How does our Whatsapp clone app script work?

Have a look at the demo video for our chat app script, readymade solution with a clear demonstration of its working steps and state-of-the-art technologies.

What is Whatsapp clone app script?

Whatsapp clone script is an online solution that includes all key functions of Whatsapp and so can be used effectively to build a full-featured instant messaging platform within a short span of time. Therefore, launching and running a lucrative online communication business will never be a tough job with the readymade and remarkable Whatsapp clone script.

Perfect Whatsapp clone app tailored to meet user demands

People now are really in need of an alternative instant messaging app due to the new terms of service and privacy policy of Whatsapp. So, grab this amazing opportunity to get shine in this online communication industry by building your own impressive instant messaging app with a well-built Whatsapp clone solution like Appkodes Hiddy.

Our reliable Whatsapp clone script will help you in arriving at a full-fledged, convenient, and safe instant messaging platform to entice users within a very short time.

Whatsapp Clone script

AppKodes Hiddy

Inevitable chat looks

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Comprehensive Deliverables for Your Whatsapp Clone

When you choose our whatsapp clone, you receive a comprehensive
package of deliverables, including

Ultimate Package

Ultimate Package

(Website & Apps)


Get Next Update
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Free Support

Free Support

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Android app

Free Android App Submission


Free Installation


Everything is designed, only a few are mastered well, Our script is entirely crafted using the latest technologies.

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Whatsapp Clone
  • Happy Customers

    An epitome of phenomenal customer experience which helps you to make a decision of purchase and enrolment with us.

  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

    Here is an inspiring video of one of our satisfied customers sharing his valuable opinion about our comprehensive best Whatsapp clone app product, Appkodes Hiddy

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    Diverse features that benefit your business

    Also, gets you into real deep and meaningful discussions

    Dark Theme

    With this notable Dark theme feature of our Whatsapp clone, you can entice users and enhance their messaging experience on the application. This dark theme option has several benefits such as it looks much better than the standard app view, reduces a significant amount of power usage enhances visibility in low-light environments, and so on. Therefore, amaze users with this astounding feature of our Whatsapp clone.

    whatsapp clone


    Allow users to share public content with their contacts by posting texts, images, emojis or videos that they prefer by utilizing this remarkable feature in our Whatsapp clone script. Users can even capture memorable moments that matter to them the most and upload it to status stories. They can also caption the story to make it look more appealing. The picture or a video that is uploaded by users on status stories will be visible for 24 hours. Users can also see who viewed their status and can delete the status if needed.

    whatsapp clone


    Instant chat

    Enjoy the immense pleasure of having a personalized chat experience quickly with your near and dear ones by sending and receiving texts, videos, and images.

    Group Chat

    With the group chat option in our chat app, users can create groups and can have an instant chat with those members. Our Whatsapp clone script also allows users to create countless groups inside the app.

    End-to-end encryption

    This end-to-end encryption security mechanism in our hiddy ensures that any data sent between two users such as photos, videos, messages, voice messages, documents, etc are completely secured and prevented from falling into wrong hands.

    Chat technology

    Our chat app includes cutting-edge technologies such as REDIS, WebRTC, NodeJS, MongoDB, Socket.IO in order to facilitate the real-time messaging experience.

    whatsapp clone



    Our Hiddy allows users to share the beautiful moments clicked and the most valuable memories that they feel to be cherished with their loved ones.


    Our Hiddy allows users to share audio and video files with their friends and family. They can record and send audio files, music files, etc with this app feature.


    Lost yourself on a tour or searching for your friend's place in a new city? Don’t worry. Share location feature in our chat app allows users to share their location with others.


    Want to send an important file to your colleague but you are on leave due to something? Don’t worry. You can share files on both group and individual chats in all document formats such as PPT, PDF, XLS, DOC, etc.

    Voice record

    Do you want to deliver important voice notes to your contacts in order to communicate with them instantly? Our Hiddy enriches the user’s chat experience by allowing them to record and send unlimited voice recordings to the contacts quickly.

    Default sharing

    With this stunning feature of our Hiddy, users can set the default sharing option in their gallery. This lets users share images, videos, and audio files from their gallery to their preferred contacts quickly and conveniently.

    whatsapp clone


    Private & public

    Appkodes Hiddy avails Private channels where you can hide your posts from the visibility of other people and a Public channel where other users are allowed to look upon your posts.

