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Superior Video Sharing Script Guaranteeing Utmost Performance </>

Have you ever sought out to get a single online solution that will help you build an impressive video sharing platform quickly and within your budget? No worries! Using our Reliable, customizable, and flexible best video sharing script features, you can conveniently turn great business ideas into highly profitable video sharing applications just like Dubsmash, Tiktok, and YouTube!

Highly scalable Customizable

Enroll in a highly customized source code, to tailor your best video sharing platform with our app script to your Business needs and user preferences.

Privacy Offered Platform

Secure the video accessibility and profile management of the users in a highly secure with easy options

Potent Admin Dashboard

Enclose an advanced Admin panel to take control of every operational aspect of your
Application and manage the user profiles and their privileges.

Amazing Video Sharing Script for an Enchanting Video Sharing Platform </>

You can certainly maintain up with the intense rivalry in the entertainment industry. But your vision to shake the entertainment business, be accomplished with us through the best video sharing script integrated with all the stunning features. clearly understand the user’s expectations and meticulously craft our php video sharing script with customization options.

Our php video sharing script, embedded with advanced live streaming and other video creation perks can be made customized as per your business wants for their profitability showing seamless app performance. Dive into the long list of enhanced features of our Video sharing script !!

Short video Creation

Enable the user to record short, engaging videos quickly and add sound from an audio file with the best video sharing script features and easily post it on the platform.

Internal Messaging System

Build a robust Tiktok clone app from your Tiktok clone script with visually appealing elements such as Camera Swap, Filters, Timer choices, Flashing, and more to attract user experience

Cloud Video Storage

Store videos in the cloud platform, by amalgamating the php video sharing script merits and the admin can move those videos to the cloud if needed.

Listing options based on Preferences

Show all the relevant videos based on the user’s previously indicated personal interests in the app and make their visibility on the video sharing website.

Advanced Search Options

Streamline the search process video sharing platform with script features and users can quickly search for and locate the necessary videos, users, sounds, and hashtags.

Best Video Sharing Script with Rich-Embedded Features </>

You get the best video creation app, by our AI-embedded Video sharing scripts, and replicate the best UI features like Likkee, and TikTok for video chatting, video sharing, and video selfies. The solution you get is 100% customizable to all the demands. We assure you that our video sharing script eases a seamless UI interface to the users with profounding features.

Our experience in building various clone scripts has helped us integrate some of the best UI features for video selfies, video chatting, and video sharing. The solution is 100% customizable to your requirements. We assure you that the Likee clone provides rich features and a seamless UI interface.

Admin Panel Dashboard

Make a controlled panel to manage all the operations of your Platform such as sound, storage, and video management, and take charge of settings, subscriptions, advertising, and more

Instant Push Notifications

Expose an instant alert to all the users of any activity on the platform, including comments, @mentions, likes, and follows in your video sharing platform.

Privacy and Settings

Monitor all the privacy options, so that users may be able to post comments, Like comments, and manage the notification and language options in their private panel.

Referral Programs

Recommend the platform to other users and share it with their family and friends by using the php video sharing script features to stream promotional videos.

Followers/ Following

View the list of people who have followed you and the ones who you follow in your panel. Create changes when it becomes necessary to have a feature in your script.

Revenue Factors

Revenue-generating aspects gear up your business growth to great heights. Inhibit all to your platform.

Premium membership plans

Get your income when the users enroll for premium membership plans with extra features like the ability to upload your own music or videos and earn more coins.

Promotional Ads

Admin gets revenue from advertisers who pay to run those ads in the advertisement portal. Placement of promotional advertisements at regular times increases revenue.

Coin Purchase

Users purchase coins from the coin store in your app, and it can be enabled by customizing the video sharing app script. The gifts to the liked videos can be bought by paying coins, adding revenue to the admin.

Content Monetization

Enable your businesses, influencers, and content producers to monetize their work through partnerships, sponsorships, advertising, and income-generating projects.

Commission-Based cost

Acquire income for every action you take by having commission fees for your channels, adding videos, and turning on various features whenever you perform an action.

App Selling options

Earn your app-in purchase revenue from your best video sharing script features by selling the app to credible enterprises so that they can profit from the official launch.

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Lively and Intuitive Interface Crafted to Propel Your Entertainment Ventures </>

The source code for the php video sharing script helps you in creating the ideal and best video sharing clone application with scalable and 100% configurable, allowing features to be added by needs.


Step into Innovation: Witness the Live Demo of Our Premier Short Video Platform! </>

With cutting-edge features and stunning features, users can enjoy the utmost entertainment by seeing and uploading videos that express their creativity. Explore a quick demo now!

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Fascinating Add-ons

The video-sharing script enriched features intensify user experience with amazing add-ons to your platform.

Ads Portal

Expose the attractive ads while the videos are streaming on the homepage of our video sharing platform. Execute the ads, mention the details of the ads, and then pay.

Voice Messaging Features

Get enthralling voice messaging features to your app so that it eases the user’s instant response in the video sharing platform and enhances the user chatting convenience.

