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Trending concepts to establish a lucrative online taxi business

Run a lucrative online taxi business

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Gone are the days when people used and entertained conventional transportation facilities to travel from one place to another. Nowadays, most of them including me prefer to book taxis conveniently from an on-demand taxi app. This is because such an app can provide a timely and reliable pick up service to its customers.

We all very well know that each and every innovation has the potential to reshape any industry. The same applies to the online ride-hailing business. Here, the users will be looking for cutting-edge techniques and futuristic inclusions in the online taxi booking platform. So, sticking with the traditional taxi business concepts with old-fashioned ideas cannot take your business to the next level.

To compete with others in the online taxi business, it is essential for both startups and big companies to understand the needs of users on an on-demand taxi booking platform and to develop a viable solution that meets the current market demands. In that way, utilizing the Uber clone solution to develop a taxi app will be a perfect choice. Because, it can provide many benefits to both the new and existing taxi businesses. With the increasing competition, it is important to arrive at a unique taxi application that can satisfy customer requirements. Only then, your taxi app can stand out from other similar applications available in the market.

Taxi app with interesting features

So, if you are one among those proprietors trying hard to reach greater heights in your online ride-hailing business, then continue to read the blog. Here I am going to explain how you can enhance your online taxi business system with some trending features of Uber clone; how you can avoid pesky rides with the latest innovations from Uber; how to build such a mind-blowing taxi app

What is an Uber clone?

Uber clone is an online taxi booking solution which helps in building a full-featured online taxi booking platform like Uber. It includes significant features and functions to arrive at a complete Uber-like app.

What are the advantages of using Uber clone?

Building an impressive taxi booking application like Uber will not be a tough job with the readymade Uber clone script as it saves time and resources for developing a perfect taxi booking app. Thereby, it greatly helps many aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to plunge into the online taxi industry and who want to get ahead in their online taxi business.

Now we can see how you can make the online taxi booking process better with the features of Uber clone.

Improve ride pick up process with trending features of Uber clone

If you want to beat your competition in your online taxi business, then you must enhance taxi booking operations with some trending concepts. Let us see those inclusions that can popularize your taxi application one by one in this section

Personalized trip option

With a customized trip option you can allow users to request a ride with more detailed information. So, users can inform their requirements for a baby seat, assistance for elderly people, etc before they start their trip.

taxi app with personalized trip option

Taxi app owners can also charge more for these trips that require extra support and care. Drivers can also greatly benefit by earning more from these trips

Outstation rides

Most of the people who travel from one city to another will always look for outstation rides. So, it is one of the most significant features of the online taxi booking platform. You can provide this service to your customers either on an hourly basis or on km rates. Also, include an option for the users to schedule their outstation trips so that they can plan their trips accordingly.

Sharing trip status with friends and family

During the ride, some users may wish to share their current location with their friends and family. With this, the user can make sure that their dear ones always know the location where the user is traveling.

So, you can include an option for the users to share their trip status with others. It can include the driver’s name, vehicle number, and location. This trip data can be shared with the desired contacts immediately.


Is there anyone who doesn’t want to have their trip at a much lesser price? Obviously, the answer is no. So, allowing users to share their trips with other riders can help them to split the fare amount. So that they can travel at a much more affordable price when compared to the normal ride

Membership plans

Providing membership plans for users with attractive price reductions for trips can amaze users.

taxi app with attractive membership plans

The membership plans will surely amaze your loyal customers. It will increase the engagement of users on the platform and thereby boosts the customer retention rate.

Multiple drop-off points

Building a taxi app with multiple destinations feature can substantially help customers to pick up their friends on the way and drop them without any hassle. So, when users request a ride and enter the destination, they can simply add extra destinations as per their requirements. Users can also change, add, or remove stops when they are on the move using this feature

Scheduling rides

When users are in a rush, even a short waiting time for the cab can be a hindrance to their schedule. So, with the schedule ride option, users can request a ride at the preferred date and time.

schedule ride option in a taxi app

Also, allow riders to reschedule and cancel their trip as per their requirement.

After seeing these incredible inclusions, I hope now you can understand how to make your taxi app even more impressive and appealing than other normal taxi applications available in the market. Also, to know more about the must-have additions in a Uber clone application, you can also refer the taxi business blog

Innovation from Uber to avoid pesky rides

To make the pickups less stressful and to facilitate smooth communication between the drivers and riders, Uber has been constantly improving its app to make certain innovative and beneficial additions. Some of those inclusions are

  • Better navigation instructions to riders
  • Text translation feature
  • Ultrasonic signal for safety
  • Tracking real-time train information
  • Including Transit data.

Let us now see these factors one by one in this section

Better navigation details

To get a better insight into the progress of the driver, a series of notifications will be sent to the riders.

Uber app with detailed navigation details

These notifications include where the user should meet the driver, how many minutes remain for the arrival of driver, etc. These instructions will be really helpful for the users most of the time.

Text translation feature

To provide a smooth way of communication between the drivers and riders, Uber has introduced this text translation feature. With this, riders can easily get in touch with the drivers without any language barriers.

text translation feature in Uber app

So, when the rider receives any text message from the driver in the application, there will be an option to translate the message into the rider’s preferred language and vice versa.

Ultrasonic signal

Uber has been developing a brand-new technology with ultrasound waves for the automatic verification process. The rider’s phone will send an ultrasonic signal to driver’s phone to ensure whether the rider is in right vehicle. So, with this cutting-edge technique, there will be no requirement for a PIN

Real-time transit information

Uber users can now know the exact train schedules and other real-time transit data with the mobile app. After gathering the required information like the expected arrival time of a specific train, riders can schedule the ride on the Uber app in order to reach the location on time.

Uber app with real-time transit data

This excellent inclusion to connect riders with public transit systems can alleviate the stress for users when commuting to work.

With the above-mentioned enhancements and seamlessness of pickups and drop-offs, it is of no surprise that the number of ride cancellations on the taxi app will be reduced considerably. From this section, I hope you would have now understood what are all the innovative techniques that can be included in your taxi app in order to remain competitive in the online ride-hailing business.

After knowing all these essential inclusions in a taxi app, a question will arise in your mind now

How to create a taxi booking app?

To create a taxi booking app with all the necessary functionalities, you can approach a well-known taxi app development company that has rich expertise in developing top-notch taxi apps. It is a wise move to go for a readymade Uber clone solution that can be customized to include modern features

Final words

Are you really looking to set an everlasting mark in your online ride-hailing business? Then, you can approach Appkodes, which has been delivering unique web and mobile applications for its clientele over the years. Appkodes Cabso, our top-notch Uber clone solution will help you to get an impressive taxi application.

Full-featured taxi app

This readymade taxi booking script can be also quickly customized to include all the above-mentioned futuristic functions. So, whatever may be your online taxi business model, you can find a perfect online solution at Appkodes.

So, why still waiting? Get ready to build a powerful online ride-hailing booking platform with our impeccable Uber clone solution. Thereby, run a successful online taxi business

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