    Admin channel

    Admin can create their own channels and notify their users regarding any happenings inside the app. It might be either an update or an offer or whatever.

    My channel

    Our Whatsapp clone allows users to create an unlimited number of their own channels that can be added in the ‘My channels’ section. This enthralling feature makes others to find you easily.

    Invite Subscribers

    Appkodes Hiddy Channel admins may now send an invite to any users or a group and make their way up to the top number of subscribers in their channel.


    Our Whatsapp clone script allows users to subscribe to the channel of their interests and to unsubscribe the channels that don’t entertain them anymore.

    Leave Channels

    Not interested in being an Admin to any channel inside the app? Just leave the channel in which you feel like you don't want to be. The corresponding channel will be left out and will be expired.


    In case a user of a specific channel receives unwelcome messages from channel owner, the user can report that channel, then it will be added to the admin list of reported channels. After reporting, the user can come out of that chat.


    The reported users of a channel will be then blocked by the Admin of those channels for violating the terms of use. So, by this feature in our chat app, a user can stop receiving messages, updates from the blocked channel.

    whatsapp clone

    Audio/Video Calls

    Audio Calls

    Now save more of your money by making calls all over the country by using our Whatsapp clone as it uses only the mobile data connection to make audio calls.

    Video Calls

    Make use of high-quality video calls feature in our Whatsapp clone and get rid of distance barriers with your dear ones, friends, and family.

    Switch Cam / Mute Audio

    In our chat app, you can now Switch cameras in between the calls to show what's in front of you to your companion and you may also mute the audio if you want.

    Calls Tech

    Our Hiddy is completely crafted using Node JS and ZWebRTC that allows users to connect with others by making audio/video calls in the app.

    whatsapp clone


    Group notification

    With this smart feature of our chat app, users will be notified regularly with the group message which is a great option for them to keep in touch with friends and family as a group. If users don’t want group messages to pop up, they can mute it.

    Tab Notification

    The messages which are recently received and haven’t opened will be intimated at the header of the tab.

    Push Notification

    With the aim of informing the users about important happenings then and there, we have integrated the push notification feature into our chat app to alert the users for both group chats and individual chats.

    Unread Count Notification

    To stay updated with the number of unread messages in the chats, our Hiddy comes with an unread count notifications option. This will make sure that you will not miss any messages or chats.

    whatsapp clone


    Chat and Channel Search

    Do you want to search for a specific channel, group or a chat that you had some years or months back? Our Whatsapp clone script helps you with the instant search option to find the one.

    Peoples Search

    Are you searching for your friend or any person to have a chat with them? Just enter their name to find that person instantly.

    whatsapp clone


    Last Seen

    Our Chat app allows users to hide their Last seen if needed. They can set their last seen to be visible to their Contacts, Everyone or Nobody as required.

    Profile Pic

    Setting Profile pictures and letting it seen by the unknown may be dangerous. In our chat app, users may have it turned off/on to be seen by Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.


    About section available in our Hiddy needs to be added in the initial setup process and it can also be turned off/on to be seen by Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.

    Chat Block

    It will be really annoying when you receive messages continuously from unknown or unwanted people. To overcome this, our chat app allows you to block undesirable chats whenever required.

    whatsapp clone

    Account Settings

    Change Number

    The phone number is a major source to chat within the Appkodes Hiddy app. If you lost your number and you wish to change it you may do it in the Change number section.

    Delete Account

    Do you want to delete your current account and create a new one? In our chat app, you can remove your account in the Delete account section.

    Multi Language

    Our Whatsapp clone script is available in two languages namely English and French by default. It can be also customized to the native language as per the user's wish.

    whatsapp clone

    Other Settings

    Set Profile Picture

    In our chat app, users can add and edit their profile photos whenever needed. They can set any picture of their choices like beautiful scenery, family pic or anything as their profile photo.


    Everyone needs an introduction about a person to have a smooth conversation. Our Chat app provides an about space where the user may write about him and let others know.

    Invite Friends

    You can invite your friends to join Appkodes Hiddy. Users can send an invitation to their friends and contacts via this feature in our chat app to install the app on their devices. Users are allowed to invite countless people to join the app.