Smart Reply Options

Amalgamate the stunning php Video sharing script features by enabling users to respond to the chat messages instantly and raise viewership in short video apps.

Intro Screen Background Video

Organize an attractive intro screen background video to your clone app’s login page and give a surprising experience to users about the app through these visuals

Informative Videos

Bring up a captivating explainer video in your video-sharing app clone to make your product aware of the audience and work to increase its awareness.

Splash Screen

Enfold the astonishing features to give your video-sharing app a distinctive appearance and to offer a seamless user experience to use the app again.

Relax by Enrolling in our Ready-to-use Ultimate Video Sharing script </>

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FAQ and Update History

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Questions & Answers

Need Answers? Find them here. </>

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What are the languages used for implementation in mobile apps?

We have used Swift for iOS and Java for Android

Is the app native ?

Yes. Our Short Video App Development is in Native Platform

Do you have any extra special options while making fun videos?

Yes. We have Camera swap, Face Filter, Capture video with timer & Flash options

Can users upload their own sound and videos while making fun videos?

Premium users can only upload their own sounds and videos

What is the difference between Local Server Storage and Cloud Storage?

In Local server storage, all videos will be stored in the local server where the script runs. Whereas, in Cloud storage, all videos will be stored in AWS S3 or Wasabi. Admin can choose his preferred storage system in the Admin panel.

Can users use the sound of other videos for their own videos?

Yes, users can make use of the audio of other videos for their own videos.
If you prefer Digital Ocean for Hosting service, you can use the link below to sign up quickly. Also you can get free $100 which will be automatically credited to your account and you can use it for 60 days. Billing will be applicable only after this time period.

What is the use of Gifts?

Users of the app can send gifts for the videos that they like the most on the video-sharing platform

Is there any option to report unwanted videos?

Yes, user can report the videos

Web Server

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience


Mongodb 4.x



Php 7.4


For Instant Chat

Node.js 12.x


Laravel 8.15


SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers

smtp 1


Ion cube loader version 10

Fundoo v2.1 – May 26,2023
Change log:
[Updated] Android 13 updates
[Fixed] Bugs fixes and performance improvements
Fundoo v2.0.1 – November 07,2022
Change log:
[Added] Delete option implementation
Fundoo v2.0 – August 04, 2022

[Updated] Home UI Changes
[Added] FFMpeg conversion for video optimization
[Added] Watermark logo added for video
[Added] Short video preview in thumbnail
[Updated] Video list based on interest in Home
[Added] Video download option in Home for Prime members
[Updated] Multiple user & hashtag banners section in Search
[Added] Search – Popular Creators, Most watched, Growing Stars, Trending Hashtags, Top Markers, Trending Music List
[Added] Extended see all list for Popular Creators, Most watched, Growing Stars, Trending Hashtags, Top Markers, Trending Music List
[Updated] Profile UI Changes
[Added] Report and Block option in for Other Profile.
[Added] Post Video with original audio
[Added] Provided an option for user to control the original audio for others to use.
[Added] Video delete option
[Added] Video edit option
[Added] Subscription module manage from Admin
[Added] Continuous video playback option for search, profile, video list
[Updated] Notification section moved to home
[Updated] Users & Video list UI
[Updated] Hashtag & Music List UI
[Added] Interest and Bookmark option in Settings
[Updated] Bug fixes & Performance improvements
[Removed] Audio call & Video call

Fundoo v1.1 – July 18, 2022
[Added] Make Audio calls.
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvement
[Fixed] Laravel Deprecation and Frame work update
Fundoo v1.0 – Dec 01, 2020
Mobile App Changes:
[Added] Signin & Signup with Facebook & Phonenumber
[Added] Subscribe & became a Premium User
[Added] Make Fun Videos with special options
[Added] Upload own sound and video options for Premium user
[Added] Attractive Home Page to List the Videos
[Added] Filter the Following Videos and Interested Videos
[Added] Like & Comment for Videos
[Added] Video Share to Social Media
[Added] Send Gifts to Videos.
[Added] Follow & Unfollow Users.
[Added] Favourite Sounds and Videos
[Added] Related Videos of Sound
[Added] Report inappropriate Videos.
[Added] Hashtag
[Added] Search Users, Videos, Sounds and Hashtags
[Added] Coins store to purchase coins.
[Added] Instant Chats.
[Added] Make Video calls.
[Added] Block and Unblock Chats.
[Added] Convert Gifts to coins.
[Added] Invite friends & earn coins.
[Added] Watch video ads & earn coins.
[Added] View Own & Other’s profile.
[Added] Privacy & Settings Options
Front End Changes:
[Added] Landing Page.
[Added] View the shared videos
[Added] Help Page.
Admin Changes:
[Added] Email Login.
[Added] Dashboard.
[Added] App statistics (Charts).
[Added] Settings Controls.
[Added] Accounts Management.
[Added] Videos Management
[Added] Subscription Management.
[Added] Coins Management.
[Added] Gifts Management.
[Added] Interests and Sounds Management.
[Added] Video’s Report Management.
[Added] Admin Notifications.
[Added] Help & Terms Management.


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