audio/Video Chats

With the Telegram app clone, users pose voice or video calls anytime and anywhere for a more personalized touch with high-definition video quality.

Push Notification

Make Users alert by pushing Notification alert features and customization whenever they receive messages, videos, pictures, and documents instantly.

Control Data Usage

Make admin or the app users get to know the application media file space occupied in the app and the way to manage them by enabling or disabling it

App’s Profile Management

Manage profiles and customize profile information as per business demands, and update the data more with ease in a single click.

Revenue Generating Factors

Cost drives to your business lead to dominant pathways to invest more in enhancing user satisfaction for chat app lovers.

Google Adsense

Publish interactive media ads, targeted to the site audience or content with Google Adsense driving high consistent income from your app.

Subscription Schemes

Different subscription plans give many benefits to your Line Clone app and earn profit with multiple features and preferences of the business.

Payment Link-sharing

Telegram clone app built with our Telegram Clone inhibits instant payment options by sharing a payment link generating revenue at each short time interval.

In-App Purchases

Premium features in the Telegram clone script availed with a small fee with In-App purchases enabling secret chats, disappearing messages, and more.

Advertisement Cost

Foster Advertisement costs from third-party brands, to explicate services or products based on user impressions, clicks, views, etc.,

Value-added Services

Embed Chat Business API from your Telegram Clone Script to charge business based on the limit of profiles, messages, and Tiered plans.

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Pioneer your Best-in-Class Messaging App With Our Feature-packed Telegram Clone! </>

Our enhanced feature-rich instant Messaging Platform built with Telegram Clone stays connected with your Business ideas and achieves your vision shortly.


Initiate Our Demo to Know Our Spheres! Ready Ready to Pick Your Full-Functional App? </>

Launches an instant, full-fledged, and convenient ready-made messaging platform controlling all the prerequisites and Building the app in a go!

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Add-ons Calibers

User-friendly Interface of startling features with attractive Add-ons facilitate user preferences exploring a robust messaging platform

Arabic RTL

Interpreted messages translated to the preferred Arabic language in your App’s interface to enunciate a seamless user experience by Telegram Clone.

Smart Reply Option

Smart chat options in your Telegram Clone Script, enthrall user-interests to avail of the instant chat benefits with live messaging features.

Digital Splash Screen

Fascinate the look of your messaging platform, by customizing it with a unique splash screen feature and gaining user impressions highly.

App Intro Background Settings

Plan an appealing background video about your app intro to your login page, guiding users and captivating them once you launch the app.

Platform Promotion Banners

Selective Promotion banners are offered for your social media platform profiles to indulge in product promotions and reach a wide queue of audiences.

App Chat Translation

Stamp out all the user language barriers and improve your chatting experience with multiple languages to translate your app chats.

Merge Your Business Up a Notch with Seamless User Chat Experience! Launch an Opt Pricing for Telegram Clone! </>

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FAQ and Update History

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Questions & Answers

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What are the languages are implemented for both apps?

We used Swift V4 for iOS and Java for Android

Is this apps are in Native Platform?

Yes,Our Chat App Script is in Native Platform

Where does the messages store ?

Messages are stored in the local database only.The undelivered messages are stored in Redis and it will be cleared when the messages are delivered.

If we get access to DB, Do the message can be read that stored in the db?

Yes..but we can’t simply read it.. It will stored in json format.. also you can’t find the messages by user name..it will be stored by UUID

Where do image, video clip, and audio clip being stored?

Media files will be stored in the server.

How does the channel works?

Channel can be created by every user there he can post texts video and audio files from the mobile.

Do subscribers in the channel can post?

No, Only the channel creator can share the text, media files and subscribers can only listen.

Is there any privacy for channels?

Yes, there are two types of channels one is Public and other one is Private If you click the public anyone can join as subscribers and if you click the private invited people only to become a subscribers.

What is the technology used for video and audio calls?

We use webRTC for video and audio calls.It’s a free open source from google.

For Instant Chat

Nodejs 8.x LTS version


Mongo db version 3.4 or higher


Redis 4.x Stable (Secure installation preferable)

redis ser

Go Lang (1.x or later)



Java JDK Version (1.8)



Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)


Python Webtest (2.7.*)

Hiddy v2.3 – May 16, 2023
[Added] Android migrated to SDK 33.
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Hiddy v2.2 – October 05, 2021
[Added] Android Migrated to API 30 and Scoped storage enforcement.
[Added] OneSignal Messaging Service Implemented
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Hiddy v2.1.1 – Jan11, 2021
[Added] Dark theme
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Hiddy v2.1 – Aug 14, 2020
[Fixed] Mute Notification Fixes
[Fixed] Call Fixes
[Fixed] UIWebView changes in iOS
[Fixed] Update the libraries in Mobile Apps
[Fixed] Bugs Fixes and Improvements
Hiddy v2.0 – 1 Oct, 2019
[Added] Status/Stories
[Added] End to End Encryption
[Added] Voice recording
[Added] Delete message for Everyone
[Added] Group Notification like messaging style
[Added] Allow other app media sharing to Hiddy chat
[Added] Forwarding multiple messages to multiple users
[Added] Firebase Phone auth for OTP verification
[Added] Zoom image from attachments
[Added] Channel Report & block option
[Added] Media options on User info
[Added] RTL support
[Added] Clear Call log option
[Added] More user & channel info in admin panel
[Added] More Insights in admin dashboard
[Added] Default About status manageable from admin
[Fixed] Server side Pagination
[Fixed] Deprecation and Frame work update
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvement
Hiddy v1.1 – 11 Oct, 2018
[Added] Delete single message
[Added] Video call pause when app is in background
[Fixed] Bugs fixes and performance improvements
Hiddy v1.0 – 1 Sep, 2018
Mobile Changes:
[Added] One to One chats
[Added] Group chats
[Added] Mark favourite chats & access easily
[Added] Instant live & last seen status
[Added] Block & Unblock facilities
[Added] Clear chats
[Added] Share instant snaps & location,attachments & your contacts
[Added] Get back your both private & group chats when you’re in offline
[Added] Get back your notifications when you’re in offline
[Added] Get back your friend’s activities within chats & groups,when you’re in offline
[Added] Built-in voice & audio call support
[Added] Do voice calls with clear calls quality
[Added] Make video calls with good resolution quality
[Added] Create your own Channels ( Private or Public)
[Added] Send Invite notifications to friends to join channels
[Added] Subscribe / Unsubscribe channels
[Added] Post instant snaps & live location,attachments & your contacts to your channels
[Added] OTP verification with Facebook Account Kit
[Added] Sync your smartphone contacts
[Added] Multiform Notifications (Tab Notifications, Push Notifications, Count Notifications,Call Notifications,Tag Notifications)
[Added] Notified with controls (Mute & unmute notifications)
[Added]Wide message forwarding from channels to chats,groups and vice versa
[Added]Smart search filter (Search users & groups & channels at once)
[Added] Delete your account
[Added] Change your number
[Added] More Privacy options. ( Show / hide profile,last seen & about status)
[Added] Multilingual support
Front End Changes:
[Added] Landing Page
[Added] Help & Terms
Admin Panel Changes:
[Added] Admin Dashboar
[Added] Users list
[Added] Channel list
[Added] channels (Admin’s Channels)
[Added] Profile management
[Added] Site settings
[Added] App update
[Added] Landing page settings
[Added] Notification
[Added] SEO management
[Added] Help & Terms
[Added] Language translation (English & French).


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