    Forward message

    If you want to share any interesting message received in your chat with your dear ones, then you simply do it with this forward message option in our Whatsapp clone

    Live Status

    Live Status feature in our Whatsapp clone script allows your contacts or friends or everybody to know whether you are available online and are ready to receive/send messages.

    Sync Contacts

    Once the user registers on Appkodes Hiddy, his/her phone contacts are synchronized automatically into the application. So, users can connect with their contacts quickly without any hassle of adding contacts again to the list.

    Delete for everyone

    Do you feel that you have sent some undesirable messages to your contact and wish to delete that sent message? The ‘Delete for everyone’ option in our chat app lets users wipe out those messages that were sent by accident.

    Favorite chat

    Our Hiddy allows you to mark any contact as favorite and so you can start to chat with them quickly.

    whatsapp clone

    Web Landing Page

    Attractive Design

    Our Whatsapp clone script comes with a landing page with App and Play Store links to download the app, yet it can be customized according to the business proprietor’s requirements.


    Our Chat app was developed by well-experienced coders and so you can enjoy its seamless performance across various platforms.


    Our Hiddy is developed with necessary security parameters and highly-advanced technologies in order to keep the app secure and robust.

    Bootstrap Responsive

    With our Whatsapp clone script, websites can be designed and built to provide enhanced viewing experience and better accessibility from varied screen sizes like mobile phones, tablets, etc.

    whatsapp clone

    Admin Panel


    With an effective Admin dashboard in our chat app, owners can monitor and manage user profiles, groups, and all other details.


    Appkodes Hiddy landing page helps you in getting top on the search engine results by providing the suitable Meta titles, tags, and descriptions.

    Admin Channels

    Admin Channel is the space available for the Admin where they can include any pieces of information or message that they feel to share it with the users.

    App Update

    App updates can be done within the admin panel by including a Normal update where the user can update by his wish or Force update which needs to be updated immediately.


    With this most beneficial feature in our Hiddy, Admin can view and monitor all the details related to the operations occurring inside the app such as users having an account in the app, number of active users, and can also manage all user profiles efficaciously.

    whatsapp clone

    Customization / Changes

    If you want any of the features to be modified or included in the product or if you are looking for some fresh concepts in the product, you can make a request and approach our team to get the required customization support.

    Whatsapp clone

    Revenue Factor

    To thrive, all businesses must focus on the art of Revenue making.

    WhatsApp Clone

    Google Adsense

    Our Whatsapp clone provides Google Adsense as an additional revenue factor (Available only as Add-on) where admin can create a Google Adsense account on his own and can integrate those advertisements in the Hiddy apps. The more people using the app, the more earning to the administrator.

    Web & App Demo

    Our demos are to help prospects’ connect with this feeling of ownership or to see their extended vision of their own needs.

    WhatsApp Clone


    Try This Demo
    as you are a user

    Our Chat app allows users to send countless text messages and to have a better conversation with their friends and friends with just a single click. Try this demo to know more about the working process and enhanced features of our Whatsapp clone.


    Try This Demo
    as you are an Admin

    Our Hiddy provides Admin a complete control over the entire operations and activities occurring inside the app. Try this demo to know more about the amazing features available for Admin in our Whatsapp clone script.

    WhatsApp Clone

    Generate your own pricing form

    Set up a pricing form that suits your budget and works well for your business. Never Pay More !!!



    Every team has a unique process for shopping software. Use an out-of-the-box workflow, or create one to match the way your team works.

    WhatsApp Clone

    Website banner design

    Amaze millions of users with an eye-catching banner in your website. You can also utilize the captivating website banner for your effective advertisement and promotional activities. We will provide 1 banner when the user purchases this Addon.

    Read More
    WhatsApp Clone

    App and Play Store preview designs

    Include attention-grabbing App Store and Play Store preview designs for your product. Thereby, you can easily kindle interest in the minds of your users to make use of your online platform again and again.

    Read More
    WhatsApp Clone

    Live streaming

    Boost user engagement by integrating best-in-class live streaming solutions into the Chat app to provide a unique experience. Make use of high-quality and reliable live streaming services to enhance your revenue growth rate.

