Optimized With m3u8

We have optimized our YouTube clone script with M3u8 format. Now, users needn’t manually change the ratio of videos it will be automatically done by the player as we are using the m3u8 format based on the network availability.

netflix clone

Home page

Our Youtube clone includes a personalized homepage with individual sections for news, movies, channels, etc. The page will enhance the experience of users on the platform and can be monitored and controlled effectively from the Admin panel


Under this section users can see all popular and latest movies of all kinds. They can search for their most liked movies instantly

Channels, sports section

Our Youtube clone includes separate pages for sports and channels and so users will be able to watch their preferred channels and sports at their convenience


This feature of our Youtube clone will enable users to look for the movies, news, etc that they prefer to watch without any hassles

YouTube clone

Video types

Our Youtube clone script supports different video types such as TV shows, movies, channels, sports, and many more on the streaming service platform. As users can watch all kinds of videos on a single platform, this option will amaze them to a greater extent

YouTube clone

Advanced search

With this interesting option of our youtube clone, users can search and find required videos on the streaming service platform

Discover by language

Users on the streaming service platform can search videos by any desired language without any troubles

Discover by genre

With this option of our youtube clone, users can search videos by genre such as comical, thriller, horror, and so on

Discover by title

Users on the streaming platform can search for their desired videos by title quickly with this option

YouTube clone

Movie details page

Our youtube clone script supports the inclusion of detailed movie page with the complete information about a particular movie so that users can know all details about a movie before watching it

Movie description section

Under this section users on the platform can know all details about the movie like the movie title, genre of the specific movie, language, rating, etc

Social share option

This feature of our youtube clone script allows users to share their desired movie links on the social media platform conveniently

Watch list

With this beneficial option of our youtube clone script, users on the platform can save their desired videos that they wish to watch later on.

More like this

With this option users on the streaming service platform can view all other movies related to the particular genre or movie type.

YouTube clone

Admin panel

Our Youtube clone supports the inclusion of a powerful admin panel for monitoring and controlling the operations seamlessly on the streaming service platform

User and movie management

Admin can monitor and manage the users on the platform and can have control over the movie languages, genre, content ratings, reports for movies, and so on

Other sections management

Other sections on the streaming platform such as news, sports, channels, series, etc can also be managed by Admin

YouTube clone

Uploading video files

Admin can upload video files to the platform with the corresponding titles and can convert files into various resolutions (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p).

YouTube clone

Managing Home page

With this impressive feature of our Youtube clone script Admin can handle home page banners and can also create different sections on the homepage like videos in sports, popular videos in various genres, languages, videos based on view count, and much more

YouTube clone