Premium users

Our platform allows you to efficiently upload a wide range of audio and video files simultaneously. With our intuitive editing tools, you can fine-tune your videos to perfection before sharing them on our cutting-edge video sharing platform. This innovative feature serves as a time-saving solution, contributing to a substantial increase in user engagement.

Short video app development

Make fun videos

Wanna create amazing videos? We've got a massive audio collection to spark your creativity! No more waiting—join us now and let your awesome voice be heard far and wide!

Camera swap

With this feature, users can dynamically and seamlessly switch the camera view from front face to rear face and vice versa. This revolutionary addition significantly enhances the entire video capture process, ensuring you get the perfect shot every time.


Create captivating masterpieces by transforming your videos with our innovative filter options. Customize color palettes and add spectacular special effects to deliver stunning content that will captivate and entertain your audience on the video sharing platform.

Capture video with the timer

Improve your video recording experience with our short video app that features a default 5-second timer delay before starting the recording process.

Add Flash

Experience the transformative effect of a simple touch on your videos, infusing them with a unique spark that sets them apart and captures attention effortlessly.

List videos

Using a sophisticated algorithm, our app carefully considers user interests during login. As a result, the homepage showcases videos shared by other users that are most likely to resonate with you. For a comprehensive list of related videos, a simple upward swipe will reveal all the gems waiting for you!

Short video app development

Custom Alluring features


Experience our incredible platform where users can express their genuine enthusiasm for a video. By utilizing the heart feature, they can shower that specific video with hearts, magnifying their interest and appreciation towards it.


Enhance social interactions by leaving comments on the extraordinary videos shared by our esteemed users.


With our user-friendly interface, anyone can quickly take advantage of this wonderful feature, allowing them to effortlessly share videos with the people who hold a special place in their hearts.

Use audio of other videos

Elevate your content to new heights by utilizing audio from other users' videos, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Following videos

Immerse yourself in the captivating video content from the awesome creators you follow on our platform!

For you videos

The feature showcases a collection of videos compiled, as previously stated within the application, catering to users' individual preferences.

Short video app development



Through the use of this feature, the application user gains access to a comprehensive list of individuals who willingly follow them.


Browse the current list of users you follow and make edits to ensure it perfectly suits your preferences.

Short video app development


Join our platform today and experience the convenience of purchasing virtual coins, which is designed to empower you with a wide range of options to choose from when sending incredible gifts to your loved ones. Brace yourself for the joy on their faces!.

Short video app development

Referral programs

Invite friends

Be a part of our thriving community! Invite your friends and family to join the app and see the magic unfold!

Earn coins

Users can earn a generous amount of coins by simply inviting their friends to join the app or by engaging with our exciting promotional videos. Once you've collected those virtual coins, you'll be able to use them to send unique gifts and unlock a plethora of additional features that will take your app experience to a whole new level.

Short video app development

Privacy and settings

Exercise full control over your privacy with the capability to choose individuals allowed to comment, alongside receiving notifications tailored to your liking. Additionally, explore a wide array of languages to align with your preferences.

Short video app development



Seize the opportunity to engage with your preferred contacts in real-time! Take advantage of our instant chat feature on the top-notch video sharing platform.

Image sharing

Participate in our video sharing platform, where you can interact with other users by sharing visually captivating images and enjoying entertaining conversations.

Block chat

If you don't want to feel the vibe of interacting with someone on the platform, you can easily block them using this option.

Short video app development


Optimize your video app experience with real-time, substantial notifications – we invite you to try it now!

Short video app development

Web application

Attractive landing page

Explore the wonders of our short video app development and its captivating landing page, which exerts an irresistible magnetic pull on visitors.

Video View page

You don't have to be a platform member; simply open and enjoy watching the shared videos!

Short video app development


Our skilled Admin plays a vital role within the platform, ensuring seamless video uploads, efficient storage usage, crystal-clear sound quality, smooth user account management, productive collaboration with advertisers, meticulous platform settings configuration, thorough subscription plan monitoring, secure gift and coin transactions, and insightful user interest analysis.

Short video app development

Video storage

Local server storage

Entrust your valuable videos to our exceptional short video app developers who are committed to crafting an impenetrable local server storage infrastructure, ensuring the utmost security for your content.

Cloud storage (AWS and Wasabi)

Discover the incredible advantages of AWS S3 and Wasabi integration. This powerful combination empowers the Admin to securely save high-quality videos in the Cloud. AWS S3 is renowned for its reliability in video storage, while Wasabi is known for providing cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

Short video app development