    Read More
    WhatsApp Clone

    Chat translation

    Enable the users to view the chat conversations in their preferred language with the help of Google translator in your Whatsapp clone. Eliminate language barriers and enhance user interaction in your platform with this awesome chat translation technology.

    Read More
    WhatsApp Clone

    AWS S3 Bucket Integration

    Integrating Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) into the Chat app allows customers to store, organize and retrieve any amount of data. With its best-in-class and unmatchable security and access management features, you can secure your data from unauthorized access.

    WhatsApp Clone

    Emojis and GIFs in chat

    Avoid the formal type of chat conversations and grab the user’s attention with the inclusion of visual elements like emojis and GIFs. Thereby pave the way for lively, friendly and fun-filled chat conversations and add more chances of convincing the visitors in your app.

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    WhatsApp Clone

    Arabic Language

    The entire product information and details are now available in the Arabic language with complete support for Right-to-Left (RTL) alignments. This fascinating feature plays a key role in grabbing more eyeballs for using the app.

    Read More
    WhatsApp Clone

    Smart Reply

    Enable the users to send instant replies for every incoming message on the chat page of the app. Grab more eyeballs with this time-saving feature in the application.

    Read More
    WhatsApp Clone

    Animated splash screen

    Give a professional and unique look to your app with the animated splash screen. Impress the users and kindle interest in them to make use of the app with an astonishing animated splash screen.

    Read More
    WhatsApp Clone

    App intro screen background video

    Capture the user’s attention easily by adding an informative and interesting background video to the login page of your app. By this, you can amaze the users visually and intensify the bond with them within a short span of time.

    Read More
    WhatsApp Clone

    Customized background image

    Impress users on the online platform by including the customized background image on the website landing page. We will provide one visually stunning personalized background image when the user purchases this Addon.

    Read More
    WhatsApp Clone

    Social media cover banner

    Grab the attention of millions of users with the visually stunning cover banners for your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It is no surprise that the social media cover banner will create a consistent and professional look for your business.

    Read More
    WhatsApp Clone

    Social media promotion banners

    Grab the attention of your users and popularize your product on all social media platforms easily with attention-grabbing social media promotion banners. When the user purchases this addon, 5 promotional banners will be provided for every social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

    Read More
    WhatsApp Clone

    Informative videos

    Make your product stand out from the crowd with an engaging explainer video in your application. Explain your product to your target customers and enhance the popularity of your product. Take a quick look at a sample of explainer video.

    WhatsApp Clone
    Note :

    You will be charged only for the integration of Addons in your platform. In some cases, extra third party pricing may be applied.

    Professional Themes

    Every team has a unique process for shopping software. Use an out-of-the-box workflow
    or create one to match the way your team works.


    We help our client suceed by creating brand identities,digital experiences,and achieve marketing goals, and look fantastic.We help our client suceed by creating brand identies..

    We help our client suceed by creating brand identities,digital experiences,and achieve marketing goals, and look fantastic.We help our client suceed by creating brand identies..expriences, and achieve marketing goals, and look fantastic.

    themes 2
    themes 3
    themes 4
    themes 5
    WhatsApp Clone

    Business-grade, from the features to our support walks

    Want to launch your startup or you already own a renowned firm in the communication sector looking for an ideal way to popularize your business? Our hiddy is easily adaptable to your diverse business needs.

    We have built Whatsapp clone with cutting-edge technologies and innovative designs and hence considered as the prime choice by many business entrepreneurs.

    Incredible integrations in a single clone solution

    We focus on enriching the chat experience for the users by incorporating certain attention-grabbing and beneficial techniques into our Whatsapp clone which will not have any interruption on user’s chats.

    WhatsApp Clone
    WhatsApp Clone

    Stay up to date anywhere, anytime

    Stay updated with all your business information and other happenings by having lively conversations, by exchanging data and files instantly, and thereby having a quick connection with others.

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    FAQ and Update History

    Curiosity has it’s own reason for existing, by questioning anything we arrive at the greater solutions.

