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Ready to Go Live? Get to Know Our Bigo Live Clone

Ready to be a full-time live-streamer? Our bigo live clone software offers you the compatibility you need and features smooth streaming options. Consider the boundless opportunities open for your video content creators to generate money by marking their content exclusive and involving viewers in ways they have never been before.

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 Live broadcast delivered in the best possible way! Crystal-clear audio and sharp video resolution to hook your viewers and keep them engaged and entertained throughout your broadcast.


Using our source code, you can customize each aspect of your live-streaming platform to your brand style in every element such as the colors, branding elements, page layout, and design.


Live stream your app like Bigo using the amazing capabilities of our flexible bigo clone script. This flexibility enables you to cater to your audience’s tastes and levels of engagement.

Our Bigo Live Clone for Seamless Live Streaming

Benefit from our reliable and affordable bigo live clone to start seamless live video streaming apps for android and ios. Dive into a world where broadcasting is vibrant and dynamic. Join the growing number of entrepreneurs and content creators who have chosen our platform to reach global audiences, share their experiences, and build lively communities.

Our readymade livestreaming bigo live clone guarantees a stress-free live broadcasting experience with intuitive features and a user-friendly interface. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned broadcaster, our platform empowers you to build your live streaming app thet lets users to stream live videos and showcase their talent and achieve unprecedented success. Experience the limitless possibilities of live streaming and take your first step toward a thriving broadcasting career today.

Splash Screen

Animated splash screen engages users while the app is initializing, and showcases the power of our bigo live clone app, attracting users by enabling seamless live streaming and global audience engagement.

Trending Screen

Let users find the top-rated streams narrowed down by categories and they can also find the popular countries of the users who post the streams.

Create Broadcast

One screen to showcase both normal and product streams, offering versatility for broadcasting different types of content. It enhances engagement by addressing varied viewer preferences and advertising opportunities seamlessly.

QR Search

Help users find just by scanning the QR code of other users or by selecting the QR image from the gallery and get redirected to the particular user’s profile.

1-1 Chat

Allow your content creators/users to send messages, block users for privacy, and clear chat history. Also with options to mute messages and share images from a gallery or camera with download capabilities.

Set Your Broadcasting Dreams Live!

our cutting-edge bigo live clone script that turns your broadcasting business goals into reality. Tailor it to provide your users a superior streaming experience, build audiences, cultivate communities, and unleash creativity.

Turn into a successful broadcaster transforming your vision into reality with our readymade live streaming solution. Equip yourself with the tools to thrive in live streaming: forge connections, amplify influence, and achieve your goals. Jumpstart your broadcasting future today with our bigo live clone script and witness your dreams unfold before your eyes.

Product Stream

Allow business users to showcase products through live demos highlighting their features and benefits. Engage with customers in real-time and drive sales by including clickable links within your streams for immediate purchases.

Trending Videos

Let users find all the streams of a popular video based on the category or country. In just a click redirect them to the live video view page if it’s live, if not take them back to playback.

Public Stream

Allow users to broadcast to a wide audience with Livza’s public streams. Help users reach unlimited viewers, build a global community, and boost their brand’s visibility through engaging real-time content.

Private Stream

Designed for exclusive interactions, Ideal for users to present product demos or any other live business events, let users control access, engage a specific audience, and ensure them a secure streaming experience.

Video Details

Authorize viewers to see the details of live video broadcasting like showing title, trending Hashtags, total number of viewers, publisher details and category. Users can also report a broadcast, and let the admin decide if the video is inappropriate or not.

Live Stream

Deliver top-notch HD streaming for an exceptional viewing experience and engage your audience with real-time interactions through live chat, polls, and more. Let your user experience seamless sharing of their streams across social media platforms.

Revenue Sources

Discover the best Revenue Features to Monetize your bigo live-clone app

Sending Gifts

Allow users to send gifts using gems. This enhances interaction and engagement on the platform. Admins can earn revenue through a commission on each gift sent, ensuring a consistent income stream.

Converting Gift to Gems

Let your users convert their received gifts into gems and enhance their in-app value. Admins can earn a commission from each conversion, promising a steady income.

Shop Product Subscription

Livza’s shop product feature boosts admin revenue by allowing users to purchase advertising packages to promote their products during live streams.

Converting Gem to Money

Users can convert earned gems into real money, with admins taking a commission from each conversion, creating a consistent revenue stream.

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See More Like an Admin! Try Now!

Experience the bigo live clone app like an admin to get complete knowledge of its functionality and see how manipulating our platform can produce positive change and yeild extra revenues too.


Explore Seamless Streaming like a User!

 Try our streaming video app’s user demo to explore your platform as a user and enjoy a seamless experience. It’s a chance to have a glance at your features that ensure customer satisfaction,and learn what makes your platform the best go-to source for content creators and viewers.

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Supercharge your app with the help of our diverse add-on package.

Chat Translation

Grow and earn the satisfaction of more global users via translating text messages displayed during streaming to bridge the language gap among users.

Voice Messaging Solution

Add more credibility by providing richer experiences with this add-on for users to express their opinions and messages. Foster more personal and engaging communication.

Smart Reply

Simplify engagement and boost user experience with AI-powered smart replies. Make appropriate and prompt responses to messages possible, so that users can save a lot of time.

Arabic RTL Support

Let Arab speakers use it more effectively, increasing engagement and user retention. Letting access to specific language uninterrupted leads to a more immersive user experience.

App intro screen background video

Captivate users instantly with visually stunning intro screen background videos. Make your app visually appealing and create a memorable first impression.