    Frequently asked questions

    We used Swift V4 for iOS and Java for Android
    Yes,This app is in Native Platform
    Messages are stored in the local database only.The undelivered messages are stored in Redis and it will be cleared when the messages are delivered.
    Yes..but we can't simply read it.. It will stored in json format.. also you can't find the messages by user will be stored by UUID
    Media files will be stored in the server.
    Channel can be created by every user there he can post texts video and audio files from the mobile.

    Software and Server requirements


    Mongo db version 3.4 or higher


    Redis 4.x Stable (Secure installation preferable)


    Nodejs 8.x LTS version


    Java JDK Version (1.8)


    Python Webtest (2.7.*)


    Go Lang (1.x or later)


    Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)

    Change Log

    [Added] Android migrated to SDK 33.
    [Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements.
    [Added] Android Migrated to API 30 and Scoped storage enforcement.
    [Added] OneSignal Messaging Service Implemented
    [Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
    [Added] Dark theme
    [Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements.
    [Fixed] Mute Notification Fixes
    [Fixed] Call Fixes
    [Fixed] UIWebView changes in iOS
    [Fixed] Update the libraries in Mobile Apps
    [Fixed] Bugs Fixes and Improvements
    [Added] Status/Stories
    [Added] End to End Encryption
    [Added] Voice recording
    [Added] Delete message for Everyone
    [Added] Group Notification like messaging style
    [Added] Allow other app media sharing to Hiddy chat
    [Added] Forwarding multiple messages to multiple users
    [Added] Firebase Phone auth for OTP verification
    [Added] Zoom image from attachments
    [Added] Channel Report & block option
    [Added] Media options on User info
    [Added] RTL support
    [Added] Clear Call log option
    [Added] More user & channel info in admin panel
    [Added] More Insights in admin dashboard
    [Added] Default About status manageable from admin
    [Fixed] Server side Pagination
    [Fixed] Deprecation and Frame work update
    [Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvement
    [Added] Delete single message
    [Added] Video call pause when app is in background
    [Fixed] Bugs fixes and performance improvements
    Mobile Changes:
    [Added] One to One chats
    [Added] Group chats
    [Added] Mark favourite chats & access easily
    [Added] Instant live & last seen status
    [Added] Block & Unblock facilities
    [Added] Clear chats
    [Added] Share instant snaps & location,attachments & your contacts
    [Added] Get back your both private & group chats when you’re in offline
    [Added] Get back your notifications when you’re in offline
    [Added] Get back your friend’s activities within chats & groups,when you’re in offline
    [Added] Built-in voice & audio call support
    [Added] Do voice calls with clear calls quality
    [Added] Make video calls with good resolution quality
    [Added] Create your own Channels ( Private or Public)
    [Added] Send Invite notifications to friends to join channels
    [Added] Subscribe / Unsubscribe channels
    [Added] Post instant snaps & live location,attachments & your contacts to your channels
    [Added] OTP verification with Facebook Account Kit
    [Added] Sync your smartphone contacts
    [Added] Multiform Notifications (Tab Notifications, Push Notifications, Count Notifications,Call Notifications,Tag Notifications)
    [Added] Notified with controls (Mute & unmute notifications)
    [Added]Wide message forwarding from channels to chats,groups and vice versa
    [Added]Smart search filter (Search users & groups & channels at once)
    [Added] Delete your account
    [Added] Change your number
    [Added] More Privacy options. ( Show / hide profile,last seen & about status)
    [Added] Multilingual support
    Front End Changes:
    [Added] Landing Page
    [Added] Help & Terms
    Admin Panel Changes:
    [Added] Admin Dashboar
    [Added] Users list
    [Added] Channel list
    [Added] channels (Admin’s Channels)
    [Added] Profile management
    [Added] Site settings
    [Added] App update
    [Added] Landing page settings
    [Added] Notification
    [Added] SEO management
    [Added] Help & Terms
    [Added] Language translation (English & French).


    The views and opinions included about Whatsapp/Telegram or any other Clone are solely for our product’s marketing and promotional purpose. Which does not necessarily mirror the views and opinions of the official Whatsapp/Telegram. The design and code elements of the product are fully-protected under AppKodes liabilities. AppKodes is not dealing with any promotional activities (both direct and indirect) for Whatsapp/Telegram. AppKodes is obliged not to make any defamatory clauses, infringe, or authorize infringement of any legal right from Whatsapp/Telegram.

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